K'vvan, M'noq


An argument between wingleaders becomes a lovers' spat.


It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Kitchens, Southern Weyr

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Renowned, the culinary prowress of Southern, and suitable her kitchens to the task. A broad and airy sweep of room, it cannot help the sweat-drenching heat — though hearths are cleverly set within the ground itself to maximize efficiency. Big copper pots gleam along long tables, cooks hustling to and fro to prepare the necessary meals. There is never a candlemark the kitchens are left unstaffed: even in the wee hours of the night, bakers can be seen shaping loaves and mixing biscuits. For those who miss meals, a sideboard brims with leftovers that are easily transformed into portable potables, complete with sweet herbal tea and a large wheel of a soft, white, crumbly cheese.

In general the kitchen is a nice safe happy place for K'vvan. He can eat in peace because most of the kitchen folk know to leave him the hell alone. Today he has one of his more favorite foods - a dry sandwich with wherry meat and a type of cheese. Favorite because it's a clean food and he doesn't have to hunch over a napkin to keep it clean. His attention is ~all~ on his food except for that side spidy-sense he has of people being around him. All is well in Pern, right?

M'noq slips into the kitchen, dodging around busy cooks and their assistants, intent on finding someone. An Ocelot rider jerked a thumb in the direction of his wingleader, and M'noq followed the indicated direction to the kitchen. He has many childhood memories of sitting quietly in a corner of a Weyr kitchen, and perhaps that is one reason why he doesn't usually spend time here. "K'vvan. Something wrong with the tables in the living caverns?" He is only slightly teasing, knowing the greenrider hides out here on occasion.

K'vvan isn't so focused that he misses M'noq suddenly entering. There's a blink and it takes a moment to shift attention from food to M'noq but after that beat K'vvan replies, "Yeah, assholes are out there." That's a bit strong coming from K'vvan but it's the primary fault of assholes to think everyone ELSE is a bigger asshole. Nodding at a chair nearby, "Join me?" No food gets offered - it's a kitchen, if M'noq wants food he can get it!

M'noq pours a mug of klah from a fresh pitcher, just before it is taken out to the serving tables. He doesn't take any food at this point, though, before he joins K'vvan at the table. "Ah, right," he says, amused. He is used to K'vvan's opinionated nature, at least. "A'hali mentioned that you left a note for him about some incident about a wagon overturning. Something involved more there than just rescues?"

"A'h, ah, yeah." K'vvan connects the note and person quickly enough. "R'zel and I went through and found a series of sightings of this overturned wagon on the same road. It's a weird coincidence, figured you sneaky bastards could find more. R'zel's theory is that it's an ambush point - good topography for it, mine is that it's a distraction for riders." At 'sneaky types' a finger gets pointed at M'noq.

M'noq slowly sips his klah, thinking on this. "Any other incidents been reported there in the past? Or you figure things happened and no one told the Weyr? What's the advantage of distracting riders? Can't imagine anyone would try to attack and rob one of us. I guess if they think they can occupy us there, they might use the opportunity to move elsewhere." He sounds a little doubtful, though, since this is all speculation. "What's your thought on the rocks?"

"Just your missing seamen." Haha, he said semen. Setting down his food K'vvan reaches for a napkin to wipe non-existent grease from his fingers. "If we're looking at an abandoned wagon we aren't going to be looking for someone else moving along the road, and R'zel figured other groups were doing ambushing. You know how Black Rock won't report that shit to us." As for the rocks… K'vvan leans back to rest against the back of the chair. "I think your wingsecond is a bit too dull to realize nothing is to them."

M'noq taps a finger against his klah mug thoughtfully. "But if they are attracting our attention to the area, it seems like it would increase the odds that we'd spot something they were up to. We already know there has been unauthorized mining activity around there, though." He's not dismissing the rocks too easily. But, he still has something else on his mind. "Why did you give a note to him and not mention the incident to me? It isn't like we never see each other." He's feeling a little cut out of the investigation.

"I have no idea. Just a bit of an idea." But then things move on and K'vvan raises an eyebrow at the conversation change. Carefully, "I saw him right after R'zel and I spoke…. and you were still injured." K'vvan was totally trying to protect M'noq and keep him from overdoing it. >.>

M'noq hums at that. "It wasn't that soon after I had been injured," he protests, even though technically he doesn't know exactly when it was. "Anyway, you could have mentioned it later, not left me to find out on my own." That's the part that bothers him, even though it's his seconds' job to pass information along where appropriate. "I'm not all sneaky secrets, you know. I expect a certain amount of openness where things like this go."

"You still were not completely better - I didn't want to tired you out." K'vvan defends himself when M'noq says it. "So I passed it onto your wingseconds and if it didn't match their shit, then you weren't going to be bothered. Should I have done it to N'lim instead?" K'vvan is missing the whole point of M'noq's question.

"Not N'lim. Me," M'noq says, pointing a finger at his own face, a bit obviously. "I mean, not while I was in the infirmary or sleeping all day or something, but now that I'm feeling better." Of course, he still isn't back at the level he was at before. Either because something didn't heal right or he hasn't been doing his physical therapy correctly, the pain is still bothering him. "Have you decided you can't work with me as an equal? There have been times before this happened that you mentioned in the evening that you passed along something to one of my wingriders."

"Should I pass shit off do you right before we," a glance swerves towards the people in the caverns and K'vvan switches what he was going to say, "do it? What if we miss shit because we're too busy?"

M'noq grits his teeth and keeps his voice down, not wanting to create any more kitchen gossip than is unavoidable. As it is, there are probably at least three apprentices hanging on their every word, and this disagreement is going spread like wildfire within half a candlemark. "I'm not saying I need work talk as our pillow talk. I just feel like you're keeping things from me now."

Turning it back on the brownrider, "Are you completely healed yet? Full stamina?"

"Doesn't matter," M'noq shoots back. "If I'm back on duty, you should still mention it to me. If you respect me, that is. You're not viewing me as another N'lim, are you?" He knows K'vvan's view on his senior wingsecond.

"It does matter. If you were worried about me putting too much on my plate and overdoing it would you bring it to me?" K'vvan isn't going to touch the whole respect issue directly.

M'noq just avoids the question, since they're in the practice of not answering this directly. "You realize you're creating more work for me, don't you? Because I don't find out about things until they're well under way and then I have to play catch up. You're adding to my stress."

"Then your wingseconds are full of shit if they can't organize information and give you what you need to know and when." There, K'vvan's just going to BLAME it on M'noq's wingseconds.

M'noq just stares at K'vvan, wide-eyed, as he slams his klah mug down on the table, sloshing the cool dregs over his hand with the violence of the gesture. "This isn't about them. This is about you making me look like a moron who can't even communicate with someone I sleep with." And that he says loudly enough it's sure to create gossip.

There are ABRUPTLY people staring and K'vvan manages to push down his temper and turns slowly to glare at them. Despite his lack of of fights here people do tend to stop looking when K'vvan glares. Only when everyone has turned back to their work does K'vvan turn back to M'noq. "If you are well again it won't happen again wingleader." It's a pointed use of the title.

"Fine. I'm well," M'noq insists. "One hundred percent. Completely recovered. That means you have no excuse to keep things from me anymore." Though it creates a secret that M'noq will have to keep from K'vvan, any time he is feeling less than great. He isn't totally sure how long he will be able to keep that up, since even though they are in separate wings, anything going on with a wingleader will be headline news.

"If I was keeping shit from you, I wouldn't have sent it to people who had the fucking duty to pass it on to you." K'vvan finally shoves himself up from the table all desire to finish his dinner absolutely gone. "So sorry to wound your ego wingleader. "

M'noq stands up with K'vvan, like he's going to follow him and keep up the back-and-forth, if the other man decides to walk off. "No problem, my ego is fine, just like the rest of me. Just as long as you stop treating me like a fragile, little, broken thing. And you had better go find something else to do." This last statement is sent with a pointing finger towards an eavesdropping apprentice, who quickly skitters off.

"Then go fuck off." Everything about this is very familiar to K'vvan, even if M'noq doesn't realize it. K'vvan's face has turned completely impassive. Turning the wingleader is going to gtfo of there as quickly as his feet can take him.

M'noq isn't about to let K'vvan just walk off like that. He tags along behind, keeping up the awkward banter. "Hey, didn't you say you were going to tell me all the things when I was recovered? I know that look of yours." There might even be a thin note of panic in his voice that he tries to cover over, not at all sure what happens next if they really do stop talking.

K'vvan isn't about to turn around an argue with the Lynx wingleader in the middle of a busy kitchen. No, he's heading OUTWARDS NOW. Even when he's out of the kitchen he stays on his feet face impassive. People tend to gtfo of his way in this situation, so his passage way is clear.

M'noq isn't annoyed enough that he's going to carry on an argument as they walk through multiple crowded areas (one is bad enough!), but he'll tag along, not letting K'vvan forget he's there. They don't really look like they're walking together, and if someone is used to seeing how they generally talk and walk together, it will be easy to tell something's wrong.

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