Willimina, Echo


Cousins-in-law, Willimina and Echo, have a bit of a gab fest over men, love and pregnancy.

General Adult Themes (talk of pregnancy and sex)


It is sunset of the seventh day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 20 Apr 2018 04:00


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“Men are strange, strange creatures Echo."


Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the seventh day of Autumn and 96 degrees. Overnight, the temperatures plummet to a reasonable heat. Sand coats everything.

Evening in the Zingari camp can be a mixture of things, busy, silent, ambient, crazy. It all depends on whether or not it’s a performance night. Tonight happens to be one of the off nights, and the camp is quiet, saving the low murmur of chatter around the main fire. Willimina’s wagon and yurt are parked around the central fire, and she watches her young ones play while the twins sleep in the yurt. She enjoys the balmy autumn air and seems lost in thought, but that could be because for once, the Zingari leader sits alone.

A quiet camp is just fine by Echo. The Kheeriin girl is heading past the central fire, a plate piled high with a leafy salad, with a hearty helping of shredded wherry piled over top, all of it drenched in what looks like curry sauce? Slung over her shoulder she has a water skin. She’s dressed in a leather vest-style top, that reveals a couple inches of midriff above her soft wherhide pants and her treasured runner themed belt and buckle. And in that bare bit of midriff, a small, but noticeable, bump interrupts her normally smooth stomach. Heading back for their Yurt on the edge of the camp, Echo does a double-take when she spies the Caravan Leader sitting alone by the central fire and so she make a careful change in her trajectory, and calls out as she approaches, not trying to startle the woman who looks lost in thought. “Good evening Willa.” She bobs her head, “You mind if I join you?” Cause surely there is another spot to sit nearby.

There is definitely another spot at the small table that Willa has set up in front of her dwellings. Looking up, the leader smiles and waves at the empty seat. “Echo. It’s been a while, please do sit.” And the bump in her stomach is definitely noticed, but having spoken to her husband recently, Willimina knows to look for it. “How have you been feeling? I feel like only Tal has seen you recently.” Willimina is happy to see her cousin-in-law and would love to chat with her, particularly since she’s only heard news from Tallel recently. Willa’s a stickler for keeping up with family, and is proving it now. Looking out, she checks the locations of Taliana and Taimin, ensured of their closeness and safety, she turns back to Echo.

“I am horrible for keeping up with people.” Echo says by way of an apology as she settles down at the table and puts her very interesting plate of food on the table in front of her and picks up a fork. “I hope you don’t mind me eating. I’ll get an earful if I haven’t eaten by the time I get home.” She says with an exaggerated roll of her eyes. When she goes to pick up her fork, the fire light catches on the emerald of her engagement ring making it sparkle for a moment. Making sure to get lettuce, wherry and curry sauce onto her fork all at once, the younger woman holds the bite over her plate as she comments absently, “So if I try to eat the curry as is, my stomach rebels. But put just the sauce on anything else, and I can’t get enough of it. So weird!” She exclaims with a little chuckle, she takes her bite, chewing it considerately.

Willimina shakes her head and smiles. “Of course not, eat away. From what I hear you should be eating anyway.” Willimina may understand, but she's all about pregnancy health. Perhaps it's a side effect of being wed to a healer. Willa's keen gaze catches the glint of the engagement ring and she gasps, completely missing the bit about the curry sauce. “Did mister overprotective propose?!? Have you told your cousin yet?”

Echo groans softly at Willimina’s first as she looks at her cousin-in-law with a sidelong glance, “Yes, I know I should be and really I’m getting better at remembering to eat when I should and not waiting until I’m hungry.” The herder takes another bite of her food, chewing and swallowing thoroughly before continuing. “How could I not? Milosh has become obsessed with my eating habits. I swear he’s like a broody gold with a clutch.” But the smile on her face betrays that she finds his protectiveness quite endearing indeed.

At the mention of him proposing, Echo blink as if wondering how Willa could possibly know about their engagement when she looks down at the ring on her finger and feels like an idiot. “Yes actually, he did. Shortly after we found out about our little bundle of joy.” And the young woman fairly glows as she looks down at her midriff, her hand laying over her little bump lovingly. She hums at the second part of the question and shakes her head, “Not yet, but I need to catch him real soon. It won’t be a long engagement of course. I don’t particularly want to waddle down the aisle.” she says with a chuckle before tucking back into her food.

Willimina chuckles at Echo's first and shakes her head lightly. “It's not an ailment singular to Milosh, Tal gets protective too.” Granted, the caravan second has a reason, pregnancy has, until the twins, been awful to Willa. “Though, I notice your little gold shadow isn't about. Seems as if he's slacked of a bit on the watching at least.” Willimina is not unawares of Milosh’s controlling habits, they had been a source of much worry and ire with Tallel and Willimina herself had raised her eyebrows at some things. But, since the men had talked, things seem a hit different.

“Of course! Trust me, full term in Igen's heat is enough to deal with, a wedding dress isn't something you'll want to add to that.” Willa shudders a bit, having just been pregnant in some of Igen's hottest months, she should know. “Have you decided who's making your dress yet?”

“Oh, he threatens to send Ana after me all the time.” Echo says with a little giggle as she looks up at Willimina through her lashes with a soft smile, “And considering his work, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has spylings covertly dogging my every step.” She gives a mock-suspicious look around her as if she could hope to catch one of them at it before chuckling warmly and settling back into her curry-wherry salad, taking a pull from her water skin after a couple of bites.

Echo nods thoughtfully when the older woman mentions the Igen heat. “I’m at least lucky in that I’m due late winter/early spring. But I definitely don’t want to have to deal with squeezing a full-term belly into a wedding dress.” A shrug is given to her query about who is making her dress, “I was just going to wear the one I did to Trexa’s wedding, the white lacy one with that fitted tan suede jacket over top and my best belt. It’s loose enough that it should still fit for another month or two. And I like the idea of an Autumn wedding anyway.” Because while the event will be nowhere near as elaborate as others’, the details will be managed in the most practical way possible.

Willimina chuckles and shakes her head. “Aye, I bet he does. He reminds me of one of my former spies in that way, had to know everything, all the time. In some ways it's invaluable, in others a big pain.” Willimina covertly looks around too and chuckles. “I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few spylings about, even more surprised if there weren't.” As to the topic of Echo's wedding dress, Willimina sort of shakes her head. “It's your wedding dear, but you should at least have a new dress. A wedding day is a special day, our attire should reflect that.” Says the woman who's now had two fairytale weddings. “And an Autumn wedding will be grand, not too hot, not too cold and the sunsets are gorgeous in the fall.”

Chuckling along with Willimina, Echo shakes her head at the idiosyncrasies of various spy-men, resigned to the fact that she loves one and all that entails. Then at the wedding talk, the herder girl slumps a little bit in her chair and sighs heavily. “Yeah, I figure that won’t slide with Milosh either. I just want to keep it as small and simple and quiet as possible. And really the sooner the better so I worry about getting a dress made. But maybe if I can find something that only needs a few alterations that might work.” She says thoughtfully.

“I’ve already written to my folks to let them know it’s happening of course and they will try to make it down. But if my siblings and their broods come we’d be hosting a third of the Kheeriin caravan.” Echo scoffs, and although it may be a bit of an exaggeration, the girl’s extended family is substantial. With a shaky sigh to quiet the rising panic building at the idea of being the center of attention with all those eyes on her, the farrier tries to shake off the dread with a sudden change of subject. “So what about you? You must have your hands so full now with the new bundles.” She’ll let the woman reply as she dig back into her meal.

“There's nothing wrong with small and simple, my dear. Nothing at all. Igraine's weyrmating was gorgeous, and a small affair in and of itself. I think that can be managed. If you're worried about getting a dress done in time, talk to Timo, he's quick and really the best of us when it comes to clothwork.” Willimina grins, she's telling the truth, but she also likes to boast about Timo, he's earned it. She chuckles when Echo brings up the size of her family and leaves it at that, it's Echo's wedding to plan, not hers.

When asked about the twins, Willimina beams tiredly. “Were doing alright, I'm doing alright, Tallel is a wonderful help and I've hired a wet nurse to help with the feedings. They're growing so fast I can't keep up with them.” All this said fondly, because motherhood is something that suits Willimina quite well. She looks at Echo then, smiling teasingly. “If yours is anything like its father you're going to have your hands full.”

Echo almost chokes on the food in her mouth at Willimina’s last and is only saved by the water from her ‘skin. When finally her mouth is clear, she apologizes with a giggle as she tucks an auburn lock behind her ear. “I never thought about that. A little Milosh would certainly keep me hopping.” Putting the fork back down on her plate, Echo takes a small break as she sits back in the chair, putting a hand absently on the bump at her midriff with a sigh.

“Although I fear he is going to get worse the more I progress. He’s so terrified that something will happen to one or the both of us. Did Tal tell you he had ran out right after I told him I was expecting?” Shaking her head as the herder still remains incredulous at the way things went down. “Blurted out ‘I love you’ for the first time, then right out the door. And now all we talk about are my eating habits and how I’m still working too much even though the healers say it’s fine. I’m starting to feel less like his lover and more like his broodmare.” The sigh that accompanies these words is tinged with faint longing for the way things were.

Willimina is slightly amused by Echo's reaction to her comment in the mini-Milosh. She nods at Echo's next, sighing near in unison with the young farrier. “Men are strange, strange creatures Echo. They don't process things the same way we do. It's straight to Tallel that Milosh went when you told him.” Aye, Willa knows about this. “For a panic attack. I think your man’s past still haunts him, I won't say he doesn't hover too much, because from the sound of it he does. But I think it comes more from his caring about you than anything dear.” Willa tussles her shortened hair and holds it off her neck for a moment. “You should see your cousin when I'm pregnant, I might as well be made of glass. Love them as we do, men can be a bit much when they're worried about the ones they hold dear.” Willimina eyes Echo then, a bit of the fire the leader is known for coming to her eyes. “Sometimes we have to tell them when enough is enough. If what he's doing is a source of irritation, tell him so.”

“I was surprised actually that he sought out Tallel when he felt panicked, but pleased as well. I really want them to get along.” Echo sighs again, looking slightly pained “And I know his past haunts him, I wish I knew how to help him with that.” A blush creeps up on her cheeks when the Caravan Leader mentions that he’s doing it because he cares. “Can you believe that? I remember you telling me he would never love me, I believed that even though I was half in love with him already if I’m honest with myself. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how the man who made it clear love was off the table is going to be my husband.” Shaking her head incredulously. At Willimina’s comment about her cousin she nods, “Oh I have no problem believing that, it’s obvious that Tal cherishes you deeply. And I kinda hope that’s why Milosh is being so careful with me, or us really. I’m trying to be patient with him. It may be irritating, but then I remember what he went through with his first wife and child, and how can I say anything?” The herder girl gives a softly defeated shrug.

“Aye, wouldn't do to have them at each other's throats if we're all to be family. And I do not know that there is anything you can do to help him in matters of the past, saving loving him and showing him some patience.” When Echo brings up words Willimina had indeed once spoken, the leader sighs. “I won't say that I'm not happy I was wrong, quite the contrary. I really didn't think he was capable. There must be something special about you indeed cousin.” Willa leans over and pats Echo's hand reassuringly and sighs. “You need to talk to him dear, and perhaps he'll talk back, and that's all you really can do. He has reason to worry, given what did happen in the past, but if he's taking it too far, then you have to talk to him about it. Communication is a big step towards a good and healthy marriage, if there's one thing I can take from my own experiences and give to you, it's that.”

“No, that wouldn’t do at all.” Echo muses over their respective men being at each other’s throats but she chuckles softly at the Caravan Leader’s next, “I really didn’t think he was capable either. I like to think of it as us being special together. It sounds so cheesy, but we complete each other.” The herder girl is sporting a soft smile for the reassuring pat on her hand but the idea of talking to him does warrant a nervous chuckle. “Really? We communicate so much better non-verbally.” She attempts to jest before she shakes her head, “But in all seriousness, I know you are right about communication. And it’s getting slowly better, he’s definitely letting me in more so at least there’s progress.” She nods along with her words before turning brown eyes back at her cousin-in-law. “So is that what keeps you and my cousin so close? Excellent communication skills?” there may be a hint of innuendo in the younger woman’s tone as she raises her eyebrows slightly at Willimina.

“It doesn't sound cheesy at all, I like to think the same of your cousin and I, we complete each other.” Willimina raises an amused eyebrow at the idea that Echo and Milosh communicate better non-verbally and a smirk follows. However, Echo's last has her outright laughing as she reaches for a drink and sips. “That and a very healthy sex life.” Willimina chuckles and drops a wink at Echo. She hides the saucy smirk that follows behind another drink and leans back in her chair. “Which, I'm guessing, is not something you and Milosh have an issue with either, considering.”

Echo joins in with the laughter as Willimina reveals the secret to her and Tallel’s relationship. “No, we definitely don’t have an issue with that. Not all all!” Her smile widens as her eyes dance with a hint of mischief as she leans forward and drops her voice just a little, “If I’m completely honest, Milosh has been rather insatiable since we found out I’m expecting. I just hope he still wants me when I’m as big as a yurt.” she says with the slightest furrow to her brow, as she takes another sip of her water.

Willimina leans in a little, chuckling and fixes Echo with a serious, but amused look. “That's when they want you most.” She snickers. At least that's been Willa's experience. “Usually it's you not wanting them at that point, full of baby and ready to be done with it all.” Willa winks and isn't at all abashed at being blunt and honest about these things. She leans back and sighs happily. “Don't worry yourself about it, Milosh does enough for the both of you from the sound of it all. And besides, you're absolutely radiant Echo, I doubt he'd be able to stop looking at you if he tried.” Willimina has seen that look on men's faces before, including her own husband's, love isn't an easy thing to hide, even Javid and Trexa know that.

Echo’s jaw drops at Willimina’s revelation and a bright blush colors her cheeks as she leans in, “You’re kidding!” she exclaims as much as she can in a hushed way with a hint of a giggle. “I’m guessing the positions get a little more creative in the later months, huh?” The woman’s last does nothing to reduce the blush to her cheeks as she looks down again at her engagement ring with a wistful smile. “Radiant huh? I sure hope so. I’m still a little nervous that he’s going to realize that one woman is not enough for him, I mean, how can it be? He’s spent the last decade bedding countless people, far more elegant and experienced than me.” The herder sighs softly as she shakes her head, “No! I’m not going to indulge that line of thinking.” Echo says with a newfound confidence to her tone. “He says he doesn’t want anyone else, and I trust him.” Offering a sheepish glance at her cousin-in-law, she smiles, “It’s just…he’s my first everything. I’m still waiting for me to completely mess things up.” She remarks with a self-deprecating chuckle.

“Not kidding at all.” Willimina wiggles her eyebrows a bit suggestively and laughs at Echo's question. “Some do, yes.” She says of the technicalities of pregnancy sex. Willimina sighs patiently and fixes Echo with a motherly look. “People change, evolve, grow up. It's good that you take him for his word. I've never known him to be a liar.” Willa clears her throat, eyes looking over the grounds and the happy buzz of life that runs through her people. When she looks back at Echo, she smiles. “And I'm sure you'll have many more firsts with him. Don't question it so much, love defies logic, I've seen enough stories to know. Just go with it, and be happy.” Within the yurt, the first stirrings of one of the infants can be heard. Willimina pricks up, listening.

Blush deepens at Willa’s suggestive eyebrow waggling, as Echo stares down at her near empty plate, but decides against eating any more because she is feeling comfortably full so she grabs up her napkin and dabs at some of the gravy clinging to her lips. Dropping the soiled napkin on top of her plate as she leans back and stretches which brings a loud yawn to her lips that seems to go on forever. For propriety's sake, she covers her open mouth with the back of one hand as she's nodding along to Willimina’s motherly advice. When she can finally reply she does so with a soft smile, “I’m getting there. I’ll have been here a full turn at the beginning of next month. And I still can't believe the change I went through already, so I definitely know it's possible.”

Her last remark about love defying logic is met with a hearty chuckle of agreement. “I’m learning that first hand.” At the sounds of stirring coming from inside the yurt, Echo’s face lights up, the first stirring of her maternal instincts evident. “Sounds like someone is waking up. I had better get home as well before I end up falling asleep out here.” With a soft groan of protest for work weary muscles as she gets to her feet. “You have a pleasant evening Willimina.” she says with a wave as she wanders off to the outskirts of the camp where their own yurt is calling her.

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