Willimina, Tallel, Lillia, Agertha, Ziniel, evka, Timotin, Xanthee, Malosim, Echo, Daenerys, Varli, Ollene, Igraine, Aztrexia, Brenna, S'ayde(Cameo), Moanna(cameo) and Gold Anastasia(puppeted by Milosh)


It's the Zingari Caravan Leader's Turnday festivities!


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 11 Jan 2018 05:00


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Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It's a beautiful day in Igen Weyr with sunny weather and a gentle breeze moving through the caravan grounds. Excitement has been building all day for the party being thrown in the Zingari encampment. Special foods have been cooking, bottles of Zingari red have been made abundant, and people have been practicing their performance acts to make sure the night goes off without a hitch. And now, people seem to be working to set up a dining area around the central fire and a table for presents, because this is a turnday party! Willimina's to be exact! But don't give her booze because she's pregnant! All people are working to get into place. Willimina takes her place at the head table, her daughter Lillia at her right. Timotin is in his wagon fitting dancers for a performance, Reveka amongst them and Ollene guards the lines. Things are gearing up and the excitement is rising. Time to party Zingari style!

Xanthee would not miss a Zingari party. And this one in particular, being to celebrate the turnday of their leader, promises to be a good one. Wearing her long sleeved green tunic dress that hangs to her ankles, a warm wool shawl for later in case it gets cooler, it is winter afterall. Her fingers are also entwined with the handsome Miner at her side, leaning against him, head resting on his shoulder, as they make their way into the Zingari Camp. She steels a little look at his profile, an adoring smile on her lips. "So drinks first?" She asks with a mischievous smile.

Ziniel is checking her rigging again. She's certain that the block looked a little off earlier, but perhaps it was just her nerves. This will be the first time she's performed this paticular routine, and she's just a little nervous. The rig goes up taking the silks up with it, and when it's secured the girl heads to Timotin's wagon.

With the party about to begin, Echo has been debating all day whether or not to attend. She didn't want to upset anyone with her presense, especially her cousin, and she finds the party atmosphere of the Zingari to be a little too rambunctious for her anxiety to cope with, even being one of them herself. But in her experience, parties take time to ramp up so she should be able to handle it for a little bit. She's dressed in her usual plain leather pants, with a light tunic loose over top. Around her neck, a bandana is tied, herder style, a simple triangle of fabric in dark brown. She runs a hand through her short hair as she skirts the edges of the party, giving her cousin a wide berth.

A beautiful day, yes, but also rapidly cooling! Tallel doesn't mind, though; the crisper air make the fires more special, he thinks…and he likes his winter garb. He wears black trousers rather than the looser pants that are more favored, tall black boots with tooling scrolled around the tops sheathing his calves. He wears a sharply tailored crimson kurta with gold embroidery flowing around every edge, all secured with a gold silk sash - a throwback, perhaps, to what he'd worn on his wedding day. No dancing for him this evening (except with his wife, of course); he's currently overseeing where presents get put, trying to make certain they end up on the table in a somewhat orderly fashion, all the while stealing glances around trying to see if Willa has made an appearance yet.

Agertha makes her way to the caravan grounds, a package in hand. Somewhere Sandria is doing her best to keep Agertha's twins in check. More importantly, keep them mostly clean. Agertha places the package on the table that's set up for that purpose, then there's the twins to pull on her hands, "Respect to the caravan's leader first," she chides the pair who give a resigned sigh before they're doing their best to stand still as they wait their turn to wish Willimina a happy turnday.
Reveka turns when instructed for Timo's inspection and her garments are given one last look over. "I think you've got it Timotin. Thank you, I'd lost some inches around my waist and my skirt just didn't fit right." She runs her hands lovingly over the burnt orange ensemble, relearning every stitch.

Malosim wasn't about to pass up another Zingari party, especially not when he knew he'd get to go with Xanthee. Dark trousers, polished boots, a long-sleeved white tunic with a sash over his belt that's of a green to match her dress and a short cloak against the chill (which is conveniently big enough to sling around Xanthee as well) make up his outfit, and he's glad to have made the effort…not that he wouldn't have anyway. He's dazzled by the spectacle as always, though he has a very pleasant focal point this time around. "Sounds good to me," he replies, grinning down at Xan. "But a little something to go with it, too." Now to figure out what.

Varli sits at her yurt, her art supplies out and on full display. Her hands are heavily stained by the paste she works with, while her wrists each sport intricate patterns that look more like lace than lines. The henna lends the woman an exotic look as she works on a particularly ornate pattern on a young woman's foot, "It will be beautiful. You'll see," Varli assures her client, then turns to watch the dancers after she puts the finishing touches on the artwork.

Willimina has made an appearance and is now comfortably seated with Lillia at the head table, drinking tea. She too is resplendent in red and gold and black, in the form of a floor-length, long sleeved gown with a deep v neck. the dress is black with gold hems and red embroidery. her hair is piled into an elegant up-do and a few ringlet curls dance around her face. Lillia is dressed to match. The younger children are somewhere with the nannies and all is well.

Ziniel waits for Timo's okay of what she's wearing. True she doesn't perform on the ground, but she respects the man's opinion of performance wear, and she's slowly working on increasing her wardrobe. She gives Reveka a smile, and when it's her turn she'll stand perfectly still unless instructed otherwise. Not that people will really be paying much attention to her clothes once Zini's in the air.

Timotin nods. "No problem Reveka, thanks for trusting me with it." He smiles and sends Reveka on her way. "Next up girls! Let's go!" Timo is eager to get going!

"Of course, I'm planning on pacing myself." Xanthee says with a giggle as she subtly leads him over to where they can find someone serving up some Zingari Red, ordering two glasses of the whiskey for them, passing one over at to Mal. Her eyes travel over the crowd as she looks for her friends within the Zingari but can't seem to spy Daenerys or Reveka at the moment. "Do you dance?" She randomly asks as she takes a sip of her drink, emerald eyes looking up at him under thick dark lashes.

"Thank you, greenrider," Tallel says to Agertha with a little dip of his head, grinning at her twins with a little waggle of his fingers before looking around again. This time he spies Willmina and Lillia and takes the opportunity to slip away, coming up behind them at the head table. He leans down with an appreciative sigh to kiss his wife, pulling back just enough to gaze into her eyes. "You always take my breath away, saikhan," he murmurs, curled fingers brushing over her cheek. Then he turns to Lillia and grins fondly, giving a little shake of his head. "And what am I going to do with myself when another piece of my heart has become just as lovely?" He places a kiss on his stepdaughter's brow and then looks around again. "Taimin and Tali are with the nannies?" Taimin could be running around being a charming little scamp, for all he knows.

Reveka moves off and out of Timo's crowded wagon and moves to get a drink before her performance. And look who's here? Xanthee and Malosim! "Xanthee!" She calls over the noise of the crowd.

"Good," Malosim says as he moves along toward the alcohol with Xanthee. Somewhere along the way he manages to snap up a couple of spiced meatballs and passes one to her, peering around and spotting the woman who is seemingly painting intricate designs on a woman's foot. Xan's question draws his attention in full once more and he gives her a small, tilted grin. "Oh…I might know how to not step on your toes and look alright doing it," he answers with a wink. It's an answer designed to be a yes…without revealing just how much he knows. Then he gestures back toward the woman with her skin-painting. "Ever seen anything like that before?" Than there's a familiar voice calling out, and he glances around until a familiar face comes into view. "Oh, hey! Reveka!" he calls back with a wave.

Lillia looks up at her father with a smile and a blush for his compliment. "Thank you papa." She giggles and turns to her tea, trying to look like a lady. When Tallel asks after the younger ones she nods. "Aye, mama wanted to let them enjoy the party."

Oh look, there is her cousin over there by the head table, ok, so Echo will go over there, to where the silks are set up for aerial work. She'll just hang over here for now, looking oh so uncomfortable as she crosses her arms over her chest, looking around for anyone she knows. No luck.

Willimina beams when Tallel approaches. "Thank you my love, you look quite fetching yourself." And the gaze she takes over him is enough to say that her words are not simple platitudes. She stands, willing to travel with Tallel SHOUKD he want to wander.

Agertha gives a nod, and is relieved when Sandria decides, "I'm taking them home. Those pups of theirs will want attention," and with that the nanny leads the protesting twins away, "Another time," Agertha promises. She just doesn't trust her two to not cause trouble in such a setting.

Ziniel lets out a sigh, and heads for her silks. She'll have to wait her turn for sure, but she's ready or as ready as she can be. This is the first time she's felt nervous about a performance. She knows her rig, and she knows her routine front, back, and upside down. So why is she so nervous? The girl simply stands by her silks and waits, all the while she's feeling a fluttering of nerves in the pit of her stomach.

A little gold pops out from ::between:: zooming around and through the crowds until she sees her intended target. She lands upon Echo's shoulder, a golden reminder of a certain person's presence in her life. Confidence, Echo!

Xanthee takes the meatball from Mal and bites into it with relish, closing her eyes and savouring the taste. "Oh that's amazing!" When Malosim says makes his cryptic remark about the dancing, she just smirks playfully, "Well then, I shall have to drag you to the dancefloor later then." she says with anticipation in her voice as she then turns her attention to the woman doing the intricate skin-painting and she cranes her neck to look. "No I don't think I have. It's beautiful. I wonder how long it lasts for.." she wonders out loud. Then her name is called and she looks up to see Reveka, a wide smile on her face, "Reveka! Looking gorgeous girl!" she offers with a wink, "You performing tonight?" Another sip of her drink.

OR IS THERE. Daenerys is just idly lounging like a cat plotting some mischief or other by the silks, drink in hand and long hair left loose down his back. Echo is noted, and remembered for her extraordinary shyness. Perhaps a familiar face will encourage the girl. But how to approach her without scaring the bejeebus out of her. Finally, he decides on the direct approach, and offers her a gentle, "Hello, Echo. It's rather a lot, isn't it?" His gesture takes in the crowds, the noise, the music — all of it.

Tallel will indeed wander willingly, and why wouldn't he, with Willimina on his arm? He watches where he's going, of course, but his eyes are all for his wife, and he's all about showing her off. It is her day, after all! He invites Lillia to come if she wishes but is more than fine with leaving their daughter to mingle with whom she pleases; she's certainly old enough now. He can't help a little worry that she might end up with some boys pestering her, looking as pretty as she does…and wonders at himself a little for that worry before letting it go.

Echo's eyes go wide as the gold firelizard perches on her shoulder, a private smile playing over her lips as she reaches up to offer it some scritches. When Daenerys is there suddenly she offers him a shy smile. "Well hello again. It is actually. But they are my people and I love them so I try to make an appearance at least." She eyes his drink idly, "I should go and get one of those."

Varli finishes with the young woman's other foot, and smiles at the woman's delight, "You'll need to sit here until that dries, then we'll wrap the design with a soft cloth. Let it dry completely, and flake off on its own. The design will darken for the first three days, then it will start to fade. Sooner if you bathe frequently," it's a good thing that most people don't want their feet painted. There's someone that Varli would like to speak with, but it can wait as she turns to a new customer who has chosen a series of highly stylized flowers to be painted onto the backs of her hands. Varli looks up at Xanthee's question, and smiles, "Depends. Some can last as long as two sevens, others not so long. It depends on how much you do that requires frequent hand washing," she's quick with her art, and the hands are getting a pair of soft cloth gloves slipped over them as the paste starts to dry.

"I promise I won't put up too much of a fight," Malosim teases, releasing Xanthee's hand so that he can slip his arm around her waist. He has a grin for Reveka as they're joined, and then the skin-painter is answering Xanthee's ponderings, which surprises him a bit; he hadn't thought they were close enough to be heard. Perhaps it's a Zingari thing, having uncanny hearing in crowds. "What's it called?" he wants to know. Calling it skin-painting in his head just doesn't sound quite so… elegant for what's being done.

Willimina is quite happy to be on Tallel's arm, greeting those who come up to her and those they pass. It's a happy day for the leader.

Lillia is happy to stay where she is, she can see a group of friends approaching. She waves her parents off with a smile and waits for her friends.

Agertha finds a place to sit and just watch the goings on for a bit. So the tea she's acquired is sipped, and enjoyed in relative peace. After all this is a Zingari parti.
Reveka nods. "Yup! Dancing two sets!" No contortion tonight. In fact, the drink she orders is water. "What are you two love avians up to tonight?

Varli has a small breather as there seems to be a lull in the people looking for her art, "Henna," she answers the question, her contra-alto voice carrying easily to the young man that asked. She's often been accused of having the hearing of a feline, then there's someone wanting a design on their back, and she leads the person into her yurt. Some things are just easier to do when the person is laying down, "Feel free to look at the patterns," they're all over her yurt with prices in a small book. If one looks each price has a number, and that number is to be found next to a design on the yurt. Clever? Nah, just good advertising.

Xanthee looks intrigued by the skin painting, and raises a brow appreciatively as her question is answered, nodding slightly, "Wow, that long huh? It's really pretty but I wash my hands too often at the tea room, it would probably fade pretty quickly." She says wistfully, shrugging her shoulders before turning back to her friend, sighing happily as Mal puts his arm around her, blushing a bit at Reveka's name for them, "Great! We'll be sure to watch. And I don't know," she gives a sideways glance up to her boyfriend, "Some drinks, some food, watch some performances, and then this one," she leans her head on Mal's shoulder to indicate who she is referring to, "Promised me a dance later." Her eyes sparkle mischievously at that as she takes another drink.

Timotin is moving quickly so Ziniel really should have stayed! Timo's quick in his work and rather efficient.

Ziniel is very close to just bolting from where her silks have been rigged up. Maybe she should take a step back? Or go find Timotin? Or maybe she'll just pull her rig down, and go hide? So unlike the girl to be so nervous, and she opts for going to find Timotin.

Daenerys grins wryly at Echo. "So stop looking so worried." He teases gently, then glances down at his drink. It's a very good pressing of the Zingari Red, his new favorite drink. Gallantly, he offers Echo his arm winking mischeviously in invitation. "Shall I escort you, my lady?" What? He's practicing his trader charm — all the better to bilk the unwary of their marks — all the better to hoard them against future need. Sweeping the crowd, he notes Xanthee, Reveka, and Malosim in a little knot, all chatting happily away together. "Meanwhile, looks like they're up to absolutely no good." Because, really, it's wise to be suspicious of any group Xanthee is part of. Sort of, anyway.

Tallel glances up at one point and thinks he might have glimpsed a familiar face, there and gone in the passing of so many others. He should hope Echo would at least come to wish Willimina a happy birthday, though all things considered, he wouldn't be surprised if she didn't. But he doesn't spy his cousin again and carries his gaze forward, spotting a couple of people responsible for a rather important part of the evening. He gives them a smile and nod, his free hand making a quick gesture with two fingers out of his wife's sight (hopefully). Those it's directed toward keep walking, though end up out of sight somewhere in the midst of the wagons not long after.

Looking down at Daenerys' arm and blushes slightly, but feels her head shake a little bit, "Thanks but, I'm kind of avoiding someone at the moment and I think I'll just stick over here. If nothing else, I've got a bottle back in my wagon." Her nice safe little wagon, all the way over there by the runner pens, about as far away as she could get from the evening festivitites. She looks longingly in it's direction with a little sigh. When she spies Tallel escorting Willa around and she knows she should really go up and say something to the Turnday girl, but she's much rather catch her alone.

"Henna," Malosim echos, giving an intrigued nod and filing that one away for later. "I think some of that would look amazing on you," he notes in an aside to Xanthee, adding, "and it doesn't look like it's restricted to your hands…" He grins mischievously and then makes certain he's including Reveka again. "At least one," he agrees about the dance, "and I think I've got one to spare for a friend, too, if you like at some point." He makes the offer with a little dip of his head, getting the impression that she just might not have anyone to punch her card at the moment.

Agertha stands as she finishes the tea, and begins to move through the crowd to see what there is to see. She's probably going to be heading back to her weyr before long, but she wants to try and get a dance in before that happens. The silks on their rig is given a mystified look, and then the rider's moving along.

Willimina is happily distracted and doesn't notice any shenanigans her husband might be up to. She's looking around and happy with the festivities thus far. "This is beautiful Tallel." She says, always amazed at how quickly and beautifully the Zingari can make up a party. And she's been part of it her whole life and it still amazes her.

Ziniel makes her way back to Timotin's wagon, and she hesitates before she gives a light knock. Maybe she's just stressing over nothing. Probably she's stressing over nothing, she'll hopefully talk to Timo and be able to calm her nerves enough to get through her performance without any mishaps. The outfit she has on is similar in style to her other outfit, only the coloring is different. Mostly the dominant Zingari color with the secondary as trim, where as her other outfit is the reverse. She really needs to get more clothes for performances.

Daenerys raises his eyebrows, but doesn't press the girl; it's not his business to insist on more socialization than she's comfortable with. "Hmm. I suppose here's a good place - you're not likely to be noticed over here." He tilts a look toward the wagons, then shifts his gaze back to Echo, thoughtful. Idly, he runs his blunt fingernails along his jawline, and considers carefully his next move. "Shall I covertly slither through the crowds? Or whatever?" Perhaps he should melt into the crowd and save the poor girl being noticed because she's standing next to the new boy.

Reveka takes a drink of her water before smiling brightly at Malosim for the dance offer. "I just may have to take you up on that, if you can keep up with me that is!" Ooo. someone has some of her cheekiness back! She nods when Malosim comments on the henna. "You really should get one Xan, but I have to go. I'll see you two later. And I'm holding you to that dance Mal!" And then she's off to her first set!

Xanthee considers the henna, blushing at the compliment from her boyfriend, and smiles wickedly at Malosim, "Oh the fun possibilities." she says with a giggle and a wink in his direction. "One? You mean at least two, one fast and one slow…" Her eyes take on a little smolder as she looks into his. Then he is offering a dance to Reveka and she nods her own encouragement, "Definitely, maybe you can give him some pointers Reveka." she says in jest, but then plies him with a tender kiss to show she is merely joking. And then she is laughing at Reveka before waving her off.

Timotin opens his wagon door letting out another dancer. he spies Ziniel and smiles. "Evening Ziniel, need a once over?" He cracks a grin and waves her inside, pins stuck in his shirt and his measuring rope around his neck.

Echo sighs as she pinches the bridge of her nose, feeling foolish for not just going ahead, for just letting herself enjoy the evening's festivities. She wanted to say yes, but she had such a ready-made excuse that it was second nature to use it. With a long sigh she looks at Daenerys and shrugs her shoulders. "I don't know. Do whatever you want." she says with no malice, just pre-occupation as she turns and looks in the direction of her wagon, the urge to just leave the party strong, as she takes a couple of steps in that direction before pausing. Ugh! That's old Echo, that's not who she is anymore. So she'll just stand over here and have a minor existensial crisis, nothing to see here folks.

The gold on Echo's shoulder rumbles in her ear. Confidence Echo, confidence!!!!

Tallel guides Willimina toward the fire where the tables are laden with gifts and food, grinning at the one bearing the former. "Looks like quite a trove, saikhan," he notes, and then looks up as a flurry of wondering gasps meet his ears. The gasps turn to applause and cheers as the two men they'd passed earlier appear along with a woman, all of them bearing the weight of a wide round platter bearing a truly unique-looking cake. It rises in three tiers, coated seamlessly in a glaze that somehow shine like a mirror, reflecting the nearby firelight. It looks black, so is most likely chocolate…but there are ripples of scarlet, orange, and gold that flare across the dark coating, looking impossibly like true flame. Flecks of gold dust the glaze in slashes, and scarlet lettering spells out the celebration of their leader. "Happy Turnday, my love," he murmurs once she's had a good look at it, turning him to her so that he can kiss her properly, all the onlookers be damned. Though they're all probably used to it by now.

Ziniel gives a nod, though what she's really looking for is someone that can calm her nerves. Perhaps because this is a performance specifically for Willimina? "Please?" she says as she steps inside, though the clothes fit well, "I think I need more outfits?" she only has two that she can wear during performances.

"Sure thing!" Malosim calls after Reveka with a grin, and then his attention is fully on Xanthee again, a face made at her insinuation that he needs pointers. "Ohhhh ye of little faith," he rumbles just before she bestows that kiss on him, and he pulls her closer, taking care about his drink. "More than two. Every slow dance that comes around belongs to us, love." Seems there won't be anyone spared from a display of lovey-doveyness from some quarter this evening!

Xanthee beams up at Mal, wrapping her free arm around his waist from the side, holding him close. "Well now I'm really looking forward to the dancing then." she sighs, just happy to be close to him as her emerald eyes sparkle as she looks in his eyes. "I love you." is said softly, for his ears only as she kisses him again, slow and deep. After a moment, she pulls back and takes a sip of her drink. Then the cake is brought out and presented to Willimina and she cranes to get a good look, "How gorgeous is that?" she exclaims, "I wonder if Elonoora can make a cake like that. I might have to go to Southern and talk to her." she ponders out loud, the wheels turning. Her own turnday is just around the corner, and she had been considering a small celebration of her own.

When the little gold rumbles in her ear, Echo can't help but laugh, reminding her so much of the gold's owner that a little blush blooms on her cheeks as she can feel herself relax, her urge to flee dampened as she changes her mind and walks back over to Daenerys with purpose. "Actually, I changed my mind. I'd love to do a round of the party with you. Maybe then I can get a drink." She says with a shy chuckle.

Willimina chuckles and looks at the gift table with a smile. "Indeed it does, though I already have everything I need." Her hand flutters down to her stomach. Learning she was with child had been one of the best early Turnday gifts she could have asked for. She smiles at Tallel and then the flurry of activity suddenly has her attention. Her eyes light up like a turnover tree when she sees the three tiered cake and it's fiery theme. It touches a spot deep in Willimina's heart because of the deep burning fire between she and Tallel, an eternal flame that will never snuff out. She blushes and smiles, applauding the artistic confectionery as is appropriate. Tallel's murmur receives a smile before she's being soundly kissed. Willimina responds with gusto, telling Tallel and everyone around just how much she likes the cake with a kiss. "Thank you Saikhan, the cake is beautiful."

Well in that case — Daenerys will again offer the girl his arm. "Then let us make the rounds." He waggles his brows playfully at her, amused at her blushing. One wonders what brings such a thing on, and mildly curious as to the gold hovering about her and seemingly offering encouragement to her. After a moment's walking, he decides to try and assuage his deepening curiosity: "Is she yours?" He's yet to see firelizards in her vicinity, but that means so little — his own are not always with him, deceitful little creatures.

Reveka makes her way through the crowd over to where the Zingari leader is receiving her cake. She joins hosts of others in whistling and catcalling the couple, applause made at the sight of such a happy event. She waits until all lusty returns are given before she approaches the leading pair and gives her best curtsy. "If it please the leaders, while you eat cake, the dancers have prepared a performance for the air of you." Reveka smiles most pleasantly and gives a bow of her head.

The little burnished gold upon Echo's shoulder eyes Daenerys, cuddling closer to Echo's neck with a low growl.

Ollene is near the leading couple when the cake is brought out. He stops to watch a bit of the festivities, sending his guard partner off to continue their rounds. Ollene's shift is near over and he'd like to see this part of things, if not anything else. He'll need some sleep at some point, but he's fresh enough for now. Tucking long locks behind his ears, he moves through the crowd to get a better look at the mirrored cake.

Tallel beams at Willimina's reception of the cake, though he'd had little doubt it would be received well. It's just a good, affirming feeling to know he made the right choice. He turns to offer the ones bearing the cake profuse gratitude, then takes up the knife that had accompanied it to cut into it. The inside is just as beautiful as the outside, layers of dark chocolate cake alternating with stripes of white vanilla cream and deeply red cherry cream, a thick layering of glazed cherries ensconced in the middle of it all. The first piece, of course, goes to his wife, then Lillia (if he can find her), and then he'll set aside a piece for himself before inviting one and all to come partake, the servers taking over to dish it all out. Then there's Reveka making her presentation to them, and he grins over at Willimina, indicating she should lead the way to wherever will provide them the best view.

About to slip her arm into Daenerys' proferred one, then the little gold growls on Echo's shoulder and the herder smiles inwardly for some strange reason. Waving off Daenerys' arm, she laughs a bit, "No, she belongs to..a friend. Maybe it best if I walk on my own, I wouldn't want to upset her. I still don't have any of my own, sadly." She says as she reaches up rubs the little queen's eyeridges soothingly. She heads off in the direction of wherever the nearest drinks are. "So have you had good trade lately?" That's usually a good conversation starter.

Malosim just lets the world around him and Xanthee disappear for a bit - quit a feat, considering how much of a spectacle Zingari parties are. But when he has a girlfriend who outdoes it all, how can he help it? The cake draws his attention, though, and he gives a low whistle. "I wonder how they do that," he says. "It really is amazing. Wanna go get in line for some?" He spies Reveka talking to Willimina and Tallel and points out what looks to be a waiting assemblage of dancers. "Looks like Reveka's about to perform, maybe."

Xanthee nods her head emphatically, "Yes please! You know how much I love cake!" she says with a suggestive purr in her voice when Reveka and the other dancers move closer and look about to start. "Ohh, let's move closer then, we can watch while we line up." She says as she steers them in that direction, arm around his waist subtly guiding him.

Lillia is definitely there for the cake! She pries herself from her knot of friends when the cake is presented to her mother. Like any teenager though, she looks wuite thoroughly embarrassed when her parents make a spectical of themselves. However, when Tallel begins cutting the cake, s he wanders up to her mother and gives a curtsy. "Hapy Turnday mama…" She begins, and then is echoed by her younger brother, who dashes up from behind them. Tai scoots over to his father's leg and tugs on his ant leg. Hey! Don't forget wee Tai!!!

Dancers all taken care of, Timotin moves into the crowd. He misses the presentation of the cake, but gets a decent enough view of it before it begins to be served. He waits for the rest to clear out before approching his cousin with a warm affectionate smile on his lips. "Hey cousin, Happy Turnday. Emei Ethel and I are going to take the kids for a couple of nights for you. You and Tallel should properly celibrate all this good news." He gives them both a scandelous wink and scoops Taliana right out of the nanny's arms. "Come here squirt!"

Willimina takes her cake from Tallel with a heated smile that promises a more proper thank you later. Reveka's offer is accepted with a brilliant smile. "That would be wonderful Reveka, thank you. We'll be seated at the main table momentarily." WIllimina bows her head back to the dancer before her attention is being taken up by her daughter, who receives a warm hug for her regards. "Thank you darling, I hope you enjoy the cake, is it not beautiful? Your papa did a good job commissioning it." Willimina hands her cake momentarily to Lillia when Taimin greets her and she bends down to shower affection on her middle child. "Thank you my little one. Are you having fun?" So many greetings, so many people! Willimina can't help but feel happy and warm and loved nestled in the bosom of her people. Timotin's offer and comment earn him a playful swat before he takes Tali in his arms. "Timo!" Willimina shakes her head and fully straightens and retrieves her cake from Lillia. "Shall we go sit at our table and watch the show then?" SHe then asks her family, nodding toward the head table.

Reveka smiles widely. "Excellent!" Reveka bows this time and turns to shoo the dancers to their places. "Timo! Put that adorable child down and grab your guitar! Come on!" She makes this comment as she passes Timotin and laughs after. He can cuddle babies later, for now, another gift for his cousin! Dance! Reveka is elated, filled with the nervous flutterings before a big performance, but there is excitment blooming too. "On your toes ladies! This must be perfect!"

Daenerys eyes the little gold right back. Uh huh, whatever. "Pff. Someone's jealous." He's amused by the creature's sudden posessiveness — "Am I gonna get a visit from whoever she looks to?" He raises his eyebrows briefly, but doesn't seem at all worried. He's got zero interest in fighting over girls. "Trade's been decent — people seem to like leather around here." So much so that the leatherman is beginning to wonder if his entire yurt will be taken over by the stuff, leaving him with no place to sleep.

Tallel can only give his trademark roguish grin in answer to that. "Was there ever any doubt?" he counters Timotin, reaching down to ruffle Taimin's hair before Willimina gets to him, taking that time to get a slice of cake for his son. "Make sure you have some fun yourself, Timo," he tells the big blond man with a wink before heading off to the main table to watch the dancers with his family.

And speaking of roguish grins, there's definitely another going on in response to Xanthee's professed love of cake. "Yeah, I'm kinda partial to it myself," Malosim rumbles in counter, and moves easily along with her to the line and a better view of the performance about to take place.

Ollene is definitely getting in line fore a piece of that cake! He shimmies his way in, thinking he'll grab a piece for his watch partner too. He's near the end of the line though….so it's iffy. Soft brown eyes look around for any familiar faces. None yet though, none at all. Oh well. CAKE!

When Daenerys mentions jealous, Echo looks at him with a puzzled but thoughtful look, "I don't think you have to worry about that." Echo says, but then wonders herself. Milosh doesn't strike her as a jealous man, possessive maybe, but jealous means something deeper surely. With a shake of her head, Echo clears those thoughts away for another time. "Oh look cake." And without waiting for Daenerys, the herder picks up the pace and makes a beeline in that direction.

Igraine is here and tired, she's been the crazy woman, planning her weyrmating and moving into A'lira's weyr as a main residence. She's still got her yurt on the grounds, but she's in it less and less these days, staying at the weyr and then coming back daily to see to her healing duties. She moves up to the leading family and gives a bow, a smile on her lips. "Happy turnday and many regards to you Willimina. I hope your day is as blessed as you are." She smiles at the leading family and then bows, taking her leave. No time to party tonight….she has her own cake tasting to do!

Jealous. Territorial. Possessive? Who knows??? The little gold remains firmly planted, whirling eyes fixated on Daenerys and little claws digging into Echo's shoulder in order to hang on. Echo's ttentions earn her a thrum of pleased contentment. Even the gold perks at the sound of cake. Oooooo, maybe she'll get some! Onward Ho! There is cake to be had hooman!

Willimina leads her family to the head table, grinning happily when Igraine stops to give her regards. Willimina bows her head in thanks and continues on, seating herself at the center seat of the head table. Lillia takes her place at her mother's right and Timo deposits Taliana in the nanny's lap that sits next to Lillia before running to grab his guitar. Taimin will sit next to his father, and happily eat cake whether or not there is a show to go with it.

Aztrexia is on watch duty tonight, along with some other adepts and a few guards. She watches keenly from the sidelines, keeping an eye out for those who might stir up trouble. It's been a relatively good evening thus far however, and well, Trexa can't say shhe's not glad for that. Perhaps she'll have an easy night tonight.

"Igraine! You'd better believe I'm going to come pester you later!" Tallel calls after the departing healer. Being Kheeriin herself, Igraine and Tallel have known each other a while, enough that he feels he can justifiably come around and poke her about her scarcity and weyrmating plans. He sits and contentedly gets after his own cake, making sure Taimin doesn't get messy as he waits for the dancing to start.

One would hope not — there are too may available girls about to bother trying to poach one who so obviously isn't. Daenerys simply ignores the fixated gold, and heads for the cake, though at a much slower pace than Echo. Perhaps it's that he's older, or is just more patient about these things, but he's certainly not going to try and fight his way through that crowd wanting to get a good taste of cake. Or perhaps he has some other, less obvious ideas in mind.

Oh look! More people coming for cake. Ollene eyes the line in front of him, and the cake is down almost two tiers. But, the bottom tier is a lot larger than he originally thought it to be. So, he might just get what he came for! And the people behind him too! It may seem silly to be this worried about cake. But seriously. Who doesn't like cake???

As they get into the line for the cake, Xanthee spies Daenerys heading towards their general direction, and she waves at him to try to catch his attention. "Daenerys!"

Lillia is quite happily into her cake at this point, while sharing bits of it with her younger sister while the nanny isn't looking. Both giggle when the Nanny looks back and Lillia goes back to looking innocent. Inundating her sister with chocolate??? She would never. Yeah right…

Malosim is trying to get a closer look at that impossible-looking glaze on the cake before it's completely mangled when Xanthee calls out for Daenerys. He looks the other man's way with a grin and a wave of his own. No doubt about where this particular pair is standing now!

Timotin is soon returning at a run with his guitar, his precious instrument held high as he approches the center fire. He plops down into a chair that's been set there for him and begins to tune the strings as the dancers get into place. It's not normal for Timotin to perform for the crowds, but it's his cousin's turnday and he can do no less for a woman who deserves no less.

Finding herself alone now since Daenerys dropped back, Echo doesn't seem to mind. She eyes where the servers are cutting the cake, but the line is kind of long. So instead, she decides, with one deep cleansing breath that she may as well get it over with. Heading over to the leaders' table, she stops in front of Willa and smiles shyly. "Happy Turnday Willa. This party is amazing, I'm really enjoying myself and I can't wait to try that cake." She flicks her eyes over to Tallel and offers a smile but doesn't speak to him. A little underhanded wave is offered at Lillia. She doesn't linger though, since there are so many well-wishers, so she bows her head slightly before making her retreat. She turns to look at the gold on her shoulder, "You'll have cake with me right?"

Reveka is stretching when Timotin returns. She stands upright and smiles at him as he begins to tune the strings of his guitar. Things are falling into place, but they won't begin the show until the fuss over the cake is over. So, she turns to see how the progress on that is going, and it seems to be going well.

One more set of well wishers approaches the leading table, a set of very familiar faces that have not been seen on the grounds in quite some time. S'ayde, with his family in tow, Moanna included. The pair look fresher than they have in months, and the twins have grown, having just turned a turn old each about a month ago. "Happy Turnday Willa!" S'ayde greets with as good a bow as he can do with his son on his hip. He grins widely, much happier these days since his family is reunited. "Yes, Happy Turnday Willa. Hopefully I'll be around to visit more now that S'ayde is done sending me off on island retreats." Moanna grins, making light of her time spent recouping from the birth of the twins. But she does indeed seem much healthier of mind and she has that island glow that being in Ista gives people. Her daughter, is a picture image of her mother and squeels happily. The pair give one more round of "Happy Turnday" before wandering off to enjoy the festivities as a family.

Oh, dear, he's been spotted! Daenerys alters his course to join the pair, eyeing them with his usual calm equanimity. "Hey. That cake, though…" That thing's fancy as fancy can be, and so oddly shiny that he can't even begin to understand how it was managed. Fortunately, he's not a cook, and doesn't have to know anything about it other than how great it'll taste. He'll likely be quite happy to have a slice of it get in his belleh when he gets a chance at a slice. ".. Xanthee, don't get yourself all sugar high tonight." He teases, winking playfully at Malosim.

Timotin begins strumming a warm up tune, to nimble his fingers and alert the crowd that something is about to happen. It's a light, speedy little tune that excites the nerves and makes well for grabbing people's attentions. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEsA9DiRn5w )

When Echo appears, Tallel finds himself glad that she'd gotten up the nerve to come out, even briefly. Her smile is returned with a dip of his head, the corner of his mouth quirking upward…but the emotion guiding those subtle expressions is rather inscrutable. At least he doesn't seem to go tense, so there's no risk of explosion at least. He does watch her retreat…and then there's suddenly a pair of familiar faces before them. If S'ayde weren't so child-encumbered, Tallel would reach out to shake the man's hand. "Good to see you both," he tells the greenriders, grinning as he takes in their children. Of all the things he'd never thought to see S'ayde with. He watches as the family moves off, inwardly guessing that Javid will likely not let them disappear without appearing to them at some point. He looks over at Willa, giving her hand a squeeze. "It seems so rare to see those two anymore," he notes. "See the power you have? Making them pop out of the woodwork."

Aztrexia doesn't want to miss out either, so she slips in line for a piece of cake too, eyes still hovering over the crowds watchfully. She can guard and eat cake too. Besides, it affords her the chance to see if the spylings on duty are in form. She makes a game of trying to spot them in the crowds, and if they're doing as they are supposed to be, she'll lose that game.

Smiling sweetly up at Daenerys, Xanthee giggles a little bit, "Who needs cake when I have the sweetest man on my arm?" she says with a saccrine tone as she stretches up to plant a firm kiss on her beau. But she has to pull away quickly because the line shifts and they are now at the front. Disentangling herself from Mal reluctantly, she takes a slice when one is offered her and she gives a smile of thanks, moving off a bit to allow Mal and Daenerys to get their portions, and when the music starts, finds an out of the way spot to stand and watch the performance.

Malosim can only chuckle, broad shoulders shrugging in the wake of Daen's tease. "I think we're both at risk," he says of the sugar high potential, gesturing to the cake. Between it and all the other goodies being bandied about, they'll all probably be up into the late candle marks of the third watch. Another grin precedes his return of Xanthee's kiss, and then, at last, it's time to get his cake! That acquired, he moves out of the way with her, waiting for Daen to join them if he wishes. Finally, the music starts in, and Mal peers over various heads to see the guitarist kicking things off. "That much closer to getting to dance," he leans close to Xanthee's ear to note, kissing her cheek before getting some cake into his mouth. "Faranth… This is as good as it looks."

Willimina gives Echo a near regal nod of the head when she appears to speak with her. "It's good to see you Echo, thank you." She gives Tallel's leg a reassuring squeeze under the table, hoping that someday things might be reconciled between the two. She begins to watch Echo move off, but then S'ayde and Moanna are appearing in front of them and she is quite genuinely shocked to see them both, and happily so. "It's so good to see you both out and about, I do hope you stay to visit after. Moanna darling you look positively radiant, perhaps Tallel and I should take a trip to Ista! PLease do enjoy the party, your children are beautiful." Children abound! And it's definitely an odd sight to see her ex-spymaster with a set of his own. Tallel's comment is answered with a radiant blush that blooms across Willa's cheeks. "I am glad to see them out, and they are old friends, I do hope this means an upturn in life for them." Because Willimina truly does care for them. Timo's music catches Willimina's ear and she smiles. "I think the dancing is about to start…"

Echo spies the familiar face of one of those she travelled here with. Aztrexia is given a nod as she moves up in the line waiting for her own chance at cake to come around. The gold on her shoulder isn't forgotten as she reaches up to give her some scritches as she sighs heavily, part of her wishing that Milosh were there. But after examining that thought, a blush rises into her cheeks a little bit and she distracts those thoughts with the music newly started.

Finally! Ollene hits the front of the cake line and receives his cake, and a peice for his shift-partner. He runs off to find his partner, a happy, goofy grin on his lips. The music doeesn't escape him, but he is still on duty for a little while at least. Too bad, he'd love to see the show.

Happy sighs escaping her lips, Xanthee closes her eyes in bliss when his lips touch her cheek. "I can't wait." she says with a little shiver of anticipation as she takes a bit of the cake as well, a small moan escaping her lips with the first bite. "Oh Faranth, that is divine." she says before consuming more of the delicious confection.

Of course the gold will eat cake with Echo! Her orders are to stay with this hooman, so whatever Echo does, gold Ana does! Look Echo! Ollene is gone! You're turn!

Reveka has her dancers in line now. And as Timo truly begins to play ((saucy music along the same lines)), Reveka and her fellow dancers begin moving in a complex, synchronised choreography that flashes and excites because every dancer is a color of the rainbow, so that they make a moving rush of color. It's a sight to do the Zingari proud, both in skill and in cultural essence.

Tallel is definitely bolstered by that little squeeze he feels from Willa. Someday, perhaps. Only time will tell. He nods to Willa's last, and then the sound of Timotin's guitar pulls his attention. "I think so!" he agrees, and looks to see if Taimin might want to come sit on his lap to watch. No such luck - the boy is still immersed in his cake, understandably, and so Tallel leaves him be to enjoy the spectacle of their dancers.

Daenerys will happily eat cake right now: he takes his slice, offering Willa her much-deserved well-wishes. When Xanthee and Malosim descend into cutesly behavior, he rolls his eyes skyward as though praying for patience, and decides now's a good time to go to his yurt. Away from the kissy-faces. "You two. Seriously, get a room…" But he's grinning a little — he's not upset, not really. And then he's off, possibly somewhere where he can watch the dancers.

No cake shenanigans for Malosim or Xanthee tonight; it's going straight into their mouths, too good to be spared for other purposes. Not to mention they probably shouldn't cause scandals. "We've got one," he informs Daenerys matter-of-factly, then returns a grin to the man as he departs. "See ya later, Daen." When the music picks ups and the dancing starts, he slips a hand around her waist to tug her over to a different vantage - a perch on a pair of barrels against a nearby wagon. "C'mon," he murmurs, "this oughta let us see everything."

Oh look, it's Echo's turn for the cake. She moves forward and nods her thanks. Managing to find a quiet spot at a nearby table, but with the dancers clearly in view, she watches them intently, taking a bite for herself before spearing a smaller piece and offering it to the gold on her shoulder at the end of her fork. "Here, you gotta try this, it's delicious. I hope Milosh doesn't mind me stuffing you with sugar." Echo says in her strange way of talking to critters as if they were people.

Xanthee giggle mischievously when Malosim takes up the teasing of her 'big brother' with her, her heart warming in her chest at just how much she loves this man. With a final wave to the departing Daenerys, trying hard not to be nosy and see if he seeks out any particular company, Xan lets herself be guided over to the barrels and as she hands her plate over to him briefly, hops up to settle herself on the barrel and then offers to take both plates herself so he can join her. Her eyes widen as the dance starts, always amazed at the talent of the Zingari, especially her friend Reveka.

Timotin looks as if he is thoroughly enjoying this, and he is. It had been fun working this surprise together withh Reveka, particularly because the girl had seemed to need the distarction it afforded. And looking at her now, it'd done her some good. Confident in the fact that the dancers are doig well being led by Reveka, TImo's eyes wander, wondering if he might spot a specific Reika woman in the crowd. His light eyes wander far in search, but soon enough, have to come back to focus when time to switch songs.

Gold Ana won't tell if Echo doesn't! She gobbles up the bit of cake offered with a purring rumble of thanks. But is there more?

Aztrexia reaches the front of the line having spotted two spylings along the way. She'll have to address that later. For now, she collects her cake. And then, as she takes her first step away, backs up for one more. She doesn't know where the SpyMaster himself is currently hiding, but she'll ferret him out for cake. And because she can.

The transition into the second dance goes smoothly and Reveka breathes a sigh of relief as she takes the lead yet again. She's very happy this is going well and is near drunk on the feeling. She couldn't have asked for things to go better and she hopes it makes a lovely gift for their leader, who seems to love dance with a passion that's rare to see.

Echo shrugs her shoulders a bit. Well if he objects, she is sure she will hear about it. That thought actually brings a little giggle out, but she quickly stifles it with another bite of cake, because really, who wants to be known as the girl who laughs seemingly at nothing? Not Echo. Fork is laden with a slightly bigger offering and then offered to the gold again, back and forth until the cake is done, all while watching the spectacle of the dancing in all it's glory.

Summoning by thought does seem to happen from time to time. There are several Reika among the revelers tonight, and Brenna, true to her desire to get out to these things more, is one of them. She remains on the periphery, blending in rather well since her garb is something she'd bought from Timotin. However, when the music starts, she began venturing closer to see who was responsible. She's a bit surprised to find that it's the weaver himself, considering he'd mentioned that he doesn't play in front of everyone almost ever. So if he happens to look up, he may just spy her across the way, smiling appreciatively at him in her almost enigmatic way…though she does watching the dancing, too. Mostly.

Lillia finishes with her cake, and takes pity on the Nanny, who very much looks like she would want some. She takes Taliana, who, despite the sugar, is falling asleep sitting up. Leaning over to Willimina, Lillia murmurs in her ear. "Mama, I'm going to take Tali to bed, she's falling asleep sitting up, poor thing. Please excuse us both." And being the ever attentive big sister, she stands and takes Taliana on over to Timo's wagon, where she'll ut the girl to bed and sit with her until she falls asleep and can be watched over by a nanny.

"Thank you, davaga," Tallel murmurs as Lillia takes her little sister off to bed, patting her arm as she passes. He settles in a again to watch the dancing, slipping and arm around Willimina as he does so and reaching over to tousle Taimin's hair again. That's a favorite, apparently. "Reveka has done fine work with them," he murmurs to his wife, leaning close to speak at her ear over the music and murmuring.

Cake is traded around, and Malosim is soon on his perch with Xanthee, and arm going around her once his cake is finished. "So, I can't dance like that," he pipes up near her ear after a time, feigning an apologetic tone that completely contradicts his grin. "Just to give you fair warning." But that doesn't mean he doesn't have moves, of course.

Willimina is amongst those who applaud during the transition phase of the dances. Lillia's kind gesture is noted and she smiles at her daughter as Tallel thanks her. On many more ways than not, Lillia is a good and responsible daughter. Willimina can't ask for much more really, and it makes her wonder if she should rethink her position regarding her daughter's desires. Tallel's comment on the dancers has Willimina nodding. "Aye, she's in fine form with them. Perhaps I should leave the dancers in her care when I finally get too fat and wobbly to dance anymore." The offer about Reveka is serious, the rest is all joke.

Xanthee puts aside her empty plate Mal's and lets herself snuggle in close to him, chin resting on his shoulder. When he speaks in her ear, she gives him a sidelong look, eyes narrowing with suspicion over his tone and the contradicting grin. "You keep teasing me like that, I'll haul you onto that dance floor right now so you can show me exactly what you can do." She giggles good-naturedly and turns so that she can give him another kiss, long and lingering, the music and festive atmosphere, combined with his close proximity is giving her a heady feeling even though she is only one drink down.

As the third song begins, Reveka raises her hands to the crowd, wiggling her fingers in a come hither way. Time for group dancing and the real start to the party. "Come on people, show us how you move!" She calls to the crowd, smile wide as she leads a line of people in dance. She's pleased to see when the other musicians finall join Timo and the music dances through the encampment like a heartbeat. "Come on ladies! We wouldn't have 'em if someone didn't want us to shake 'em! Come on now!" She gets the dance floor moving and then moves up to bow to the leaders. "Happy Turnday Willa!" She calls before moving off into the crowd to find a drink!

"I have yet to see you get wobbly when you're with child, saikhan," Tallel returns teasingly, "but I agree. She seems very capable and focused for one so young." Then the third set begins, and his roguish grin returns as he rises, gesturing to one of the nannies stationed nearby. With Taimin starting to nod off, it's pretty clear what needs to happen now! Tallel leans down to kiss his son on the head, picking him up and holding him for Willa to do the same before passing Tai off to the nanny. Then he holds his hand out for Willa. "Let's go put them all to shame now, shall we, my love?"

Malosim gets in one good, mischievous chuckle before he's being pulled right back into his favorite pastime, ending up a bit breathless when his lips part from Xanthee's. "Are we, uh…even gonna make it to the dance floor?" he asks impishly. Then the music changes, and the call for everyone to join is being lifted. He slips off the barrel and lifts Xanthee down after him, grinning. "Yeah we are," he decides, and eagerly takes her hand to pull her out into the crowd with him.

Brenna is rather…caught by that grin that Timotin gives her, and the wink that follows. She'd seen the grin before and liked it very much, but it hadn't quite been like that. Well, then! Perhaps she has hope after all! And if he ends up with a break at some point tonight, she'll certain be tracking the weaver down.

"Yeah we are." Xanthee echos as she is being lifted down by those strong arms of his, so eager to get them to the dancing, Xan thinks she might be in for a treat as they make a mad dash for the dance floor, giggling as she gladly gets pulled along.

Timotin doesn't need to be trackeed down. The second another guitarist joins in on things, Timo is handing off the torch so to speak. He leaves his guitar with the musicians, knowing no harm will come of it, and moves up to Brenna. "Care for a dance?" Blue eyes are alight with the festive air around them as he bends to kiss her hand.

Willimina kisses her son goodnight and stands, hand going confidently into her husband's hand. He gets a smile for his comments, but his question gets a fiery glance from his dance loving wife. "With pleasure husband." She gives him a saucy grin and follows him to the dance floor, light hearted laughter on her lips.

There has never been a happier firelizard….ever. Gold Ana is quite stuffed with sugary goodness. There's a moment, after they are done eating cake, where the gold disappears. She's not gone long, returning to Echo with a note attatched. Meet me later. And stop feeding Anastasia cake. She'll get fat. You look beautiful.

Caught a bit off guard that Timotin finds her so quickly after finishing, Brenna gives a breathless little laugh. "I…would," she replies, her cheeks flushing faintly at the kiss to her hand. "I'll warn you, though, I'm a little rusty." Not that that is going to stop her, oh no! She may be wondering at the weaver's sudden decisiveness, but she isn't going to complain one bit, her night now officially made.

While Malosim is no Zingari dancer, as he already pointed out, he does know how to hold his own and will spend the rest of the night showing Xanthee exactly what that entails. He keeps up well through the faster sets they decide to go through…and more than keeps up in the slow, quite content to keep her in his arms until, at last, the call of a comfortable bed proves far more enticing than continuing to dance. He's found his second-favorite pastime now, he's quite sure.

Puzzled when the gold disappears, Echo shrugs and seeing the dancing starting that's a big no from this girl. She is just gathering up the dirty dishes when Ana is back and she reads the note for her, a soft smile spreading over her lips, a warming feeling in her chest as she looks down at the gold. "Sorry, I got my orders." And then she is off towards her wagon, a few things to do before she does indeed meet him later.

As is typical of a Zingari party, it goes well into the night, not that the Zingari didn't warn their neigbors. It inevitably becomes one of the best days in Willimina's life. And after the events of the last three or so turns, it's something the leader of the Zingari finds she needed, very much. It is a powerful feeling, being swept up in the love and bosom of the people you lead, of seeing friends old and new come to celibrate a special day with you. And that night, in the wee hours of the morning, Willimina falls asleep tangled in the limbs of her cherished husband and sleeps more soundly than she has in a very, very long time. And she dreams of all the happy faces she's seen this evening. It's a perfect end, to a perfect day. Immortalized in memory, forever cherished.

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