E'bert questions the wisdom of kissing Ivy


It is midmorning of the thirteenth day of the second month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Key Largo, Igen Weyr

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Key Largo

This is a nearly perfect circle of a room. Everything is neat and clean, not a thing is out of place. Riding jacket hangs from one of the pegs near the exit to the ledge, with a peg for riding straps, and a third for hanging an extra jacket or damp towel. A curtain hangs across the entrance to an inner room that is presumably used for sleeping. Situated around the stone couch that Karkath sleeps in is a table with a couple of chairs, and a sofa that can also be used for sleeping.
You see Harper Hall Painting here.
Obvious exits:

E'bert finds himself pacing round the weyr he calls home. Drills are finished for the morning, his round of sweeps don't begin for another hour. He's left to pace. To question himself, “Why?” he isn't even aware of talking aloud, “Kar, why? Why did I kiss Ivy? That was stupid!”

« You kissed her because you love her. » A simple answer that rumbles out of the perfect stillness and deep silence that is Karkath's mind scape, or more accurately lack of a mind scape. E'bert stops his pacing to stare out towards the ledge, “I don't… Wait. Do I?” the soft rumble from Karkath that answers the question finds E'bert sitting down on the sofa.

« I can talk with Udath? » Again with the deeply silent stillness that wraps round E'bert's mind, « It will work out. You weren't stupid, » then the silence is removed from the rider's mind, leaving only a deep stillness in its wake. After a short time of silence, « Sweeps start soon, » E'bert sighs as he pulls his jacket, scarf, helmet and goggles off their peg before he's stomping out to the ledge. From there he and Karkath take off for their sweep.

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