Alyna, Ginger, Laeiva (Staff PC), Ibrahim, Vani, Va'os, Varden, Z'bor, Nettie (NPC), Haller (NPC)


The mysterious boat from Black Rock arrives at a cove near the Weyr, laden with displaced passengers.


It is afternoon of the sixteenth day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Cove, Southern Weyr

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A saber's curl along the coast of the Azov Sea, the cove is a clash of green and black; where deeply forested jungles encroach upon the curving expanse of this tiny cove, found only past the rocky barrier that serves as demarcation between cove and beach. Lacking the softly ground sand of the beach, the cove is made up of dark, volcanic pebbles, making it trickier to navigate than the beach itself. Yet, what a surprise is given if one braves the less comfortable path that curves around a long-forgotten cinder cone to find the quiet tranquility of seclusion. Brilliant against the black pebbled beach, greenery is only enhanced by the purest of turquoise waters, warmed by a deep volcanic vent and churned by hidden currents that further feeds into the relative calm of the sea itself. A small school of rainbow fish and yellowfish swims around here.

It's afternoon of a day without Thread, and even the miserable rain that seems to have been falling for days has abated for a few hours, bringing many people and dragons to the beaches. This particular curve of pebbles is a secluded cove away from the main stretches; the lack of sand deters crowds, but it's popular with those that like a more private or sheltered spot. Today it's far from crowded but there are a few people here. It's unspoiled, and even storm damage now consists only of a few branches on the sand and flotsam at the water's edge. There are sails out at sea, though only one vessel that seems to be approaching from the direction of the river - there's been less trade to and from Southern while the Docks are being refurbished.

Ginger's apparently not working today. She's not usually one for lying on beaches, but her skin shows no sign of reddening in the current chilly weather, in fact she's looking rather pasty, and although she's brought a blanket to sit on, she's sitting curled in a ball, with her knees drawn up to her chin and her arms wrapped round them. She's not doing a lot.

A day off? And it's not raining? The stars have aligned. Varden takes advantage of the good fortune to head out along the beach, his travels taking him as far as the cove. Apparently he's not the only one out enjoying the better weather - that looks like Ginger over there, curled up. He heads in that direction, at a sedate pace - but there's something out on the sea that's got his attention; that one vessel that doesn't seem to be following the same routes as the others. There's a curious frown from the healer, though he doesn't slow his walk.

Having arrived earlier with her green, Alyna is sitting all alone, legs crossed, a small flask being tipped to her lips at regular intervals as her pale blue eyes are stormy. Haquith is in the water, the only evidence of such are her large round eyes and emerald dusted headknobs peeking out of the water. Her dragon keen gaze is on her rider, full of contempt. « Why must I swim all the way out here? There's no one to keep me company. » And with that, a displeased buzz rings louder along the link that connects dragon and rider accentuating the pouty whine of her mindvoice, causing Alyna to wince and take another swig.

Z'bor is one of the few nestled away in the cove. The Serval wingsecond and his Ozriath are in the shallows while he works sweetsand over her hide, washing away the residue of the mudbath his green had beforehand. Mud does wonders for the skin! Diligently, he scrubs over every inch of his green's tiny patchwork hide, hands moving over the muddled shades with ease of familiarity. Ozriath is relaxed under the ministrations of her rider's hands, whirling blue eyes half closed in near sleep. It's the closest thing to relaxing they've had in a little while, what with all the chaos surrounding the storm and Black Rock. To himself, Z'bor sings a bawdy sea shanty, his voice a low boom mixing with the crash of the waves against the shore.

Laeiva is here with her grand-daughter. Little Nettie is bundled in layers of warm clothing, including a bright red knitted bobble-hat. Shes brought - or been given - something to dig with, and is trying to make holes in the beach without much success. Her miniature spade doesnt look anything like Ardstelles favourite tablespoon, oh no! Laeiva is watching her fondly, though she seems uneasy, and glances frequently at the clouds. Perhaps its wise not to trust the autumnal weather.

Do you know what they don't tell you when searchriders start dangling knots? It's not all glory and a lifelong love bond! No sometimes it's dragging your ass outta bed to wash said glorious love in what passes for a Southern Autumn. At least it isn't raining! Vani grumbles entirely in expletives as she wades about the star strewn hide with brush in hand. As she makes her way around the large lump of inconsiderate green she spies the much smaller form of Ozriath. "I should have gotten one of the small ones." She mutters loudly enough to be heard with a wistful little sigh for the smaller greens curves. THEN IT IS BACK TO THE WASHING! Because Caelisth isn't a small green at all.

To escape the Weyr on the pretext of work would be pushing it — Ibrahim, for once, has nothing that needs must be done at the moment and has dashed clean away from the turmoil and worry that buzzes like a disturbed hornet's nest about the place. Oh, what a relief it is to walk along the shore, gazing out at his beloved sea — and listen to the sounds of nothing more quarrelsome than his small fair of firelizards as they wheel and dip, fussing over who gets to do… whatever it is firelizards do. But the realization dawns on him as soon as he turns his attention away from the sea — and the oddity of that one ship approaching (what's it doing? There's no dock!)— and toward the group of people gathered on the shore, washing dragons, drinking, and whatever else. Huh. Must be catching, that desperate desire to get away and relax for a few minutes.

Varden spares a look for Laeiva and her granddaughter, a flash of sympathy there. But it's that shifting boat that has his attention, and the man changes course, heading closer to where the waves lap up against the sand. He's not in the water itself, but he's trying to get a better look at what's going on. Another boat in trouble, like at the docks a while ago? Surely not?

The approaching boat is definitely turning into shore. It's more than a boat, really, but not quite big enough to dignify with the title of ship - one of those small trading-craft that ply the river, much like the ill-fated Azov Foam, which Captain Arvo is still hoping to raise from her watery grave. Fortunately, this one's approaching under full control, and at a sedate pace as the seamen take in sails. She is rather low in the water, though, and there seem to be a lot of people on deck. Actually, there really are an awful lot of people there - perhaps more than thirty - and it looks pretty crowded. Her course no longer suggests that she's aiming for the Docks or Boardwalk; she's pulling into this cove.

Vani is too busy scrubbing the miles and miles of hide to pay attention to peripherials like favored teaspoons or a boat full of boat people, but Caelisth is currently at leisure, and facing out to sea, so her attention is caught, and the galactic green shifts much to her riders indignation. "Will. You. Stay. Still!" There might be swear words scattered in that, but that is the bones of the affectionately aggrieved request before Vani is left to frown her confusion at her dragon. "What do you mean 'gotta make room for the boat'?" It is now that her attention is drawn seawards, and to the overloaded boat. "That doesn't look so good." She comments to herself, and probably the small crowd gathered at the cove today. Her Ocelot-senses are tingling!

Alyna narrows her ice blue eyes in the direction of the approaching boat. Not again, is her first thought, but she is somewhat reassured when it looks to be travelling on it's own power easily enough. But then other details are noted, how low in the water it is, the amount of people on deck. Rising to her feet, she shields her eyes with one hand and calls silently to Haquith who is out in the deeper waters. » Can you swim over and have a look at that ship for me? « Something in her rider-senses is tingling and she doesn't like the look of this. Seeing Vani, her Wingsecond, washing her green, she saunters over, tucking her flask into her back pocket, and raising a hand in greeting, "What do you make of that?" she says, pointing at the approaching boat.
Ginger looks up and idly watches the boat's approach, frowning slightly as she sees how overloaded it is. She gets to her feet with a crunch of pebbles. Abandoning her blanket, she ambles down to the water's edge, close to the two greens and their riders, and eyes the vessel curiously. "That's a lot of passengers."

Ibrahim alters the course of his path to wade into the water, soaking his trousers to the knee and not caring one wit about it. Shading his eyes with one hand, he tries to get an accurate head count — and fails. But whatever is going on, this looks wrong, all wrong. He drops his hand, then calls Lindzei in closer, only to send him zipping off toward that boat, intending to get some idea of what's going on out there. This cannot be a good sign, on top of everything else. What's up with the large series of Unfortunate Events plaguing Southern Weyr?

Nettie has given up digging. Instead, she's scooping up pebbles with her tablespoon spade, and - little brat - throwing them in the direction of the water, taking full advantage of the extra oomph imparted by her tool. Laeiva looks on benignly, and considering what a disciplinarian she normally is, she seems remarkably unbothered by the fact that the next lot of stones are likely to miss the Weyrhealer by inches.

Z'bor is happily scrubbing away at Ozriath's hide, reaching a particularly bawdy part of his song, some of it washed out by the sounds of the sea "I placed my hand upon her knee, yo-ho, yo-ho, I placed my hand …., yo-ho, yo-ho, I placed my hand upon her knee, she said 'Hey boy, quit … me! Get it in, … out quit……about, yo-ho, …… yo-ho" when Ozriath stands up, alert and focused on the ship ahead, even covered in suds and bubbles as she is. «SHIP-HO!» She rings inside Z'bor's head and he has to grab it as Ozriath's warning explodes in his head through a rush of neon rainbow bubbles. She hasn't fried him like this since Weyrlinghood and he swivels out towards the boat once he's recovered from his tumble into the water. Shit Oz! Not so loud! Why don't you go have a look? «Gladly!» The patchwork green swims off to eye the boat with curiosity, suds trailing behind her.

The boat doesn't seem to be in imminent danger - though, is that man throwing water overboard? She's not showing any signs of dropping an anchor and she's still got some way on her as she comes into the shallows. A couple of seamen take up positions in the bows as she slows, but the passengers are apparently being told to sit down and hang on. It seems that the skipper's planning on running her up the pebble beach.

"Faranth," Varden mutters, and now he bends to roll up his trousers, and wades into the water. At least his sandals will dry off easily enough later. "What the hell are they doing," the healer grumbles, as he looks about to see what help is here. Fortunately, plenty! Is the boat going to make it to shore?

Haquith is now alongside the boat, her head up and out of the water as she does her best Nessie impression and peers at the boat shamelessly, warbling in warning. Alyna, getting the mental images her dragon is relaying her, turns to those few people on the beach and start urging them further away from the water's edge, taking initiative and barking at people who move too slowly. "C'mon people, do you not see the boat headed right for us? C'mon move." The petite blond can really project when she wants too, and her previous foul mood is in full display now as she hisses to a couple of kids who were actually running towards the water.

Caelisth thinks to Vani, « I bespoke Rocketh with: Caelisth stretches forth primordial star-stuff rather lazily. « There might be a situation down at the cove. » A lazy tendril of thought echoes in the airless breezeways of her mind. « If it interrupts my bath, I'll let you know! » And with that vague, stardusted promise the tendrils and echoes retreat back into the silence of deep space. »

From wherever it is that Rocketh and D'wane are on Weyr business that's not the actual Weyr itself, gentle ocean waves lap against the stardust tendrils. « Let me know if it does. I might have a few suggestions for alternate bathing arrangements… » And he will //probably pass the message on to his rider at some point. (From Rocketh)//

Vani sucks her lower lip in between her teeth as she watches the boat continue to advance. Her impressive brows furrrowed over her dark eyes as she watches and waits. "Buggared if I know." She shrugs with all the insolence of her desert youth. "But I doubt it is anything good." Extending her shrug to try and get back to the scrubbing only to find that Caelisth has siddled thataway. Then there is glaring, and after a moment a curious lifting of her brows. "Figures, they're all useless." And just in case anyone is wondering. "Our glorious leaders are all busy with leaderly glory." No help from the big guns!

Ginger calls to Alyna, "I say, are they in trouble? It looks as if that guy is baling water." Still, she picks her way along the water's edge so that she's not going to be in the boat's way even if it reaches the shore.

The boat shudders as she runs aground, but it's been handsomely done and there's no obvious damage. A couple of seamen jump into the sea and start helping the passengers down; soon there's a stream of people wading through knee-deep water towards the beach, holding their scanty luggage - bags and bundles, nothing larger - clear of the water. Tenders, gangways - who needs them? But there seems to be an altercation going on on deck, as one sailor shouts at another, "That sharding woman said there'd be nobody here! Fat lot she knew about it!"

With Ozriath well on the way to inspecting the boat, Z'bor is moving ashore and hauling on his clothes as fast as he can, hollering at people to move in sequence with Alyna. "Come on people! Move! If you can't help you need to leave and go get help, I'm sure we'll need some healers and a few stretchers and first aid supplies, get moving!" The shy greenrider has his own booming voice when he needs to. Images from Oz have him more than concerned about the safety of those around, both on the boat and on the beach. And then it's expertly driven ashore, that boat, and Z'bor is jumping well out of the way, his heart hammering against his chest. OZriath trails behind the boat, also pulling a Nessie act as she tries to peer at who is on the boat.

How handy - a healer is right here! Z'bor's doesn't need to boom twice; keeping well away from the boat's intended path, Varden is staying close enough to get right in there as people start to leave the vessel. Rather rapidly, too - the thing doesn't look like it could have made it much further. "Damnit," the man curses as he catches a child one woman has thrown down from the boat, carrying the boy to shore. "What were you thinking? Are there any sick or injured?" That to anyone who seems likely to answer him - there are a lot of people about now.

Alyna looks as if she is about to answer Ginger, but then the boat is aground and people wading out of it with their belongings, she strides over to the boat, her thin blond eyebrows furrowed over narrowed and irritated icy blue eyes. Haquith follows the boat up to shore, getting her feet under her when she hits the shallows, and shimmying her way to shore and her rider. When she gets close enough to the boat to see the altercation on the deck, she will call out loudly to those sailors involved. "Oiy! Fuckwits! What's the deal landing your boat here?" Alyna should not be dealing with people in her current mood, but their stupidity has made them an easy target. And if that doesn't get their attention, Haquith utters a sharp trill and looms over the boat..as well as a green dragon can loom.

Laeiva places a restraining hand on the little girl's shoulder as the people start to wade ashore, but she's not actually moving to do anything just yet, which is probably quite reasonable as she has a small child in tow. She does relieve Nettie of the tablespoon and pocket it. Nettie squirms but stays put, until her eyes settle on one of the men who's emerging from the water. Then she breaks free and runs towards the man in question screaming "DaddyDaddyDaddy!" Fortunately he's only in a few inches of water, as Nettie doesn't stop when she runs out of beach, but flings herself at him and clings to his leg. Laeiva's expression tightens, and she heads for the water's edge in the child's wake but at a slower pace.

One man on the boat, a man in his fifties and tired-looking, dark circles beneath his sharp blue eyes, glares back at Alyna. "You'd rather we sank and died in the sea, rider?" His tone is accusatory, unimpressed by her attitude - and completely unperturbed by Haquith's display. He's helping people down off the boat onto the shore, woman and children mostly.

Vani generally keeps a pretty impressive poker face, but you can generally tell what she is thinking by the intricate dance of her unruly eyebrows. There is a sardonic quirk for Alyna's choice of greeting, and a slight twitching together as she takes in the family reunion that has waded out towards her. AND THEN there is the undulations of concentration as she attempts to get someone anyone to adult this situation instead of her. "We didn't put you in the boat, so don't come bitching at us." She caught that mister. "I'm going to guess that your home port is Blackrock." Good guess seeing as Laeiva's family situation has been the subject of gossip lately. "I'm also going to guess that as soon as you are dry, you'll be moved along." That one might be wrong… but her eyebrows aren't telegraphing that bluff.

Z'bor begins helping people to shore as best he can, directing some of the chaos while Ozraith lets people ahore via climbing down her, it certainly makes it easier for those with kids. They'll continue this until they are no longer needed, and then, they'll be off, because they have sweeps to ride still. They'll even ferry people to the weyr proper if need be.

Ibrahim has already run off to bring help — people with stretchrs, extra healers, whatever; and, because he's generally a helpful sort, he'll join the queue of folk helping passengers disembark. It's gonna be a long day.

Ginger seems to have acquired a pair of small children whose mother is carrying an even smaller one and a very large blanket-wrapped bundle. Ginger asks the woman, "But why have you come /here/? We heard the Weyrleaders had said nobody was to come here." The reply isn't exactly repeatable. Ginger manages to confine her response to an eloquent lift of the eyebrows, but hangs onto the kids until their mother is safely ashore.

Yup, Alyna should definitely not be doing the talking here, and look, Vani outranks her, so she can totally deal with this right. The blond haired rider just crosses her arms over her chest as she glares pointedly at the sailor who addressed her, looking as fierce as her five foot one frame will allow. Haquith grumbles along with the emotions of her rider, eyes whirling orange around the edges. "Maybe if you weren't overloaded you would not have been in danger of sinking." she can't help but snap back before the young Smith girl's words are absorbed and she points at the redhead. "Yes! That! Seems awfully convenient that you are coming to this cove instead of the docks."

There's a boat that's run itself aground in the shallows, and at least thirty passengers are being helped to shore. They include women and children. A couple of greens and their riders are present, also the Weyrhealer, Laeiva, and various other weyr types. It looks as if an argument's brewing betwen Alyna and one of the men who's just arrived.

"What else are we supposed to do?" The man follows the last of the women into the water and wades towards Alyna. "We've no homes left. We've no jobs left. We've women and kids to feed! We just need some help to get straight. Somewhere to stay, a chance to work."

Varden will be there, keeping his thoughts on the whole thing to himself, but applying his healer's skills where needed. Such is life at Southern, eh?

Vani folds her arms. "And all that and more was offered to you most generously by Southern Barrier Hold." The greenriding wingsecond points out with deceptive blandness. No, she's not trying to summon forth someone with actual power solely with just her brain! (She is). "It's quite a prosperous place these days. Very comfortable." She nods. "Much more comfortable than risking the lives of your women and children to a rickety old boat."

Laeiva isn't attempting to reclaim her grandchild - not yet, at least. Instead, she's edging up on the group around the man who seems to be the spokesperson for the new arrivals. "These people have been through a lot even before they set sail. What sort of people would we be if we turned them away?" She rounds on Vani. "Southern Barrier Hold is on the other side of the Azov Sea. Don't you know your maps, greenrider? They have to sail past here to get there - and it looked to me as if that boat wasn't going to make it."

"You were told there was no room, from our Weyrleaders no less. No room doesn't mean show up and suddenly there will be room for you." Alyna is gesturing angrily now in the direction of the Weyr to punctuate her point. Haquith rises now onto her haunches, orange eyes whirling even as the faint lustre to her hide brightens as she comes out of the water. When she realizes that she is getting her green upset, Alyna will quickly clamp down on her emotions hard and reach a soothing thought out to the green, who lowers herself back to the water, but doesn't take her eyes from her rider. As Laeiva gets into the discussion, she sighs heavily at the older woman, "And what? We're supposed to ignore the instructions of our Weyrleader?" She snorts derisively at that idea as her arms cross her chest once more.

"That's right," the man says, seizing on Laeiva's prompt. "The crew were having to bale her out. She's not going anywhere until she's fixed. Besides, the Weyr should have taken us all somewhere safe, instead of leaving half of us behind when the flood tide came. Do you know how many people died that night, and in the nights since? Wet, cold nights with no shelter…."

Summoned or no, Tsiroth will appear from Between with little fanfare (for once). Not a second behind him, a few more Southern riders from Southern's various Wings appear that would be beneficial in a situation such as this. The bronze wastes little time in finding somewhere adequate to land, even if it's nearer to the waters. He'll rumble low and end with an almost exasperated sighed snort. This better be GOOD! Va'os dismounts and wastes no time in striding his way over to the source of all this — or what he assumes is. Those who followed him here are likely on standby. "… who is ignoring what, now?" He asks in a typical 'someone gonna explain'-esque tone. At least he's got his salutes in and a rather pointed look at Vani and Alyna, before he looks to Laeiva and the one man speaking.

Vani treats all and sundry to her 'bitch-please' expression. "It's almost as if… you were offered reliable transport. Something with wings." She too can point out idiocy. "You chose not to. But as soon as you are all dried and settled, I'll personally see to it you get a lovely dragon ride to the wonders of Southern Barrier Hold." She concludes with a sweetly feral smile even as her clueless clutch-sibling descends. "Weyrleader" GASP NO GLORIOUS LEADER HERE! "These poor unfortunate souls have come to ask us for help getting to where they need to be." Which is clearly not here, despite their intentions.

"I do! I was there! And do you know how many of us endagered our dragons to get you people out of there in one piece while you all were foolishly trying to save family heirlooms instead of your own hides!" Alyna was one of those riders, and even though Haquith is on the larger size of a green, the greenrider remembers the harrowing escape they made in the midst of one of the worst storms she's ever flow in, just as the waters rose over Black Rock. "And who told you it was a smart idea to overload your boat like that? I call bullshit and say you were never going to Southern Barrier Hold." And oh look, there's the Weyrleader. Her twelve turns of training kick in and she salutes smartly before once again crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at the sailors. At Vani's words though she chuckles darkly, "Oh I am more than happy to help them on their way." nodding once in her Wingsecond's direction.

The man shrugs. "Not my boat. Skipper knows what's safe. If she hadn't sprung a leak…" He banishes the momentarily shifty expression from his face and draws himself up, squaring his shoulders to face Va'os. "You pulled your dragons out when there were still women and children down there. Haller there, he's not seen his wife and kids since that-" As he turns to point out Haller, he stops open-mouthed, because there's a distinct familial resemblance between Haller and young Nettie, who is now perched on his shoulders.

Ginger is still here, watching with unabashed curiosity as the Weyrleader himself gets involved. She's still got a child attached to each hand, and they're all back on dry land, which seems to have improved the mother's temper. At least, the woman is quiet now, and Ginger isn't going to risk setting her off again.

"Had to. High winds and dangerous weather conditions don't mix well with flying! Time was against us," Va'os is quick to answer that as his attention turns to the man, though grimly noted and not with his usual humoured edge. Nodding to Vani, he will exhale heavily. "That's what I thought. We'd been warned of an overloaded boat leaving Black Rock." Which he's now looking back towards the water. "Guessing this is it? Have we a headcount?" Everyone's off said boat, now? His brows furrow, as if in thought — or maybe a headache is brewing, but he'll look to the two present greenriders to give him that answer.

"I'm sorry, Haller," Laeiva says, with unwonted gentleness. "None of them made it except Nettie. They found her with her mother-" She can go no further, and silently holds out her arms for the child.

Vani sighs, because Va'os is all too likely (and happy) to pass along the buck for this boatload of headaches, and she is gettin' all up in there. "You may have found a warmer welcome if you hadn't just…" Her hand waves out over the crowd of women and children and the foundering boat. "For now…" She gets the age-old 'I'm talking to the voices in my head' glaze to her eyes. "You will be taken care of. I will however love to have a talk to your skipper. I might even invite a bronzerider along. Doesn't that sound fun Weyrleader?"

As Vani takes over with the sailors and the Weyrleader, Alyna will walk back up to the beach to where the refugees are standing around, and start to take a rough headcount of those assembled. Anything to get her out of the argument brewing since she knew her temper couldn't hold for much longer.

There's a ripple of conversation running through the Black Rock contingent in response to Vani's statement. Among the comments, "Any welcome here's gonna be warmer than that Ice Hold," is audible, also, "See, I said they'd let us in," and, "I'm not going back in that boat."

"Loads of fun!" Va'os mutters under his breath in an aside to Vani. He's not passing the buck off (yet!) but there's only so much he can do here before he delegates who needs to do what (and who goes where). "I'd not mind having a little chat with the skipper myself! First things first, though?" He's going to need that headcount! Then probably a quick report on injured and, well… you get the idea. The Weyrleader will also pull those riders who followed him in — probably to dispel some of the grumbling if possible or if transport IS needed, well. It's there! If they require it. For those extra tricky problems though? Especially of the 'who is to blame for this screw up?' questions? That'll be for later meetings, perhaps.

Vani glares for a second before resuming her dangerously bright expression. "I think the candidate barracks are empty. And they could do with a good clean. You don't mind earning your keep do you?" She even throws in a guileless eyelash flutter, one that telegraphs her falseness to those who keep track of her… ways. And with that, she's gunna start taking some of the perogatives that her rank entitles her too. Namely DELEGATING the herding and documenting of this unwashed mass to those more inclined to paitence and less inclined to bullshittery. "I was hoping you'd want to come with me!" And she's going to follow him out as if they have very important matters to attend to (drinking. They're probably going drinking)

Laeiva is going to take her son-in-law and her granddaughter to one side for a serious talk, but the whole family will end up back at the Weyr in due course.

Wait? Was Alyna one of those delegated to? As she's getting a head count of the refugees, she spies the Weyrleader and her Wingsecond wandering away together and has to bite down hard on her lower lip as a very unwise comment was bubbling up and out of her for a second before she pulled it back in and swallowed it. So with one loud and cleansing sigh, the greenrider will take one covert swig of her flask before trying to find something to write with as she goes through the arduous task of asking these fine people who the fuck they are with about that much tact. Fun way to spend an afternoon for a proddy greenrider.
What could go wrong with that?

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