Amani, Taurie


Amani and Taurie are both doing business in the Living Caverns and Taurie is reminded how rewarding it can be when one takes a chance.


-- On Pern --
It is 9:31 AM where you are.
It is midmorning of the nineteenth day of the seventh month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the seventy-ninth day of Summer and 109 degrees. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Rukbat bakes the desert. Temperatures soar.
In Southern:
It is the seventy-ninth day of Winter and 37 degrees. Partly cloudy, the storm seems to be mostly gone with only the occasional short falls of rain painting the ground.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the seventy-ninth day of Winter and 0 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Southern Weyr, Living Caverns

OOC Date 20 Nov 2018 07:00


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"Good morning ladies and gentlemen."


Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in a naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophobia. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about, candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next to the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the Weyr's youngest. The rich blue of the Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

There's a break in the clouds and sunlight, glorious sunlight to be found today! But it's a little too nippy out to thoroughly enjoy it. Therefore, Amani is inside, settled at the end of the head table with a fresh mug of klah and some fruit and cheese and bubbly pies to go with her hidework. Almost like a second breakfast…or a late one. She's certainly eating like she forgot about having the meal earlier in the day. The young Senior Weyrwoman seems in good spirits despite having her eyes on hides, at ease with her fair of firelizards perched and draped at various points around her.

Today seems like a day for business indoors, and like the Weyrwoman, Taurie has decided to bring hers to the living caverns. Followed by an entourage of merchants from the boardwalk, and a few visiting from Ista, they take a table very near the head table itself. Taurie waits for the men and women to gather food and drink while placing out maps of the shipping lanes and rosters for the crews.

Once they're all seated, Taurie begins. "Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I want to thank you for coming today to discuss next turn's business. With the contracts renegotiated, it's about time we decide which shipping lanes will be carrying what and what the crew assignments will be. For those of you who are based here in Southern, I'll need to get your shipping orders for the first quarter. Now, for those of you interested in silk, this will be the only ship carrying it this turn…" Taurie points to a name on a roster and then to the outlined course of it's travel. She continues on, those seated with her listening intently.

Though embroiled in her own business, the arrival of the small entourage of merchants does catch Amani's attention. That the one presiding over them is a young woman also draws her curiosity. Half an ear is given to the proceedings there, but she's mostly still focused on her hides. Now and again, she sets down her stylus in favor of some food, a keen klah-brown gaze flickering over the table of merchants before she gets back to it.

"Do we have a lane open for items from Igen Weyr? There seems to be an increase in orders from that region as of late." The question stems from the lips of a Southern woman with pinched features and permanent resting bugger face.

"Aye, there is." Taurie responds, pointing to a ship ordered to make round trips from the Northern Continent. "The custom orders have been such a hit that Runie has assigned two ships specifically for them. There'll be no worries about back orders this next turn should everything run smoothly. Now…as for the risk of piracy, what are we doing to secure our ships against it?" Taurie lifts a brow as two men from Ista pipe up about protections for their products. She listens until they finish and gives her replies.

Soon enough however, it is definitely time for a break and the group disperses to grab more food and drink and to stretch their limbs. Taurie joins them, moving to the sideboard that hosts the klah and pours herself a large cup of it, her eyes glazed as she works out plans and calculations in her head.

Still listening without seeming to listen, Amani continues on, interest piqued at the mention of Igen, then piracy. Then it occurs to her that, considering the season, the entire affair is an interesting thing to be overhearing, and she decides it's a good time to stretch her own limbs. She rises and does just that, eyeing her klah mug and deciding that a refill wouldn't be remiss. Her pace toward the klah is easy, greetings returned as she passes through the milling merchants and the others who are coming and going to warm themselves and fill their bellies. It's the young woman who convened them that she moves toward, however. The klah pitcher is lifted and tilted to her mug as she clears her throat softly. "So the winter months are used to plan so far ahead?" she asks, her tone easy. "Some things are predictable enough for that, in trade?"

It takes a moment for Amani's words to sink in, but they eventually do and Taurie turns towards the Weyrwoman with her blue eyed gaze and flaunts a wide, friendly smile. "Good morning Weyrwoman Amani." Seems Taurie at least knows who Amani is, but, that's sort of her job when it comes to the other side of her father's business, which is knowing who to rub elbows with and who might offer something worthwhile. A Sr Weyrwoman is definitely someone to get to know. "Aye." She looks back at the table and the milling Merchants. "We plan far ahead, with caveats for if something goes a way which is unintended. It doesn't always work out, but it helps in the long run. And it helps that I keep myself abreast of what is needed, where, and how fast we can get it there." She sips at her klah and offers a hand in greeting. "I'm Taurie, Istan Merchant and heir to my father's wide network of ships. Though, at this point, I should probably replace Ista with Southern. I've recently made this my home base. Is shipping something you're interested in ma'am?"

"Well met, Taurie," Amani returns with a little dip of her head, setting the klah pitcher back in place and giving the merchant woman her full attention. "I'm interested in shipping in that it's wise for me to know who's coming and going from our docks. It's something I work with the harbormaster about, and I touch base with the Seacraft, which is usually how I wind up coming face to face with any of the sea-bound merchants. Which I have to admit I don't do enough of." Not that she has much choice! "Trade seems to be something that flows rather smoothly for us. It isn't something I've had to look in on much."

Taurie chuckles. "That you are as invested speaks to your commitment to your weyr. It's an admirable trait Weyrwoman Amani. Your time is tightly packed and that you find time at all to see to your merchants is a good thing, and I'm glad to hear trade moves smoothly for you. It means the other Merchants here and I do our jobs well. Though you may recognize my father's name more than mine when it comes to the goods shipped here from our ships. Runie of Ista. I only see to it that the hidework remains true and in order for the time being, and I am my father's business ambassador. His face to the outside world when he needs remain in Ista. It's probably a good thing we've met just now, it would probably need to happen at some point anyway. I believe I dealt mainly with Weyrwoman Mayte when I arrived." Taurie may be talking a bit more than normal, she always gets nervous around the head honchos of any weyr.

Amani folds her arms upon her chest as she listens to Taurie, mindful of her klah as she does so. There's a little nod when she mentions her father. A faint smirk lingers upon her lips as the other woman continues on. "It's alright to breathe," she informs Taurie, unable to resist teasing just a little. "Did your father teach you the business himself, or have you been Harper-trained?" It isn't often a woman is seen in Taurie's position after all…or so the Weyrwoman's experience has been thus far.

Taurie blushes when Amani teases and clears her throat. "Sorry." She sips her klah before she answers the weyrwoman's query. "My father trained me himself. He has no other heir to carry on for him." Taurie is an only child, though she's grateful for that, she loves her place in her father's business. "I have also had a full education, Harper tutors were always about our quarters."

"Well it's all come together well. You're very well-spoken, clearly quite organized…" Amani smiles warmly and takes a sip of her klah. "I look forward to talking business with you more, when you're not otherwise occupied. I'll leave you to it, unless there's anything you have to bring to my attention." Always allowing for the possibility, of course.

Taurie waves the notion that she is needing to get back to things. "It will be a time before we regroup. Some of them have had long journeys and wish to relax." Another sip of her klah and she looks back to Amani. "I hear you are from the desert?" She asks of a sudden. "I wonder if you might have an interest in what gets shipped here from there? One of your brownriders took quite an interest in the custom orders I've been taking, she seems to have a lot of whiskey imported…and she's quite specific about where it's made."

Amani nods to Taurie's first question, then winds up both surprised and amused by what follows. "That would be Evka," she notes atop a chuckle. "Which means she's after a steady supply of the Zingari whiskey. The Zingari trade caravan, out of Igen Weyr. We're both from them - Evka by blood, and me by adoption," she explains. "So you might say I have a vested interest in any dealings with them. I visit whenever I can and make my own purchases, as does she, but if Willimina would be interested in establishing a trade line with Southern in earnest…" She gives a tilt of her head, a sidelong nod of approval. "It would be beneficial all around. Though the Zingari don't take to ships themselves, so. There would need to be a trusted middle man to bring their goods across the ocean and back."

Taurie gives an audible "Ah, yes!" when Amani mentions Evka's name. "I remember that now, she also orders a lot of fabric from the same caravan. It's nice that you have someone of your own people around, I hear the Zingari are quite the tight-knit group." As for the rest, Taurie grins. "It has been interesting communicating with their leader through firelizard messaging. She does seem interested in the trade." The comment on the ocean has Taurie's eyes lifting. "Why on Pern would they not take ships?" This concept is foreign to Taurie, who's spent a great deal of her life traveling by ship.

It pleases Amani immensely to know that there are further connections being made with the caravan she considers her family. The question about their lack of sea travel isn't unexpected, though it is taken with a slightly tilted smile. "Well…the Zingari have been superstitious about it for a very long time," she explains. "Sort of the same way the wildlings here have been superstitious about the Weyr and dragons. The Zingari have never been to the Southern continent as a group. They've always been land-bound. It's a hard tradition to move beyond."

Taurie takes all this in with an understanding nod. "I see, well, now I know. And knowing is half the battle." She chuckles. "It will be interesting negotiating with the Leader when I go to negotiate in a seven or so. Shall I send your regards? Or is there anything you need ferried there? I could take it for you." Making herself useful is a trait Taurie prides herself on, and finding something to fill her free time would be nice.

"Please do," Amani says to the prospect of having her regards passed along. "And be sure to visit with the caravans crafters. I think you'll be impressed with what you find." As for whether or not she needs anything else taken, she shakes her head, regaining her focus on Taurie. "I can't think of anything I need sent along, but I'll let you know if that changes."

Taurie grins and nods. "Fantastic, you can contact me anytime Weyrwoman." Her grin turns into a bright smile and she seems content to sip her klah for a moment, looking thoughtful. Her eyes land on the head table and the work Amani left behind. Always a woman of opportunity, an idea strikes Taurie and she looks calculative for a moment before raising a finger. "A thought, Weyrwoman. I notice you've quite the pile of hides over there at your table." She waves at the table and continues. "This planning session will be our last until just before spring, and I'll find I have quite a lot of time on my hands. And even during peak season, I'm efficient enough that I still have plenty of time to spare. You wouldn't be in need of an assistant would you? I'm a pro at hidework and proper records and records keeping is a sort of passion of mine. There's a reason I balance my father's hides and books for him."

The offer surprises Amani into a few quick blinks. "As a matter of fact…I am," she replies, and then chuckles a bit. "I've been trying to find someone suitable when I have a moment. And willing, which is the biggest thing aside from finding someone I can trust." She considers Taurie with a tilted regard for a long moment. "You said you've just decided to make Southern your 'home base'," the Weyrwoman observes. "In the amount of time you've been here, what have you picked up as far as what it might take to have a good handle on the way a Weyr runs outside of Threadfall?"

Taurie nods. "Aye, though the decision was recent, I've been here a good couple of turns now." Amani's question is a good one and Taurie stands thoughtful for a moment. "Well, you've said trade flows easily here, which is a side I know quite well. But it seems as though this Weyr runs a tight ship, I don't know what your tithes look like, but it seems Southern is prosperous enough. I've noticed diplomacy is important, it seems there's a tentative peace with your wildling neighbors. I've yet to meet one in person, but I'm sure it's a delicate thing, treating with them. I understand that running a weyr involves a great deal of hidework, time and energy. I might not know all the nitty-gritty details, I'm neither a dragonrider nor a headwoman, but I learn fast and I work even faster."

"Tithes are important, but a bit different from the Northern Weyrs, since we're a bit more self-sufficient," Amani points out. "Diplomacy is always key, especially with some of the holdings hoping to expand. But no matter how smoothly some things may run, the hidework never stops." Which goes hand in hand with why many things run so smoothly. The flow of hidework is often like the grease to the axles. A deep, quiet breath is taken and released. "If you're certain it isn't going to interfere with your duties as a merchant," she says finally, "I'm willing to see how we work together, Taurie. A trial period first, for a month or two, so that we get a feel for one another and you have a chance to learn the ins and outs of how things work here."

Beaming, Taurie nods. "Fair enough. A trial period it is then." She holds out her hand for a hand shake. She feels triumphant, and is eager for something new to set her mind to. She's more than confidant she can handle this on top of her other duties. "I won't let you down miss, promise."

Amani returns Taurie's handshake firmly, giving the merchant woman a nod. However, the way she's addressed makes her wince a little bit, her nose wrinkling a little despite her obvious amusement. "Faranth, don't call me 'miss.'" Especially since they seem to be of an age, or rather close, at least. "Weyrwoman will do…or ma'am if absolutely necessary." And perhaps one day, it'll be first names when not in company that requires formality. "Come to the Council Room first thing in the morning and we'll get started."

There's an amused curl of Taurie's lips at Amani's reaction to 'miss', but she nods. "Alright. Weyrwoman." She sips at her klah once more and looks around. Amani's instruction is given a light hearted salute. "I'll see you bright and early then!" Looking around, she notices most of her delegation has returned to their seats. She may as well join in on the conversation until they regroup for business. "It was nice to meet you, I should go mingle."

"And I should go put these hides where they need to go," Amani says of her own duties. "Good to meet you too, Taurie. I'll see you tomorrow." And with that, the two part ways for the day. Amani lingers a few moments to listen to the reconvening merchants and the woman she's about to take a gamble on as a temporary assistant before heading back toward the inner caverns. Duty calls…but soon, it may just get a tad easier thanks to a chance encounter.

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