Odesse, Vosji


Vosji takes advantage of Odesse's presence to pry into her daughter's future career choices; Iskanzivoth gets to splash.


It is midmorning of the seventh day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Keroon Sea Hold

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Keroon Sea Hold

Gone are the sands and swamps following the Igen River down to the ocean - once that expanse of water is crossed and left behind. Eastward and southward winds the road to the sapphire sea and pale bluffs of Keroon Sea Hold. Though by no means the largest of Pern's sea holds, Keroon is quite old, and it shows in the stately, worn walls and caves of the Hold proper. A wide, sand-scoured courtyard surrounded by palms and arched ramparts opens up behind the columned and domed lighthouse tower on the southernmost palisade. The remainder of the Hold unfolds downward, into and behind the bluffs, and the dock cavern for the a portion of Keroon's fishing fleet yawns darkly below, no matter the height of the tide.

Keroon might not be the largest of Pern's Seaholds, but it certainly is popular today. In addition to the regular fishing vessels that call this port home, there's veritable flotilla of other craft flying colors of several different holds. Whatever reason draws the various crews together isn't immediately obvious, but what is that they're going to make the best of it. Already a bonfire is under construction on the shore and in the harbor, there's roil of activity as a few different pods that came accompanied the ships try to out do one another with their acrobatics. Where there are dolphins, dolphineers might not be too far behind. Odesee has found her way into the shallows at the moment, floating on her back with her eyes closed, almost as if she's trying to take a nap.

While Vosji might be in the area to visit with a sailor friend, meeting up while she has a moment's rest from the endless workload that is Zsaviranth and Wendryth's clutch — thanks to the clutch not being too huge and the weyrlingstaff not being understaffed — Iskanzivoth is here to watch things, not finding Vosji's sailor friends a particularly interesting thing to watch. There are so many others. Mostly ships, to start; he's always liked ships, after all, who wouldn't? It's likely been long enough since the blue has seen dolphins that he'd initially forgotten they were a possibility: as soon as they start putting on their performances, though, his attention is firmly redirected dolphin-wards. Abandoning his higher-up beach spot to come closer, he's inching a slow approach (or as slow and small as possible for a dragon) until he's leaning over into the water, and likely blocking Odesse's sun in the process. That's what actually gets Vosji's attention away from her friends, to call over, "Hey. Big blue oaf, other people are using that light and don't want you breathing in their personal space!"

Seeing as the harbor is loud and Odesse has her eyes closed, it might not be too surprising that the blue managed to succeed with his slow and steady approach. Up until a point. As soon as the shadow starts hit on her face, Odesse is sitting up, splashing backwards at whoever it is that wants to hove behind her. Not expecting the culprit to also be upwards so much as well. "Hey! Why don't ye watch it!" is called out before she turns around and then blinks once and then twice as it turns out that is not a person. It's a dragon. "They'll play with ye, ye know? If ye go out there." She's just going to assume that the dragon's interest wasn't just in her and was more on her watery friends out there. And as for Vosji's claim that not everybody wants a dragon in their personal space, she'll just wave it off. "Nah… I know he don't mean know harm. At least… I think he didn't."

Iskanzivoth blinks, and if his countenance gives off anything it's amusement blended with confusion. He is watching, after all, that's why he's here — Vosji has to hold back the impulse to roll her eyes at him and say more, as that's more likely to embarrass her than it is bother the dragon. "No, I think he just wanted to be able to see better. Thinking of how the way he moves affects others isn't something he's very good at on the ground," she admits, for all that maybe a Weyrlingmaster's dragon should be better at ground spatial negotiations. He's off duty, though, and sticking a paw in the water and shaking it, creating ripples to echo out toward where the dolphins are playing. Does this count as participating?

Odesse isn't really an expert on dragon expressions, even thought she does live in a weyr. She spends most her time outside of it and with creatures that will just yell out there feelings to just about anyone. Right now, there are a few of the dolphins that are equally as curious about the blue as he seems to be about them. They've broken off from the acrobatics and come in a bit closer, although not too close. Nobody wants to have to deal with beached dolphins today. Least of all the dolphins themselves. In amongst their excited clicks and squeeing, cries of "PLAY!!!" can clearly be heard, but when he only appears to be willing to stick one paw in the water, well, at least one of the three curious dolphins is going to call it a loss and go back out towards the deeper water and the rest of the dolphin crew. Odesse looks between dragon and dolphins and since it looks like he's not going to be moving any time soon, she just shrugs and moves over towards a non-shadowed part of the shore closer to the weyrlingmaster. "Guess it's not really surprisin' that dragons aren't so good on the ground. How many other things can walk, swim 'n fly? Can't expect 'em to be experts at all three."

While Iskanzivoth has none of the childlike curiosity or exuberant playfulness that might be attached to a younger dragon, he does have some concept of how playing works. It's just that playing in water is a little different. That one paw pulls out of the water and then returns, this time with a big SMACK that creates a wave and a splash — exciting, except he's also nailed Vosji in the face with some of that splash, and she makes a face at him while wiping water from her eyes. "Thanks, jerk. Go swim with them, I was planning to stay on the dry side today." For all that she's not wearing any shoes and is hanging out near water; how was that supposed to work, exactly? "He doesn't swim that much anymore. Igen's water isn't, ah, I don't think it meets his standards. This is better." Iskanzivoth seems to agree, fanning his wings out and sliiiiding most of himself into the water, waiting to see if he can get away with another big splash near the humans. Looks like no. "Right now he doesn't get to do a lot of fun flying, either, his trainees are all land-bound for the most part."

Considering Odesse is in a swimsuit and already soaked from her own swimming, she just laughs off the dragon splashing. And the big wave does indeed meet the dolphins' standard of 'play' judging by the excited clicking and the one's attempt to try and flip over the oncoming wave. Since there wasn't much warning, he doesn't exactly succeed, but seems satisfied with his own belly flop. They'll be waiting for Iskanzivoth once the blue gets out into the deeper water. And the dolphineer doesn't seem to find anything odd at all about not wearing shoes on the beach. Who even knows the last time Odie saw her own shoes? They're probably stowed away somewhere in her room. One in a closet and one under the bed or something. Hopefully she won't need them anytime soon. Her face scrunches up at the mention of water and Igen. Two things that don't really go together well in her mind. "Can't say that I blame him. Who'd want to be in a lake when ye know the ocean is out there." She waves at all the water spread out before them and grins as the rider admits they don't do much fun flying either. "So what it sounds like yer sayin' is he doesn't have any excuse not to be a master-walker?"

"Even I agree with the superiority of oceans over lakes, for all that I think I've ruined his hopes of leaving anytime soon." Vosji still has a smile for that, though; while she may have also expected her stay in Igen to be on the temporary side, she's been more than satisfied with the promotion. Iskanzivoth only complains when he thinks about it, at least. And at the moment, he can't complain when he's busy using his tail and wings to make EVEN BIGGER splashes, along with some smaller ones that could make for better flip-overs. He is nothing if not accommodating! "He should be an expert at graceful ground formation," his rider agrees solemnly. "And at not knocking things over despite his large size, or creating traffic obstructions for passing wagons. Most of these have been achieved at this point …"

It's not like the dolphins are going to complain about how he plays as long as the dragon is playing. They're resourceful. They can make a game out of anything. One of the braver (and younger) dolphins even dares to actually jump over the splashing tail with a very loud SQUEEEEE in the process. He lands with a splash of his own. No where near as large as Iskanzivoth's splashes, but still impressive given the differences in body mass. Odesse isn't really savvy to any possible transferings of weyrlingmasters and so she looks a bit confused at the mention of desires to leave as she looks out to the wave machine of a dragon out there. "Huh. He seems pretty content out there now. Not lookin' like he's in a big hurry to leave anywhere." She does nod her head as Vosji lists off the things her lifemate should have already mastered. "Hey, I can't really blame him about the knockin' things over. How many people you know that are constantly knockin' stuff down?"

Vosji's conversations are always at least half with herself and half with whoever she's talking to anyway; rather, they're half with her dragon, but most of the time nobody can tell. She's distracted momentarily by laughter, though; who could not laugh at that excited squealing? "I think he'd be okay staying right where he is forever, unless he got the option of a huge dragon-sized ship to ride around in instead." Those never seem to pop up though. "Far superior to lakes and sand dunes. And that's a good point, I'm sure overall humans are as clumsy as dragons — though not baby dragons. Little dragons are why many people can't have nice things. You're a dolphineer?" It's not … completely a non sequitur, there are dolphins there! "How's that apprenticeship like?"

Odesse makes a habit of just breezing in and out of other people's conversations based on her own whims, so it's not like she's really confused about not being fully up to speed. It happens! That's what questions or for, or just shrugging and going with what you a least thought you heard. She does laugh at the idea of a dragon sized ship. "I'd like to see the look on the shipsmith's face if anybody ever proposed that idea to 'im!" Ships as big as dragons, sure. Those aren't incredibly uncommon, but a ship big enough to hold a dragon is an entirely different beast. As for the not-completely non-sequitur, Odesse takes it in stride and just nods. "Yep. Name's Odie. Posted at Southern lately." Since there really isn't room for knots on swimsuits. "The apprenticeship? It ain't all like this." A wave to the sun and the beach (where it smells like that bonfire has succesfully started up and there might already be some fish cooking) and the frolicking dolphins. "Tons of nights spent waitin' on nothin' cause someone's gotta watch for the bell. 'N when something does happen, apprentices are the ones that stay behind while everybody else goes out to answer the call. 'N more hidework than I expected, but maps are neat."

Just one to hold a blue or two, maybe a few greens? It would only have to be a couple of orders of magnitude larger than a regular ship … but Iskanzivoth has likely long ago stopped hoping. "One of my daughters has been thinking about becoming a dolphineer. Which makes a nice change from becoming a dragonrider," apparently Vosji isn't disappointed at the idea that her children might not be the fifth generation of ranking riders, or maybe it's just that she has more than one child. "I'd hate for her to either be too overworked or too bored, though; sounds like a good balance. Between worked and bored. I'm told being bored at times and being stuck waiting for possibilities is also an important rite of passage in crafterhood."

At least Iskanzivoth can always do an impression of a ship himself even if nobody seems interested in making one big enough for him to use. Odesse nods as Vosji reveals the real reason for the question, and the journeywoman takes a much more serious posture, with arms crossed. "Well, dolphineerin' might not be as dangerous as dragonridin', but it definitely isn't the safest of crafts. Savin' folks that get shipwrecked is our main duty." Which means swimming out to areas where there have been shipwrecks. Frequently when there's still storms going on. "It's not something apprentices do for turns and turns." No sending out unprepared teenagers. "But it's something if she does go in the craft, she's gonna end up doing. After some of those calls, boredom seems nice afterwards."

"An important one I can certainly see her in." Vosji's nodding along, contemplating; even if sometimes it easier to imagine her older daughter causing shipwrecks rather than saving anyone from them. That's probably because she's got sailor family and she's twelve. "Originally she wanted to be a seacrafter, a merchant sailor — Iskanzivoth liked that, I think, maybe she could have gotten him his boat — but then she met some dolphins and there went that idea. It is at least … associated. I suspect she still thinks it's all fun and games, but she'll learn. Should be just about old enough to figure out when she's in over her head and how to ask for help, now." Vosji, the dutiful and present parent, would of course know this firsthand. Not.

"Not the type of girl to be content as a baker?" Odesse grins a bit at that, considering her own father was absolutely dead set against her doing anything except being some fisherman's wife. And look where she is now. Although the grin dies down a bit at the mention of being a sailor. "Yeah… if she wasn't deadset on being a seacrafter, I'd recommend against it. It's gotta be somethin' that ye have to do for a woman to be able to succeed. Still plenty of folks that think women on boats are bad luck." She'll give an eyeroll and a dismissive wave at that superstition. "Dolphins at least don't care about that. 'N long as she can swim, 'n understand it's more work than the play…" She shrugs. It's a possibility.

"At her age, work is a four-letter word," although work actually IS a four letter word all the time, that's not exactly how Vosji meant it, "but she knows she ought to learn to do it soon enough and I think she's figured out, finally, that liking boats and water and travel and cartography, while all interesting and important, aren't enough to go into a male-dominated field like that." But liking boats, water, travel, cartography and dolphins is fine, right? After enjoying himself so much playing — he's even splashing boats, now, though not small ones that he could topple over with his waves — Iskanzivoth actually makes an unhappy low-throated sound as he intercepts communication from back at Igen. Call for help from poor Duilath, whose rider might just be alone with all those weyrlings right now … "Seems to be our cue to depart," his rider echoes, "Much as I'm sure we'd both rather stay on the beach. Or pretending to be a boat that can splash people." It'll take another few urges for the dragon to actually leave the water and allow Vosji to mount so they can return (still shoeless, as far as anyone can tell) because he's enjoying the dolphins and the splashes at the moment, sorry.

Odesse looks like she might be about to correct the weyrlingmaster about work actually being a four letter word all the time, but just shakes her head and keeps her mouth closed on that for the moment. Maybe Igen does things differently. She will nod in agreement about reasons not to go into seacraft. "Yeah… liking all those things is fine and good, but ye also gotta be able to tolerate your coworkers." And as much as she might want to drown Sebastian sometimes, most of her fellow dolphineer are okay most of the time. And the dolphins are better than pretty much any person. Totally a world of difference from the seafaring life without them. She'll give a wave when it appears the pair is about to leave. "Nice meetin' ye both. 'N don't worry too much. There'll always be a beach somewhere on Pern for ye once ye get more spare time." And as for this crafter? Her stomach is just about to start grumbling so she's going to go see if she can beg some of that tasty fresh cooked fish of the sailors over there. Shouldn't be too hard.

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