H'rik, Xanthee


H'rik and Xanthee catch up over Wingleader-type work. Which gets ignored in favour of chatting for a while.


It is midmorning of the fourth day of the eighth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Archives, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 25 Nov 2018 00:00


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A remarkable legacy for those with the eyes to appreciate it, Igen's Archives are modest, in proportion to the weyr's similarly modest status; but though they be small, the room itself is mighty, with grandiose portent to the high, vaulted arches. These walls hold many treasures past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. The meticulous task of re-scribing old records is continually ongoing, with faded and disued hides replaced on a daily basis. The chairs and off-kilter tables seem to be heritage of a time long past, not in line with the rest of the vision of this room; but in all weyrs are budgets, and perhaps you've found one of Igen's budget cuts.

Midmorning and, with the sandstorm raging over Igen Weyr, drills and any outside training has been cancelled for the weyrlings. But there's always things to do, especially if you are the Weyrling Wingleader. Xanthee is wearing her shiny new knot over her simple weyrling uniform of yellow tunic over black pants and she's ensconced herself into a corner of the archives with a stack of old records in front of her. On various shelves and even the table top, her fair of five are dozing, golden Selkie curled up under one arm, her little head resting on the back of Xan's hand as the greenling absorbs the writing in front of her, squinting slightly with shoulders slumped forward.

The archives are a frequent haunt of H'rik's, so it's no surprise when he enters, pushing the door open as quietly as he can. Even then, the hinges squeak, and he winces as he steps inside. A mental note is probably made about checking on the oiling of doors around the inner caverns. His attention is caught by Xanthee's presence, tucked away in that corner. The complexity of her knot is visible across the not overly large distance in the modest room, though the man doesn't look surprised. Either word travels fast, or he's got some Whirlwind riders keeping an eye on the Weyrlings and reporting back to him. It's in the greenling's direction that he heads, a warm smile in place. "Morning, Weyrling," he greets her, though it's a shelf near her table that he's examining, peeking at Xanthee out of the corner of his eyes as he hunts down what he's looking for.

The creak of the door has five variously colored heads lifting and turning in the direction of the door, Xanthee herself vaguely acknowleging it with tilt of her head head, but she doesn't lift her eyes from the hides in front of her. She's not completely unawares of someone moving around in her periphery, so when H'rik talks, she blinks a moment before finally lifting her gaze to the Weyrleader, "Morning Weyrleader!" She greets, sitting up straighter and popping off a pretty good salute. Now that she's upright though, her shoulders are protesting her inactivity and she takes a moment to stretch each arm across her chest and over her head. "Storm still raging out there?" Xan must have been here a while if she's asking that question.

H'rik is quite used to being watched by fire-lizards. Nothing can ever be more terrifying than having an entire Weyr waiting on you for Threadfall orders, after all. He's busy riffling through the hides on the shelf anyway, finally finding the ones he wants and easing them out from between their neighbours. Now he'll turn to properly face Xanthee, returning her salute far more casually. "Oh, yeah. I finally feel dry after drills, so I figure it's time to hide inside and away from it for a while. Mind if I join you?" He inclines his head towards her table.

"Not at all, please do." Xanthee replies with a wave to the empty seats at the table, offering him whichever he wants. She moves her own records aside to make room for him before settling back over what she was reading with a soft sigh, eyes searching for her place on the page. After only a few moments though distraction seems to be getting the better of her as she looks back up at H'rik, curiosity etched into her features. "Sir? If you're not too busy, can I ask you something?"

H'rik seems interested in what Xanthee's doing. She's got more items out than he has, so quite naturally he's intrigued. But he says nothing for now, instead getting himself settled in a chair opposite her and getting his hides arranged on the table how he wants. That's very important before one starts working, after all. "Hm?" Xanthee's question catches him by surprise - he was peering at the tiny handwriting on the first hide. "Not at all - what is it?"

Xanthee clears her throat a little bit as she crosses her arms ontop of the hide in front of her and leans forward slightly. "Well, I was talking to the Weyrlingmaster the other day, and she mentioned that since Liowyth is on track to be a very big green, and that she might even be able to fly in a high level wing, like Whirlwind. But that's rare right? That a green would be tapped for a high level wing…" She doesn't seem concerned one way or the other, just curious as to what his answer may be.

There seems to be a sense of relief in H'rik when Xanthee's question is asked, and it's…not what he was anticipating, perhaps? There's an easy smile as he considers it. "Well, it is certainly a harder time for the smaller chromatics. But we need them there as much as we need the bronzes and browns for their heavier flame - we need the more agile dragons for flexibility. At least, so I've been led to belief. Maybe some former Weyrleaders have treated the Wing differently." His smile is almost apologetic, as if for those green and blueriders who have endured under less progressive leaders. "And we've a few in the current roster, if you wanted me to ask one to come by for a chat?" Is he angling at coercing Xanthee over to the dark side Wing?

Xanthee tilts her head to one side as she listens intently to H'rik, making small noises of understanding even as she nods at certain points. "Hmmm, interesting. Sure. Send them along sometime." Oh Xan is most definitely coerceable, impressionably weyrling that she is. Her voice does drop a little then, taking on a more reflective tone. "Being in the heaviest parts of fall though, that must mean more risk, right? More chances of getting hurt?" She doesn't come off scared though, or even apprehensive as she searches his face with her emerald gaze, just looking for all the facts.

H'rik gives a nod, a non-verbal acknowledgement that he'll get someone to come find Xanthee. She's not holding back from the tough questions about Whirlwind life though, huh? "It is," he says carefully, looking at her as if determining how much to tell her. "I won't lie that I work Whirlwind hard. But it's one of the riskiest Wings to fly in, so it's me trying to make sure people are at the top of their game. All it takes is a moment's hesitation to - well." He'll leave the consequence unsaid; no doubt Xanthee can fill in what he's implying. He meets her gaze, his blue eyes calm, but serious.

Xanthee nods thoughtfully along with H'rik's words, face nearly inscrutible when he leaves certain things unsaid. "You'd have to…work them hard I mean. I'm starting to learn that all wingleaders aren't hard on their riders for their own amusement. It's a sharding lot of responsibility, trying to make sure everyone gets home safely." She manages before taking a deep breath and exhaling though pursed lips.

With an amused twist of his lips, H'rik confirms Xanthee's new knowledge. "Yup. I started off trying to be a friend as much as a leader, but…yeah." He seems to be getting more uncomfortable talking about himself, so it's time for a deflection! "How are you enjoying Wingleading? Got anyone sassing back at you yet?" He sounds almost big brotherly, as if he'd dare anyone to talk back to his friend and former fellow candidate.

"Yeah, I can see already that it's not an easy job to hold," Xanthee replies with a weak smile, even though she hasn't had any major injuries or losses since taking up her knot, it's only been a few sevens. She has months yet till graduations. His next question has her grinning a little brighter, as she shakes her head, "Ummm..no actually. No one seems to have any problem with my promotion." As far as the greenling knows that is, there's could totally be some disgruntled members in her ranks, but she's not gotten wind of it.

H'rik says nothing more of it being a hard job. He knows that, and Xanthee is coming to realise just what being a Wingleader entails, even in the bubble of Weyrlinghood. "Glad to hear it." He comments instead on the matter of people talking back, his smile softer now. He fiddles with the hide in front of him, rubbing one corner of it idly. "You've got - Zetali and J'aun as your Wingseconds, right? They both seem pretty sensible types?" He doesn't know huge amounts about the Weyrlings, despite what information has been fed back to him but his willing eyes and ears.

"They are both great, crafters before Search, so they've discipline enough," Xanthee remarks on her Wingseconds, "And yes, sensible too. I was glad to hear they were going to be working with me. I've gotten to know them both from Candidacy, and even though they're both hold-bred, they seem to be coming over to weyr life just fine." That's probably a little more than H'rik asks, but Xan can be a little extra chatty at times.

H'rik is relaxing more now that the talk is off Threadfall, and the more depressing stuff that comes with it. "Oh yeah? Good to hear it. Some people never do seem to get used to the differences, which, uh. Well. That's the way it is, I guess." Talking to Xanthee is infinitely more interesting than doing what he came here to do, so although he's fiddling with the hides before him, he's not actually paying them proper attention. "Oh - and you guys are in your own weyrs now. How's that? They didn't try and make you take that weyr that's got the dripping water at the back, did they?" He has fond memories of his alarm when he was shown that particular weyr as an option!

Maybe Xanthee needed a break as well, cause she sinks back into her chair now, rolling her neck araound a bit to get the kinks out. After several audible pops can be heard, she sighs with relief and smiles in H'rik's direction. At talk of the dripping weyr, Xanthee chuckles but shakes her head. "I was able to convince the powers that be to set me up in a nice Lake shore weyr, completely accessible to non-riders and riders alike," she explains coyly as she taps a finger coyly on the edge of the table. "Had to pull in some favors and do some begging to make that happen, but being the former assistant to the junior weyrwoman comes with perks." And Xanthee will shamelessly admit to using her former position to get her the home she wanted, no shame at all.

There're a couple of surprised blinks at the popping that comes from Xanthee's neck. Impressive! He pushes himself back into his chair some more, seeking out the support of the back to stop him from slouching. "Ahh." He gets what Xanthee means and offers up a knowing grin in reply. "Hey, sometimes you have to use the connections you have. I sometimes think the only reason they didn't shove me towards a weyr with mould problems or something was the fact they want to keep bronze riders happy." He gives a little shrug. There are a number of extra advantages to Wendryth being shiny! "I hear those weyrs are nice - not had much need for them myself. Then again, I can't complain with being set up in the Weyrleader's weyr."

"We've settled in nicely, Liowyth loves to be right where all the action is," Xanthee relays with a smile as she tucks a loose strand of raven hair behind her ear. "It's feeling more like home with each day that passes. Not that we spend a whole lot of time there as it is, with training and drills, I can barely keep my eyes open by the time I stumble in at the end of the day," Her complaint is light-hearted though, a sense of fullfillment radiating off her with a contented sigh.

H'rik's smile is verging on a laugh, his eyes bright as Xanthee talks about her new home. "That doesn't change too much once you graduate, I've gotta give the hard truth about that." His tone is light-hearted though, and he continues: "but you will find more time to spend there. I didn't really get mine in shape for ages, until I found time to go get some better furniture. Then it started feeling more like mine, you know?" He's watching Xanthee with a pleased, happy expression.

"I'm not expecting it to change much, but I'm fine with that. Keeping busy is how I like to be." Xanthee confesses with a crooked grin before nodding along with his next. "Well I'm getting some help. Mal, my boyfriend, has moved in now, so he's been a great help in setting up everything. And it's a good thing that he's there too, or I don't know when I'd be able to squeeze in seeing him." She jests, obvious by the bright smile on her lips. "I think he's the main reason it's felt like home so quickly. What's the old adage? Home is where the heart is?"

"Ahh, handy." H'rik looks pleased that Xanthee has the home situation sorted out. There's maybe a flicker of something else in his face, but he manages to keep it subdued to a twitch at one corner of his lips. "So they say! I think I'm finally feeling my weyr's home, now. Taken long enough, I guess. Not that I spend too much time in it - like you said." There's a wry smile at that. With a quiet sigh, an exhale of gentle exasperation, he looks down at his hides. "Always something to be doing."

Wondering idly at the flicker of something else, Xanthee doesn't inquire, although she does ponder what it could possibly mean. "Well so it should, you've been Weyrleader long enough, and hopefully for some time to come." She adds with a soft smile. As he mentions there's always more to do, Xan nods emphatically with a sigh, "Don't I know it. I should probably be going actually, there's always more things to do, and just cause that sand storm's raging, doesn't mean it doesn't still need doing." Slipping off her chair, she starts to gather the records she'd pulled into an orderly pile.

"That seems to be up to Zsaviranth - seems she's not sick of me or Wendryth yet," H'rik does return Xanthee's smile though, a fairly reserved expression. Yes, Weyrleadership. One of only two ranks where one tends to be thrust into it rather than hand-picked. Such is Weyr life, though. He gives a nod of acceptance when Xanthee mentions having to go, aiming a long-suffering look at his own work. "If sandstorms stopped us getting on with things, Igen'd grind to a halt," he says with amusement. "Have a good day - and don't work too hard." There's a twinkle in his eyes as he tacks on that half-joking comment.

"And why would she? When the pair of you are so charming," Xanthee teases in a friendly manner before heading off to put her records back on their shelf. Once done, she turns towards him with a final salute, "Same to you Weyrleader." Before she turns on her heel and strides purposefully towards the door, her fair rousing and following after in her wake.

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