Va'os, Novi


Novi takes a break between chores, and classes to duck into the Galleries where she meets Va'os


It is the sixty-seventh day of Spring and 94 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.



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Va'os isn't one to mask just how he feels about that sort of lesson topic. "Sounds absolutely thrilling!"



Stone benches rise up.. and up.. and up: grooves upon grooves show marks of their hand-hewn origins, small chips and uneven textures to tell the tale of humble beginnings in a place which looks upon the black-and-white Sands of Southern, a place of greater beginnings indeed. The Galleries take up roughly a third of the perimeter of the Sands: to the west are flat, staggered entranceways, ledges for dragons interested in watching the proceedings. Below and just easterly, a stitched-hide curtain covers the entrance to the bowl, keeping the wind away from the precious cargo often housed upon the Sands. It cannot help the shrieking of the wind above: though it is muted in this hollow, the intermittent sighs and moans of the thermals shrieking through the viewing-ledges above can be unsettling.

Spring has sprung and Southern is finally seeing less of both rain and cold! Afternoon finds the majority of the Weyr busy, as various tasks and projects are well underway and even the riders are taking advantage of the good weather. Having already run Jaguar through their drills and his meetings out of the way, Va'os had ventured here to the Sands to check on Amani. Tsiroth is no where to be found but that's not unsurprising (he's not far, he's just currently not on the sands themselves and probably for REASONS). Seated closest to the sands, the Weyrleader is currently propped up against a supporting pillar near the stairs, while his legs stretch out before him. He looks rather comfortable, despite the heat in here. So comfortable, in fact, that he's… dozing? Yeah. Definitely dozing.

New to Southern, and still getting her bearings is Novi. One of the places she's meant to visit is in fact the hatching caverns so in she goes, and quietly up the stairs with only the softest of foot fall as her currently bare feet pad up the steps. Novi's greatful for the shortness of her unruly hair as the heat of the sands below rise up towards her. Fortunate for the girl, there are no classes until later in the afternoon. Silver charms tinkle against each other as she finally settles on a bench a row up, and back from where the Weyrleader's dozing. Was that too loud? A hand reaches out to still the charms before they can tinkle one against the other a second time. She likes them, but sometimes they're inconvient.

"Come to sneak a peek?" Va'os' voice is low and bemused but a likely shock when he does speak. He's barely moved since Novi arrived and he at least allowed the girl to settle before he addressed her. He does tilt his head and she'll be able to see that his eyes are open now and turned up to her. A smirk curves his mouth up at the corners and he doesn't seem the least bit annoyed. In fact, he looks far too amused.

A startled blink is given before Novi answers, "Aye, b'fore I have to scoot for my next class," bloodfish removal, joy? "I'm Novi, Sir," is added, as Novi tacks on a salute. Rank, after all, is not to be ignored and her's is not sufficient to give her a pass. Novi's eyes scan the eggs on the sands, then she's back to looking at Va'os, "They're always so interesting, don't you think?"

Va'os quirks a brow as he slowly sits himself up to a more proper stance for conversation. It's not without a roll of his shoulders to ease the slight crick in his neck; there's a return salute at some point there too. "Class, huh? Apprentice, then?" he casually assumes, "Well met, Novi. And you can call me Va'os… no need for the 'sir'." At least, not all the time! Smiling crookedly, he'll glance away from her and back down towards the eggs. "Yeah and never quite the same! Tsiroth's sired a few clutches now and I don't think one egg has ever been duplicated in pattern or color. Not even the more subtle ones!"

Novi gives a nod when asked about being an apprentice, "Dolphincraft, senior apprentice," and with a touch of luck she won't stay that way for long, "This afternoon's class is on removing bloodfish," not as fun as swimming with the dolphins, but needed just the same. She looks at the eggs once more, "I had noticed that. Ista's latest clutch was," a pause to find the right word, "Interesting?" she's not sure that's quite right, but Novi will settle for interesting anyway, then there's a, "Well met," and an aborted salute. It's a habit, one that's been drilled into her most of her life.

Wrinkling his nose, Va'os isn't one to mask just how he feels about that sort of lesson topic. "Sounds absolutely thrilling!" he remarks in his usual teasing sarcasm. Yeah, no thanks? Blinking, he'll turn his attention fully on Novi, clearly intrigued by that statement on Ista's latest clutch. "Interesting, huh?" Sorry, she's not off the hook that easily! "In what way?"

"Mostly in the coloring. They all looked half rotten," there's a shudder there as Novi talks, "I'm sure the new dragons are absolutely gorgeous," at least to their riders, "It was just really difficult to look at them," what with the shells looking half dead and all.

Va'os nods, while stifling a yawn with the back of his hand. "Ah, yep!" he mumbles between yawn and exhaled breath. "I've heard of that happening before but usually the dragons are just fine. Don't think the colouring of the shell ever has something to do with it." he points out. "So you and the other dolphineers must be happy the winter months are over, huh? Or does it matter?"

Novi gives a light shrug, "Doesn't much matter. We're in the water no matter the weather. Always seems to be someone that doesn't want to listen to warnings from shipfish," though she wishes people would, "Plus it's just a lot of fun working with the dolphins," and one can't do that very easily on dry land.

"I'll take your word for it! I'd never believed the tales myself," Va'os admits with a shrug of his shoulders. "Where I was born in High Reaches, the ocean alone is almost a tale in and of itself. Any of the creatures living in it aren't even considered." Grinning crookedly, he'll stretch out his back with a satisfying cracking noise before pushing nimbly to his feet. "Feel free to stick around as long as you want to view the clutch. I've got to be on my way… probably overstayed my time here. Someone's bound to be hunting me down…"

Novi chuckles as she gives a nod, "I need to go get ready for class," has it been that long already? Surely she just arrived. Novi stands too, and with a last look at the eggs heads towards the exit. She'll have to run so as not to be late, but that's good exercise.

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