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Vosji and Doji find themselves as practically the only two people in the archives (not surprising). They both have their own reading to get done, but end up talking about everything except that, although serious work advice is given.


It is midmorning of the thirteenth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Archives

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I let myself have two days to cry, and break things, and sulk, and stay alone, and drink hard, and make bad decisions …



A remarkable legacy for those with the eyes to appreciate it, Igen's Archives are modest, in proportion to the weyr's similarly modest status; but though they be small, the room itself is mighty, with grandiose portent to the high, vaulted arches. These walls hold many treasures past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. The meticulous task of re-scribing old records is continually ongoing, with faded and disued hides replaced on a daily basis. The chairs and off-kilter tables seem to be heritage of a time long past, not in line with the rest of the vision of this room; but in all weyrs are budgets, and perhaps you've found one of Igen's budget cuts.

With one clutch on the sands and another on the way — to be fair, Nasrin did warn her of the potential — one might expect Vosji to be in her own office, or working on prep in the barracks. This particular morning, though, she seems to be eschewing that in favor of some kind of paperwork that takes place elsewhere. She has old clutch records piled high, some very old and dusty, some more recent. The pen she probably should be writing with is in her mouth instead, with another shoved behind her ear and holding back her hair from falling over her face while she reads and talks sotto vocce to an audience of presumably just Iskanzivoth. With no one else in the room trying to do any reading, no one has tried to kill her for making noise yet, either.

Just because nobody is trying to read at this particular moment doesn't mean the archives are completely deserted aside from Vosji. Nope. There's the usual couple of bored apprentices manning the returns desk. Probably an archivist tucked away somewhere trying to restore some of the older tomes. And deep within the stacks there is a Doji. It might almost be the brownrider's natural habitat. No assistance is needed as she quickly pulls several volumes and then straight to find a table. With so few other people in the room, she can't help but notice the mumbling weyrlingmaster on her way to a table and it seems at least slightly concerning. "Ma'am? Are you alright?" Lack of saluting can be forgiven for full hands, right?

The Harpers usually ignore Vosji, at least, but young brownriders might be forgiven for not doing the same. At least if Vosji's having a mental breakdown, someone noticed, right? "Hm?" She looks up, startled, and then upon making brief eye contact places who she's talking to. The proper form of address is going to allow the lack of salute to slide, with having hands full as a bonus, and Vosji doesn't seem at all put out. "Oh. Yes, I'm fine, just frustrated. And getting annoyed by having shanty songs running through my head, that isn't much help either." There's a little bit of a smile there, though. He might be an obnoxious dragon, but he's her obnoxious dragon. "There's room, if you'd like to sit?" She's not even using half her table.

Doji was just going to go to one of the many vacant tables seeing as how there is no competition for them, but then Vosji is offering a seat and the girl freezes a bit like a runner seeing a dragon for the first time. Instinct eventually takes over and she does manage to sit since that's simpler than coming up for an excuse on why she can't sit. "Is it at least different shanty songs or the same one on repeat?" Because one sounds much worse than the other. The brownrider makes quick work of sorting out those books she gathered. Two different stacks and one about to be opened. Also, some digging into her bag for her own notebook and a pencil as well.

It isn't as if Vosji wouldn't understand wanting privacy, but she's also starting to get bored with what she's doing — and with the dragon soundtrack provided — enough to be more welcoming than her usual. "Unfortunately the same one on repeat. I don't know if he remembers any others." Thanks, whichever sailor sang to him nonstop! She frowns at the record she has open, then closes it and moves it aside to open another. "I hope your work is more interesting than mine," is offered as a polite but genuine statement rather than an attempt at being nosy.

Doji gives a sympathetic wince as Vosji confirms she's plagued with the same tune. Over and over again. "Just don't let Dhazkyth know that he only knows one song. Or he might take it upon himself to teach Iskanzivoth a few of his own." And really, nobody would want that particular bronze's songs in their head. Mostly full of people doing anatomically impossible things probably. As for what work brings the rider to the archives at this time when almost nobody else is in, she shrugs a bit. "Just more about formations." She doesn't sound particularly displeased about the subject, but can acknowledge there's only so much most people can read about it.

"He knows a few other songs in general, but not many that he likes to sing when I'm trying to concentrate and he thinks what I'm doing is stupid," Vosji confides evenly, even if she's got a little bit of an eye roll for it. "I wouldn't be surprised if he also encourages Dhazkyth with the singing, even if he wouldn't hold himself responsible for the … lyrics." Iskanzivoth may be inclined toward bawdy songs, but Dhazkyth really has the prize for lurid. "Studying more still?" The brownrider's former weyrlingmaster is certainly impressed, and pleased. "You'll be a Wingsecond soon enough at this rate."

"I guess I got off easy. Raktraeth just starts sending pictures of food if he thinks I've been locked away too long. Sandwiches first, maybe some stew, eventually moving on to steaks and roasts…" Doji shrugs again. Considering the girl is still rather scrawny, even if she did pick up more muscle since Impressing, being encouraged to eat more probably isn't a bad thing. The comment about making Wingsecond has her turning bright red and brushing some hair behind her ear with a cough. Flustered Doji is trying to look anywhere aside from the weyrlingmaster. "I uhh… that hasn't really been a goal…" She thought the weyrling wingleader knot was a joke or something after all.

There's a little bit of a cant to Vosji's head as she actually looks at Doji, unable to resist a knowing smile. She remembers that. One of the more interesting promotions she's ever done. "At least he's trying to get you to eat, and not just trying to persuade you to get something for him … Iskanzivoth tries to make me drink different beers so he can taste them, after all." What kind of dragons drink? Iskanzivoth and his reskin precedessor. Maybe he shouldn't give Raktraeth ideas either. "I think you would be good at it, but of course I have no say in these things," she adds. Though Doji is Whirlwind and she could make the suggestion to Ha'ze that he suggest it to H'rik, that's not exactly just your garden variety Wingsecond role, as she remembers, "Though it would be difficult to encourage such a promotion in the Weyrleader's wing, when you've not been a true Wingleader before. One of my best wingleaders, though." So there. Take the praise.

Doji rolls her eyes a bit at dragon quarks. More exasperated at her own dragon than anything else. "Oh, it's mostly because he wants to eat it. Not that a single steak would do much good for a dragon. More of a 'you should really go eat. And while you're there… can you grab me one too?'" She shakes her head just a little bit at that, although there's a hint of a smile. She can't be too made at Trae's eccentricities. She does straighten up as Vosji turns back to work talk and the smile quickly disappears. "People did die on my watch though." Thank's Th'bek. Although the classes that manage to get by without a single weyrling fatality are rare and far between. And especially when it was two clutches in one giant wing. Even if Doji didn't actually do something wrong, it's kind of hard to forget those losses.

Something Vosji would have done differently given the chance — but she didn't quite have the security in her position G'deon had when he promoted two Weyrling Wingleaders. It was too much boat-rocking, and yet she still regrets it. On the other hand: "They died on my watch, Doji," she says, softly but understanding. "In the end it falls back on me, not on whoever I appointed Wingleader — and that pair of clutches had an impressively low casualty rate. It's not at all your fault, though I know telling you that doesn't help any." It's not like it helps her, either. She just has to wait until everyone has graduated to break down. "And in no way does it mean you'd be a bad leader. Even if I suspect a wing with Raktraeth in charge would be eating out as a group a lot." That gets a grin, though. Nothing wrong with that!

Hindsight is always twenty/twenty after all. Doji does reluctantly look up, still chewing a bit on her lower lip. "How do you deal with it? I at least knew if I made it to graduation, the responsibility would be lifted…" At least from her own shoulders. She had a finish line to keep in sight. For a Wingleader or a Weyrlingmaster? There's always another 'Fall or another clutch right around the corner. And nearly forty turns seems like forever for someone not yet out of their teens. Although if she does get lucky, Doji and Raktraeth could live to see an Interval. Possibly. As for Raktraeth having a say in wing activities… "If he had his way, the Whirliebird would also serve food as well as just plenty of booze."

"He should try suggesting that to Wendryth." Vosji, so helpful: it's not as if the dragons have much say, but Wendryth seems like the type to appreciate anything that might boost morale. "Iskanzivoth was satisfied with the booze, when we visited more often, but since we flew with Arroyo for a whole month, if it's not the Cantina it's usually Last Call." Or wherever Zsaviranth might be, since he shadows the Senior whenever he gets the chance. No designs on her, just on her eggs! The harder topic is one she has to force herself back to, with Iskanzivoth thinking booze is a way better discussion: "I let myself have two days to cry, and break things, and sulk, and stay alone, and drink hard, and make bad decisions … as soon as there are no weyrlings. It doesn't happen a lot — actually, that's why I'm here, because it seems to happen more in Igen that there are lulls and rushes of eggs instead of steady populations — but I take advantage of it when it does. Otherwise, I have to be strong for them. But no one can be strong forever, lest risking burnout."

"The last time Raktraeth got bored and started making suggestions to Wendryth, it ended up with almost all the wing's dragons suggesting how to make PT more 'interesting'." Doji's even got the whole finger quoting going on there. Or talon quotes since it's a dragon's words she's referencing? "They seemed to feed off each other and leading suggestion was dropping us in the middle of a wintery mountain to run for some reason." Whether H'rik will actually take all the dragons up on their new ideas is another matter. Maybe they'll just wait for them to all forget. She does listen carefully to what Vosji says about how she handles the stress, nodding. "I guess, that makes sense. And probably why we don't usually have the same Weyrleader for more than a few flights."

"That could be why," Vosji is willing to postulate in regard to Weyrleaders, "Though it may also be just that the Senior's choice is never steady for long. Weyrleaders rarely quit, though I believe they technically can. It's just a mess for everyone if they do. Dragons should … not be involved in decisions about human PT, sounds like." A note to make in case any of that clutch tries to become AWLM! Don't let them 'help' with PT. They have bad ideas. Bad ideas that might sound good at the time. "Iskanzivoth likes wintry mountains, but he likes sliding down them. By himself. Not expecting me to do it."

Oh, their clutch had such varied ideas about all sorts of things. Vedziyath and Navikoth should probably be kept away from teaching weyrlings how to hunt or the herders might end up rioting in protest. AWLM or not. Doji can't help but nod in wholehearted agreement with keeping them out of PT decisions. "Yeah… they really shouldn't. They didn't have any suggestions on what they'd be doing while we were slogging through a mountain." Probably eating. Or just laughing. She does tilt her head to the side considering the matter of weyrleadership choices. "We haven't really had a Senior for more than a handful of turns lately. Is that something that's more common in Passes than Intervals? More stresses?"

"Watching idly and not getting any exercise themselves?" the Weyrlingmaster suggests, still allowing amusement. It's a much more interesting topic than what she's got piles of paper about, though shifts in Seniorship is part of shifts in clutch numbers. "I haven't been searching those trends exactly, but it does seem that there are higher turnovers in Passes, and younger Weyrwomen. Of course, if a retirement isn't planned that's entirely a matter of chance, so it may be more related to that than to goldriders being stressed into retirement or dying." Then again, Vosji's weyr of origin is Ista — where two of Southern's seniors transferred to along with one of Igen's juniors — and now she's at Igen, where their first Pass gold egg was Igen's Senior, then Benden's, and is now acting as Southern's. So she's got some interesting samples to work with. "There are a lot of things that could cause that. Sadaiya was overstressed. Mayte was young, and foisted into the position twice. Diem was also young, but not quite as young."

"Probably," Doji snickers a bit. Because really, if dragons can have their riders do something for their amusement and sit on their lazy bums themselves, who would pass up that opportunity? At least this idle musing is probably a bit more entertaining than her own reading as well. That first book is opened, but she hasn't really made it past the first page. Although trying to track all the changes in Pern's weyrleadership over the past few turns of just this Pass alone would probably cause a major headache. Igen and Southern alone is confusing enough. "It'd be more comforting if there were more older riders around." One of the hazards of the life. The young'uns greatly out number any senior riders.

Some people might even think formations were boring. This is not a group where that is the case, though. Iskanzivoth is practically obsessed with formations; maybe he and Trae should switch riders for a day sometimes, because while Vosji is content to teach them, she seems less interested in creating new ones than she was when they were wingseconds. A disappointment to her dragon. "Yes, I agree. I've had people tell me I'm old recently enough. I'm not sure if that's a compliment for surviving as many falls as I have, especially considering the hits we took when we were younger," her dragon has a nice array of scars to prove it, though hers are hidden, "an insult, or just … sad, that my age is thought of as 'old.'" She is having a turnday soon. It's not a very old one.

As much as Raktraeth might be content to just lounge on a beach with booze and palm trees and no books in sight, he's definitely not willing to give up Doji. Even for a day. No tradsies. Kidnapping his own rider for a mandatory beach fun times though isn't outside the realm of possiblity. Doji turns a bit red as she reevaluates her own words quickly. Hopefully she wasn't the one who accidentally implied the weyrlingmaster was old. Although surely there were some weyrlings who would comment on it (because to fifteen turn olds, anybody over thirty might be ancient). She'll settle for assuming it wasn't her that actually made the comment, even accidentally. "Getting to be an older rider does seem like an accomplishment. But who comes out and just tells someone they're old?" Manners, people. The lack of them seems petrifying.

Iskanzivoth would be all over beach trips. They should probably make better friends and then make evil plans. It's not as if people who hear the names offhand don't sometimes think their riders are sisters or cousins anyway. "Candidates," Vosji says with a grin. This one amused her. She's a terrible person sometimes because she's turned into one of those people who likes watching candidates squirm, especially out-of-Weyr ones. "Candidates who asked how old my dragon was, and when I told them — they regret the rest of that conversation, I'm sure. It's not that I'm not proud of not being dead, just that I am not old."

Hopefully the candidate who called Vosji old has learned enough not to imply that Vosji might be Doji's mother. Because while theoretically the age gap would make it possible… definitely not something most would want to be reminded of when trying to insist they're not that old. The brownrider just ahhs as candidates are revealed to be the source of the comment. "At least there was no ice water involved this time? You could make them regret mentioning it by having them run a lap for every turn…"

Vosji definitely wasn't having any babies when she was sixteen, even if she had been a dragonrider for nearly three turns at that point. Still. "While an excellent idea, then I'd have to actually tell them how old I was. Their guesses were based on my dragon's age — I suppose I did Impress young, so they probably think I'm even older. Maybe they can run as many laps as they guess I am turns old." The ice water incident is now getting a fond laugh. "And I don't think I'll have quite such an experience going into the laundry rooms ever again. Or at least I can hope."

"Have them guess and have them run a lap for each turn while they re-think," Doji gives just a little bit of a mischievous grin there. Maybe it shouldn't be so surprising that the whirlwind dragons were plotting crazy PT ideas after all if even Doji can get in on this. "And hopefully no cots catch on fire again. Once is enough." Although if there were any spinners left, some of her fellow former candidates might beg to differ.

Did Vosji just clap her hands together once like a teenager might? Definitely. That's what she just did. "Brilliant idea, that. I'll have to keep it in mind. There should be no items in the candidate barracks that can generate fire …" But Vosji hasn't been doing inspections, because she hasn't had time to care. "I'll make a note to have Miel look, though." Sorry, Miel. The candidates like you better. "Next time anyone insults Iskanzivoth's age instead of being reverent of it, though," though there are definitely older dragons around, like for instance Iskanzivoth's sire Zinakoth, "They'll be running a long time. Since I bet they all guess I'm fifty or something. Not that that's old either."

"You'd be surprised…" Doji didn't think there was anything in the barracks that could generate fire that time either. And seeing how many candidates there can be… Miel can't inspect them all at the same time. If there is anything candidates can spontaneously generate, it's trouble. The brownrider does laugh a little at the plan for running. "By the time they get to thirty laps, their second guesses would probably be a lot lower." Is it getting close to reading time? She's going to at least try and look down at her own formation books once again, as much as they've been ignored.

Spontaneous combustion can now be assuredly linked to candidates. It wouldn't surprise anyone, would it? "And I am over thirty," Vosji can confirm that one, not that anyone was doubting it. "Iskanzivoth is twenty-one, in case you were wondering, provided he didn't already supply that." And why would he? He doesn't care how old he is. "I'll do my best not to be too shocked if another cot explodes despite inspections," is her conclusion, and then, smiling to herself, she's back to those frustrating clutch records.

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