D'har, Alyna


After Haquith is caught by Searuth, Alyna and D'har have a little heart-to-heart…
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It is evening of the seventh day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 11 Mar 2018 05:00



"I'm so glad he caught her."


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

D'har can be smug about a great many things, but right now, he is legitimately amazed at his own instincts. In the midst of flight lust with a victory making it ten times as potent, he managed to get Alyna down the stairs from the Garden Terrace to the Kitten, toss marks at the proprietor for a room, bring her up some more stairs to said room, and onto the bed before any dragon-fueled debauchery could take place. At least, that he can remember. He really doesn't remember much save for those overarching details. What he knows for sure is that they made it, and now he's sprawled on the bed with her, sweat beaded upon his brow as dark eyes slowly come to focus on the rafters of the ceiling above. The bed is quite comfortable, he notices, if not as nice as his own. The buzz of afterglow from a flight ebbs quicker for him than when he's the one in control of his actions in bed…but he grins nonetheless, looking to Alyna and feeling the heat start to glow in his blood beyond the influence of his dragon. Searuth had won, tangling with a green he truly admired…and D'har himself had fared the same with that green's rider. He makes a cursory movement to try shifting onto his side, groaning a little and then chuckling when he finds himself…well. Sore.

Alyna was indeed impressed with D'har's ability to get them to the nearest bed in as quick a time as possible. The following tryst had been wild with abandon, her own vague memories of their activities have a small curling smile teasing at her lips. Laying on her stomach, she has one arm and her head resting on his chest, as well as a leg thrown over his. Fingers are trailing lazy circles in the sparse dark hair on his chest when she hears his groan, and it brings a familiar, although missed in the last few sevens, sardonic chuckle from the petite blonde. "What's wrong dear? Did I hurt you?" Her teasing tone is light and playful as she lifts her head to look at him, humming her contentment as she moves her lips to find his for a softly luxuriant kiss before pulling back softly, "I warned you about how wild I can get." she purrs as she catches and tugs his lower lip in her teeth briefly before letting it go.

Ahhh, yes. Now the rest of his body remembers where it is, courtesy of feeling Alyna shift against him. The sensation of her fingers playing at the hair on his chest elicits a deep rumble of pleasure from D'har, her teasing causing a low laugh to follow it. Still-hooded dark ebony eyes catch hers with a thoroughly pleased and rakish glint to them before their lips meet. Her words and the tug to his lip bring about a groan, the arm that keeps her close against him tightening and his leg shifting along the inside of hers. "I am not complaining in the least," he rumbles in return, his other hand slipping into her hair as he exacts another kiss from her. It bears a deep and sweet heat, the fullness of his happiness with the current situation carried across in the languid twining of his tongue and thorough melding of his lips to hers. "I'm so glad he caught her," he murmurs against her mouth, fingers sifting slowly at her nape.

Alyna lets herself sink back into his kiss readily, pleasantly surprised at the subtly meaning being carried by the joining of their lips as she lets her small frame be pressed closer to him gladly, the feel of being tucked up against his leanly muscled body, fitting so perfectly together has her wishing the never had to move from this small room, this bed. With his hand slipping in her hair, she sighs contentedly until he murmurs and then she merely giggles softly, "You just wanted to see if I was telling the truth about being wild under flight lust." She teases him again as her fingers walk up his chest to his shoulder where they trace a faint impression of a fresh lovebite there, smiling as a flash of memory is brought back to the forefront of her mind.

She won't have to try very hard; D'har lifts his head to look down at her, lips curved in a heatedly admiring smile. "It's the only word for how you look in that moment," he rumbles. "Something I don't get to see when I'm right in the middle of it with you. Though that is my favorite place to be." Keeping her against him, he turns them onto their sides, his arm unfurled to pillow her head. His other hand slides upward as he deals her another kiss, slow and tender once more, and then pulls back just enough to look at her, fingers sifting at the hair at her temple in kind. "What are you thinking about, gorgeous woman?" he questions at a husky whisper, the warm depths of his ebony gaze resting easily upon the crystalline blue of hers.

Alyna isn't quick enough to hold the blush that rushes to her cheeks at his words, bringing with it a rosy glow that she hopes can be passed off as merely flushed from their exertions. Once settled on her side, with her head propped up on his arm, she tucks her arms in between them, hands on his chest, and just revelling in the feeling of being so tucked up against him, a soft sigh of contentment clearing her lips when he treats her to a slow and tender kiss. When he pulls back though, it takes a moment for her to catch his question before their eyes meet, "I'm thinking…that if I'm not careful, you're going to make me break my own rules." her voice is softly sincere, but her cryptic answer is carefully worded for a reason and she watches him closely as he takes in her words.

It's hard to deny the cause of a blush when one is watching it form. Needless to say, D'har is well-pleased to have caused it. And he also quite likes how willingly Alyna tucks herself against him, the feel of her hands upon his chest, the way she answers his lips… Her reply garners a thoughtful hum, his eyes dropping between them as his hand leaves her hair to trail down her arm and cover one of hers against him. "Well…we are a pair, then," he tells her, "because I am finding myself in much the same position." His eyes lift to hers again, cautious. "I've not had a lover like you in Turns, Alyna. My mind drifts to you so often, I would be a fool to deny that there must be a reason for it." The arm she's resting on folds so that he can trace a fingertip around the edge of her ear. "I have said before that I would never ask you to be something you are not, or to do something you cannot. I mean that. But you are under my skin, my dear greenrider. And whatever you wish, to continue enjoying one another as we have been, or…to make something more of it, whatever that may look like…you need only name it."

Alyna's pale blue eyes are locked on the bluerider's face as he responds, feeling her heartbeat catch when he covers her hand with his. A simple yet tender gesture, one that makes it impossible for this greenrider to deny the warm feelings she has been developing for D'har after these last few months. When he meets her eyes again after confessing he's feeling quite the same way, she searches his gaze for a moment before a small smile curls on her lips. "Then we really are in a spot of trouble, because I could say those same words about you." Yes, she's repeating his thoughts back to him, but she is stalling for time because she needs to consider his words for a long moment before she replies, smile deepening at the play of his fingertips on her earlobe, "Well one thing I know, I don't think I can go back to something casual with you, once there are emotions in play, that's very hard for me. So it's either end it here before it can do more damage…or keep going and see what this could be. It's been over five turns since I chose anything but the first option." Pausing for a minute, she furrows her brows, "For the sake of argument, what would something more look like to you? You know I will never be exclusive to you." Cause if he doesn't know that by now then this definitely won't work.

"Some trouble is very worthwhile," D'har all but purrs, his hand straying down to Alyna's waist. His expression takes on a more serious cast as she goes on. The admission that she doesn't think casual will cut it with him from now on makes his stomach flutter and his heart swell at the same time - an odd dichotomy of sensations but not unpleasant. He doesn't want to go through what had happened with Prymelia all over again…but he knows quite well that Alyna is not the woman he'd risked his heart with. And he won't risk his heart again, he tells himself…but he can risk getting closer with her. Moreover, he wants to. "I'd…like to see what happens," he murmurs, but finds himself a bit stuck with her last. "I know," he reaffirms. "I'm not sure what it ought to look like, Alyna. Except…counting on one another, being there for one another, knowing we can trust one another with whatever may come up. Keeping on with the amazing sex, of course," he adds with a grin as his hand strokes her back, "but…being able to drown in that amazing spark of something extra we've been finding during. Without fearing what it could mean anymore. And if you seek other lovers…" He shrugs with the shoulder that's able. "I don't see it changing that spark." A beat passes before he asks, "What does it look like to you, Alyna? As I said, I've never done this before, so…" He's not sure if he's off the mark.

Alyna can't help the swelling of emotion that rises in her, and she is finding that she doesn't want to. Her mind is finally clear again after the tumultuous feelings that affect her during Haquith's cycle. When her dragon's name comes to mind, she finds herself reaching along the humming buzz ever present at the back of her mind, and surprisingly find her green awake and listening in on their conversation. « I told you he is good for you. Stop thinking so much and go with it. » and then with one final muffled splash from her mind, Haquith repositions herself against Searuth and falls back into a doze. She nods along with his words, fingers playing again in his chest hair because she can't help herself. "It seems you've already covered everything I would have so I don't really have anything to add. And I think.." here she takes a deep breath as if that could fortify her for the response she never thought she would give to anyone again, ever. "..I would be a fool to not explore this fucking amazing spark we seem to have." She shivers a little bit at that, she hasn't been a 'we' with anyone for some time, but instead of nervousness, she is finding herself excited with anticipation, the feeling clear in the dancing of her pale blue eyes as she looks at him, nibbling softly at her lower lip.

Upon seeing Alyna’s gaze take on that momentary familiar vagueness, D’har decide to check in with Searuth as well. The mixture of emotions that drift across from his lifemate is an interesting one - the expected smug pleasure and contentment with his victory, happiness over D’har’s current decision…but also a quietly enfolding yet fierce protectiveness. « I hope you know what you’re doing, my heart-mate, » the blue murmurs, but it’s a gentle worry. He doesn’t wish to have D’har endure heartbreak ever again, but he is also pleased that his rider isn’t running this time, willing to chance a risk once more at last. The bluerider can’t help but rumble softly as Alyna’s fingers play upon his chest, grinning with her last and turning to pull her against him. “Good,” he murmurs, and captures the lip she’s nibbling at in both of his own as he turns them, layering her atop him once more. “So what do we say we are, then?” he wants to know, his question coming between each renewed plying of her lips as his hands stroke the length of her back, rounding her rear indulgently before coming back up. “‘Lovers?’ I rather like how that sounds.”

Well now Alyna’s done it, the thing she promised herself never again over five turns ago, the thing she was protecting herself from with her harsh, but necessary, rules. There is a tiny part of her, deep inside her head, telling her that this is most definitely not a good idea and that it will end badly just like every other time. But that’s nothing compared with the bright spark that flares to encapsulate her completely when his lips capture hers, making her head swim and quickly drown that dissenting thought. Fuck it. she thinks to herself, He knows what I am, I won’t have to hide anything from him. She better just make sure of that though. Before she can say anything, she giggles at the comment about what they should call themselves. “Lovers?” she tests the word, nodding briefly. “Yeah, I like that too.” Then with a sigh, her guise goes serious as she moves to frame his face in her hands, gently guiding his dark eyes to meet her pale ones. “The only thing I ask is for complete honesty between us. No matter what either of us do, with whoever, I won’t hide things from you and I just ask the same. I don’t mean all the dirty details of course, but this will only work if we are completely open with each other. No secrets.” Her face takes on a softly pained, but desperately hoping, look, eyes locked on his and searching briefly before she continues, her voice barely above a whisper, “Can you handle that?”

D’har is indeed aware of what Alyna is; she’d explained it clear enough. What she is, who she is, all that she is - he craves her as she is, as he’d met her and as she is now, and he doesn’t seek to change anything about her, only wanting to go deeper into it all. It’s partially unexplored territory for him, but he doesn’t mind now, cautious though part of him still feels. He stills all but his hands when she captures his face in her palms, though those slow as he takes in her words. The expression she ends with coupled with her soft-voiced question puts a twinge in his heart, one of his hands rising to cup the back of her jaw. “Yes,” he murmurs, gently pulling her lips to his in warm reassurance. “I believe I can, Alyna.” And he’ll seek to seal his promise beyond just his words after that, his body rousing once more beneath the press of hers in anticipation of binding those words with action as well.

A smile spreads over her lips at his acceptance, Alyna feels relieved, her whole body relaxing as she is laying on top of him. Maybe this time… but she doesn’t finish that thought because as his body rouses, hers answers in kind effortlessly, hands reaching back to dig softly into his dark curls as she laughs softly, “Still insatiable huh lover?” she teases, but her next kiss is unfettered by any hesitation, freely allowing those emotions she was trying to deny to enter their embrace. No time like the present to go chasing those sparks afterall. For the rest of the night, the greenrider makes sure that she gives her blueriding lover his marks worth for the room in the most enthusiastic ways imaginable, much to the chagrin of the other Tipsy Kitten patrons.
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