Rielle, Va'os


Rielle wants a bath and Va'os just so happens to need one too…


It is sunset of the twenty-second day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Baths, Southern Weyr

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"If you want to hallucinate I'm sure I can oblige, my dear…but you had better have a rest day scheduled for the morning after…"



The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.

Choosing a bathing pool is a difficult affair when it's this hot. Though it's sunset, it's still sweltering, and the decision between cooling off or soaking sore muscles hangs in the balance. Rielle wavers at the boundaries of the pools, towel and toiletries in hand, before finally deciding on one that's the warm side of mild. She's quickly stripped down and in, sighing and leaning back to wet her hair as she determines that this was the right call. It's not terribly busy in here at the moment; in fact, it looks like the two softly gabbing lower caverns women in one of the cooler pools are starting to make their way out.

Perfect timing, then! After the day he’s had, Va’os would likely be past caring how busy the baths were. Sweltering weather or not, the Weyrleader has been out and about, not stopping since he woke this morning (and who knows how much sleep he had). By the time he’s tromping his way in, he’s sweaty, grimy, sore and looking like he could sleep for the next handful of months. Those lower cavern women are hardly given a look; his attention when he does focus on the present, finds Rielle already settled in a pool. So is it any surprise of where he ends up? “Hey!” A bright greeting, despite his exhaustion and current divesting of boots. “Unless you’re wanting a whole pool to yourself, you mind if I jump in this one? It’s a favourite.”

Rielle cracks one eye open at the sound of Va'os' voice and can't help but grin. "I don't mind in the least," she replies, unable to keep the purr from the edges of her tone because she's let herself relax that much already. "I wouldn't suggest jumping, though. It might be a bit of extra effort it looks like you don't need." Of course she notices how worn he looks, and naturally wants to do something to help it if she can. "Are you having trouble sleeping, or just haven't gotten the chance to get enough?"

“Is it that obvious?” Va’os had grinned for that tone Rielle used, but it falters a bit when she calls him out on his worn out look. Still, he merely shrugs his shoulders, finishes undressing and slips into the pool. Almost immediately, he sighs with relief and leans back against the pool wall. Despite there being a whole pool, he’ll be close enough to her side; but not so close as to have anyone gossip about it the next day. The man has some decency to him! “Bit of both, really. Not enough and when I do get a few precious hours it takes forever…” he mutters, only to wave it off dismissively. “I’ll be fine.” Uh huh. “How’re you? Y’know… beyond what I already know.”

It isn't a scold, just an observation! And despite the distance Va'os starts with, Rielle will drift a bit closer still, comfortable in closer proximity to him and uncaring about any gossip. There aren't many around to start that up right now, anyway. She goes about scrubbing sweetsand into her hair as she contemplates his answer. "Well, you know I have things I can give you to help you fall asleep quicker. And they won't even make you start seeing things," she adds with a wink before sighing and giving a rueful tilt of her head. "Bemoaning the loss of being able to go for a swim. Tired from scouting the coastlines. Wishing I had a moment to study the red stuff myself." Glancing over at Va'os, she explains, "In the Hall, one thing I like to take the time to do was figure out the potential good that might be derived from something toxic. Usually a plant. Hopefully someone is looking into that. If there's an opposite to the negative effects the red tide is having, it could be the key to helping it die off sooner rather than later."

Va’os laughs and winks back at her, along with a more carefree, goofier grin. “What if I want to see things? Might actually make my evening interesting and not all… y’know. Doom and gloom?” Putting it very roughly, here. He’ll start to scrub away at his skin as well, though his efforts are much slower and lacking focused energy in the task. Tired Weyrleader is tired! Mention of the current issue surrounding the strange and unusual red growth, his nose wrinkles. “Has there been talk about getting the correct people involved? I’m sure there’s been…” Some discussion, some where. Buried underneath all the other problems thrown on his desk or at him; maybe literally, in some senses? “Dunno if I share your same enthusiasm about wanting to touch the damn stuff and study it, but… If it led to a way to reverse it faster?” Well, he might warm up to the idea a little more.

"If you want to hallucinate I'm sure I can oblige, my dear…but you had better have a rest day scheduled for the morning after," Rielle teases, and tilts her head back for a rinse. As for the further matter of the red tide, "I'm not eager to touch it, just eager to be rid of it. Which outweighs the gross factor for me." Something that might not be so easy to get around for others. "I'm sure the right channels have been gone through for studying it. But if they haven't completely, I want to know." As though the ringleader needs more on her plate. She watches Va'os scrub at himself as she does the same to her arm, a faint and mischievous smirk on her lips. She sort of can't help it. "I'll take over if you like," she offers. "Though I can't guarantee I won't put you to sleep." Though maybe that's a good thing.

“Oh, now I definitely will let you know when I do get a restday or two in place! You sound like you’d really know how to party…” Va’os is being terrible with his teasing today but she’d be used to it by now, right? Even if he seems pretty damn excited over the idea of being high as a kite on his day off. High, drunk… is there really a difference? And it’s no secret to how much the bronzerider has been drinking, of late. “I think everyone wants to see that stuff gone. Have we come across anyone thrilled by this development? Because if we do… I’d like to have a little chat.” Dry, dry humour there and a mock threat. Her offer brings a sly, mischievous grin and he’ll unashamedly hold out his arms as if to welcome her for a hug. “Have at it? And if you do put me to sleep, it’ll be on you to make sure I don’t drown.” Or call D’wane in again to drag his ass back to his weyr?

Rielle simply gives a soft, wicked little chuckle for that. "I used to," she answers his tease, and takes Va'os' seeming offer to slip her arms around him in quite a cozy embrace whether he meant for it to be the result or not. "Noted," she says to his last, and seals it with a kiss that will provide plenty of gossip fodder for any eyes present (which there currently aren't, finally) before slipping around behind him. After getting some more sweetsand into her hands, she goes to work on his shoulders, which gives her an excuse to gauge the tension in them and try working some of it out with her fingers as well. "So. The red tide issue aside, at least leadership has more or less gotten settled again," she observes with some more ease to her tone. "What do you make of Mayte?"

“Used to? What… No more wild party girl left in you?” Va’os is asking to be slapped! It doesn’t stop him, however. He won’t stop from hugging her back either or returning that kiss with enough enthusiasm to feed the gossip mills; alas, there is no one here! At least for now. Sighing, he leans back into her hands and undoubtedly she’ll find a few knots of tension. His eyes have barely drifted closed when she asks that question. Cracking one open, he’ll peer at her from over his shoulder. “That a trick question?” Is this a trap? Thinking a moment, his shoulders lift in the barest of shrugs. “I like her. Don’t know her well, but for the few times we’ve spoken, I got a good vibe! She knows her shit too… which will be good for Amani. I don’t envy either of them, right now.”

"I think you know the answer to that," Rielle counters Va'os' first, opting to nip his ear rather than slap him. She focuses pointedly on the knots she finds, however, not moving on until she's certain they're mostly or completely worked away. "Aye, I figured as much, though I'm sure you'll come to know her better quickly. I'll have to pin her down for a drink sometime myself. And I'm certainly glad she was willing to take on Senior duties, especially for Amani's sake." She does know the new junior and can only imagine what must be going on in her head about now. "Neither do I," she sighs, finally moving on from his shoulders to actually scrub at his back, attending to any other knots she finds along the way. "But we have enough on our own plates."

Va’os does enjoy a good challenge! “… so you still like to party? Good!” He’s probably so wrong, but as it earned him a nip and not a slap, he’ll call that a win-win for the evening. “Mhm, I’m sure I will. Even got a chance to finally kind-of talk to Amani. Feels weird, not having really had time to meet with the Weyrlings before they’re already tapped.” Doesn’t help he was sick (yes, really!) with the plague during the Graduation. “I’ll have to try better, next time. IF there’s a next time, right?” His grin says it all — he’s not banking on Tsiroth being successful twice! “Any bets on who rises first?” Implied nudge and wink there, since he’s too busy melting under Rielle’s hands. “Tell me about it,” another sigh and silent pause before he speaks up again. “You’d… not happen to be free tonight, would you?”

For Rielle, the party depends on the context! "Good," she says of Va'os getting to talk to Amani. "I think she'll grow well. Her gold is…quite the character, though." And she doesn't mean it in a bad way; Obhaeroth isn't quite as confused by her as some. Rielle, on the other hand, often can't make heads or tells of what he's trying to share about the young queen's mind. "Right," she concedes to Va'os' if, though she's of the opinion that Tsiroth has a very good chance. "And yes, you can try better…but you're trying just fine right now." As for who rises first, she gives a wry snort. "Zymuraith could decide to have her first any time now that she's mature, and Rhiscorath has been Senior elsewhere twice… I'm not sure I'd have the strength to place a bet on that!" And then she gets to finish up on Va'os back, which she has been greatly enjoying. His last earns a grin, and she slips her arms around to fold her hands on his stomach as she sets her chin on his shoulder. "It just so happens I am." And if he's wanting to claim her free night for himself, she'll gladly just head on out of here with him.

“Strength? Really? What’s wrong with living on the wild side of things?” Va’os understands, though. Even if he acts like an irresponsible idiot sometimes and jokes as he does, he gets it. As much as he might WANT to bet on the outcome, it’d be poor form for a Weyrleader to do so. Where’s D’ex when you need him? “Well, wasn’t that a lucky guess?” Or someone’s been peeking at the rosters again! Laughing, he’ll lean back against her for a few more minutes of simply enjoying both the relaxing bath and the comfort of her presence. They can’t lounge here forever though and at the sound of approaching voices and foot steps, Va’os grimaces. “Quiet time is over,” he mutters, while he moves to pull himself out of the pool to dry off and dress again. “Let’s go. Before someone tracks us down. My weyr?” Cue a wry, lopsided grin and he’ll hold out his hand for Rielle to take.

Rielle just might be thinking something very similar to Va'os when it comes to betting. "Aye, quite lucky," she murmurs at his ear, and is wishing they really could just lounge there forever when it presently becomes evident that their time is up. With a sigh, she levers herself out of the pool after him and follows her own drying and dressing routine. One more grin and she's taking his hand with an eager lightness only he really gets a chance to see. "Absolutely," she answers… and off they go to where a much better end of the day awaits.

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