Calliope, Ginger, Ibrahim, Talya, Z'bor


Candidates tackle the torturous task of exhausting the population of young weyrbrats before dinner.


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the fourth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.



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A durable room, this place, painted with bright colors with whimiscal scrawlings done along the walls. Childrens toys are EVERYWHERE — and so are children, with nannies both frantic and adoring chasing after them. It is, in a word, mayhem.

Late afternoon in the playroom sees the place busy, if not chaotic. Some of the children are tiny, others a bit older but not old enough to do useful things when they're not in harper lessons. The tinies are reaching the stage of being ready for a meal or a nap: some are sleepy, some are over-excited, and some, mercifully, are playing nicely. The older ones have formed a group on one side of the room and are playing at being dragonriders in Threadfall. It seems to involve a lot of running about and shouting. Of course there has to be someone in charge: a group of frazzled nannies are doing their best to control the mayhem. They're assisted by a small group of candidates whose assigned chore this is today.

Talya is playing a game of 'how much sweets can she sneak into a kiddo without being caught' among the younger kids, holding one up under her arms as she tries to catch another. "Hey Stinker, slow down! You're going to crash into that dragon!" The one playing a dragon that is. And to get the child's attention, she has a cookie she somehow managed to fit into her bulky jacket's pocket… a wildling's jacket has a lot of room for snacks afterall. The boy finally notices it, and comes at her. So she manages to set the sleepier child down who is giggling in a punch-drunk way of post-sugar high at being carted around like baggage. "I don't know how the Aunties deal with this," she says to a fellow candidate. Anyone. Maybe even the kids, who are more focused on the cookies she sneaks out to them.

Calliope is completely and utterly overwhelmed and it shows. The group that's running and shouting is the one that she's closer to but she seems to be edging away in an attempt to escape. While she might be one of the older Candidates she is by no means familiar with the small humans that seem to cling to this room like some sickness. Nose scrunches as she eyes a child that's dripping snot or liquid food of somesort, she hopes. She really really hopes. A nanny receives a pleading look as one of the bigger ones latches onto her leg and demands she be his dragon. That nanny? She totally just disappeared, leaving Calliope to figure out how to handle this, aside from run, she tried that and got sent back.

Funny how the wildling ends up on nanny duty; someone had the bright notion that the slender young man would enjoy spending quality time with multiple small, sticky humans who find it hilarious to try and cling to him like so many small burrs. Ibrahim's lessons in patience are not yet over, it seems: two tinies have found a place on his legs, hindering him in his own escape, begging for another story, or for him to play his flute for the eleventy-millionth time. He'll offer Calliope a sideways, sympathetic glance as he manages to attach one of the children and send them off after another tot with a brightly colored ball.

There has been a major development in dragon biology, it seems. The 8-turn-old clinging to Ginger's back insists, in answer to another kiddie's question, "No she's not a stupid green. She's a ginger dragon!" She then proceeds to spur her mount into action by dint of applying heels to Ginger's ribcage. Ginger lets out a roar that's more like a loud growl. "Do that again, and I'll snap my straps and drop you a thousand feet!" The girl shrieks with laughter and promptly does it again.

Z'bor enters, it being his turn to watch over some of Southern's candidates and the task at hand, and to relieve the current watch-rider, not to mention the fact that it will give him a chance to see his own rugrats, who should be in attendance around this time of day. And the scarred, brown eyed rider is not disappointed when dark haired Riski and hazel eyed Zariel come booking it at him from one of the groups of chitlens in the playroom. "DADDY!" is a thing well and truly screamed as Z'bor picks up his whippersnappers and spins them around in a hug. "Hey rugbugs, behaving yourselves?" He smiles at his own as he takes up the spot where the last rider had been watching, out of the way. He'll interact and interfere as needed, but this job belongs to the candidates.

"Need some help?" Talya asks Ginger, for some reason being /nice/. Or not… she is holding up a cookie, flashing it briefly to get the attention of the kiddo and smirking wickedly that way. "Hey kid, maybe you need to feed your dragon some firestone here." She directs her charges towards the dragonriding lot, but will not become a beast of burden herself. At most she grabs one out of the way that is about to go crashing into another, swinging him to send him running in a safer direction. Doing so, she spies Calliope on the rim. "Can you keep an eye on this one? He's a bit overactive." Sugar was involved afterall, and she totally noticed the older woman trying to escape.

Calliope shakes her leg, the child on the end giggling madly at the antics of his dragon. Finally she gets him removed, sending him off towards anyone but herself. "Look! I think there's candy over there." is whispered to him as she points in Talya's direction. Then, oh then she heads off for the tinies. They're smaller right? Easier to pry off of your arms and legs when an escape opportunity arrives. "Hey, maybe you need a nap or something? Littles take naps right… " she glances around for confirmation of this. Feeding them after midnight could be a bad idea, she doesn't know! Talya's sending a tot in her direction has her looking surprised. "Um, sure. Aren't they tired? Don't they like sleeping or something." poor Starcrafter, children were in bed when she was out and about usually.

Ginger's 'rider' shrieks in glee and instructs Ginger to 'Fly over there!' Her 'dragon' obliges, and heads over to Talya, where the child snatches the supposed firestone and feeds it to… herself. "Hey!" Gin protests. "That's rock! You'll break your teeth." But alas, no cookie for Ginger. She shakes her head and tells Talya, "Thanks anyway," then grins at Calliope. "Not this age. They won't sleep until they've had their supper. Even the little ones are good until teatime with a nap after lunch."

Z'bor can't help but laugh at the comments making their way around the playroom as Zariel and Riski run off to join the fray, Hazel eyes Zariel zooming over to Talya to look up at her with big fawn eyes, little arms clutching on to a stuffed dragon that looks much like her father's own lifemate, and maybe that's a'purpose. "Are you gonna be a dragon Miss Talya?" After all…. only so many can play dragonrider on Ginger, right? Z'bor on the other hand pushes himself from the wall, amusement leaking from his very pores. "Children don't run out of energy unless you run them out of energy. Get a high energy game going, or run them around a bit more, then feed them and hope to stars that a food coma takes over."

Talya points to the one that she is sending Calliope's way, a little too big to be with the little ones but he's happy to bounce over. "This one will crash soon, so at least that is one down." Tal seems very confident about this and looks at the rest of the their charges. Many many more to go! The look that she gives Ginger and her 'rider' is the one that says: Excellent, everything is going according to plan! "I have no idea how parents deal with actually raising the br— I mean kids themselves." Speaking of parents and their kids, she almost runs into Z'bor's, having to windmill to keep from running into the little girl as she was going to head off in a different direction. She blinks down at the big eyes, then gives a quick shake of her head. "I'm a little small to be a dragon, kiddo. I'm more of a grounded dragonhealer just… keeping up with the fray. And sending firestone off with the weyrlings." She holds up a coojie she yanks out of her big pockets, for Zariel, looking over her head at Z'bor. Hopefully he doesn't mind… or notice.

One wishes! Ibrahim manages to send the other tot after his friend, sighing with relief as he manages to get out of dodge — oor at least far enough away to let the candidates take over wrangling the small dem — er, darlings. Oh, look, there's a Z'bor! Looks like a great babysitter to the wildling, who will come to stand near the winngrider, offering him a nod of greeting. "This is… amusing." His hand sweeps the controlled chaos of the room.

Calliope looks like she might intend on pulling out some of her hair, or rather a pigtail or something. Blue eyes scan the room in horror "Did they multiply? I heard once you shouldn't feed them too much, it makes them violent." She totally heard that once, probably from someone who knew a sucker when they saw one. She seems to shake herself free of this horrible lurking ideal of children "Okay, we can do this. Play, eat, bed. Right? What can they all play that doesn't leave the little ones out? Maybe the little ones could ride the big ones as dragons… no that would probably end badly. Hmmmm." the child she was set to watch though, she can manage that. "Hey! Does this one have a name or should I just yell hey kid at him?" she's serious.

Z'bor raises a brow at Ibrahim and snort-chuckles. "This is life." He comments, being long used to the chaos of running and screaming children. He chuckles. "And the future, so take a good look, it'll be them standing in our shoes one day." Speaking of children….Zariel looks wide eyed at the proffered cookie like it is the most precious thing on Pern, little hand reaching up to snag it and bring it slowly down to sniff. "Thanks Miss Talya!" Is squeed before Zariel trounces off to find a seat in which to enjoy her deliscious treat, little legs swinging over the side of her chair as she tries to share some with her stuffed dragon. Riski, dark haired and eyed, bare footed little heathen that he is is darting around pretending to be a firelizard, and pilfering cookies when they are left unattended, adding them to the hoard inside his shoulder bag.

Ginger needs time to fly her young rider round in a few circles before she answers Talya's comment. "My mother managed five of us at once, and she sent us down here a bit, but not all the time, or even most of the time. I think I just tended to tag along with her when I was little. Of course, by the time the littlest ones came along, she could dump them on me, and I know my sisters have been helping out with the baby." She turns to peer at Calliope's charge. "Uh, Calliope? I think that's-" She's interrupted by her young passenger. "That's Toto, silly!" Ginger finishes lamely, "Totosan, Magda's youngest. The kids call him Toto."

Another kid gone! Talya is happy to have diverted Zariel away from the idea of her being a dragon. She has pockets full of cookies and is not inclined to throw them all away at the kids just yet, just enough to send them off in a different direction. "/Five/? Were you the oldest?" she asks Ginger with wide eyes. And to Calliope, she quickly responds, "They have /names/?" A look between the other two candidate women. "I've just been calling them kid one and kid two, they've been responding well in case you can't remember Toto." Though hard to forget that one. One of the older children seem to be about to get in a fight, having found his cookie missing and blaming it on another boy. She grabs onto the back of his shirt and tsks at him, looking back to the actual only rider in the room and the Wildling. "We're just a show for you lot, aren't we?" And she scoops the kid that is picking a fight up into her arms, pinning his swinging arms down. "You ain't gonna get anymore cookies if you act like that. Gotta keep an eye on your shit, kid— I mean stuff."

Calliope says, "Toto?" rather incredulously "Okay well that works. Isn't it time for food, then they'll fall alseep?" the gold firelizard on her shoulder gives a questioning chirp, no way is she coming out. "Yes! Like firelizards, warm and meaty. That sounds like a good idea." she heads towards the food, there is food she hopes and offers food to any child that wanders by. "Hey, look a meat roll, take small bites or something okay? "

"So the elderlies tell me." Dryly spoken, the words emerge very softly as Ibrahim edges away from another little aiming to climb him like a small tree. "I would much prefer it, however, if the future did not attempt to use the present as a prop for climbing exercises." With a squeal, Brodogan is boounced off to go and join his cohorts in a hostile takeover of the far corner there to enjoy happy, sticky dirtiness.

Calliope totally disappears into a mass of children, will she survive. It's anyones guess but we shall see.

"Course we are!" Ginger says cheerfully before answering Talya's question. "Oldest by two turns, and yes, I've got four full sibs. And mother has another one now, with her new chap, but I'd moved out by then. That's not counting Da's other kids." The ramifications of Weyr families! "Hey, Susila, don't you know that green dragons don't fly a whole Fall without a rest? How about letting me unbend a bit?" She straightens up, encouraging the young girl to slither down towards the floor. Once landed, the child extends her arms and careers back into the 'formation', arms extended aeroplane-style despite never having heard of such a thing.

Z'bor snickers. "No helping that either. Unfortunately." Z'bor is not so unawares of his step-son's shananagans, and so, walks up to the boy and has a stern word with him. Z'bor speaks only loud enough so that Riski can hear, but whatever it is he says, the boy immediately looks contrite and is moving to return a cookie or two, looking cowed. Z'bor walks back looking smug, and well, Zariel is still swinging those little legs, savoring that cookie of hers for all it's worth.

Talya is not much of the scolding kind of person, and so it's with just a plop in the corner for the boy and a cookie and pat to the head… that she leaves him. Maybe he'll learn a lesson about not fighting. Probably not. She sadly did not specify for him to /stay/ in the corner, either. "They gotta get their exercise in somehow," she notes to Ibrahim in passing, giving the wildling a glance then turning to point at where Z'bor is. "But kid, that's a taller person there, you'd do better climbing higher objects." Go bug the rider! You're welcome Ibrahim… not that she really helped. She turns back to those settling down to eat some, supervising with Ginger. "I'm an only child, and even then I don't know how my parents dealt with me. Lots of time just for the one, I can't imagine /five/. I guess the caverns always help, though." Her dark eyes look to the exhausted old Aunties, leaving it in the capable hands of the candidates. Those poor women needed a break.

Ibrahim will, belatedly, beam at Talya and Ginger, all too happy to not be the focus of 1ittle ones. They seem especially fascinated by his hair. Oh, the horror. "Of course it's entertaining. They are bugging you and not us." Isn't Ibra just the sweetest gentleman? Talya, of course, is soon the recipient of a genuine smile of relief when she redirects Mr. McClimby Pants towards Z'bor, who is a professional child-wrangler, right? RIGHT? The Aunties are spard a glance — they often are the culprits of his appearance in the zoo that is the children's nursery. They got jokes, those Aunties.

Z'bor doesn't seem to mind being climbed, in fact, he'll give the kiddo a good run 'round the room before stopping to spin in so many circles that when he sets the tyke loose, they both stumble about for a moment. The six foot something tall rider folds himself to the floor for a moment, while his head sets itself straight. Bad idea. He's soon swarmed, though rough housing with kiddos is one of his specialties, yes. So… it may be a moment before the greenrider can come up for air.

Now that she's unburdened, Ginger flexes her shoulders and eyes the uncontrolled milling of the juvenile 'threadfighters'. The noise levels are rising. "Hey, Susila, you're going to be flaming each other if you carry on like that!" The youngster immediately pronounces herself Wingleader and starts ordering the others into line. Her success in reducing the chaos is limited, to say the least, but at least she's got the initiative to try. Ginger looks on approvingly - until two swooping dragons clash and one throws a punch at the other. At this point one of the nannies intervenes, gives the offender a good talking to, and then details Ginger is sent to deliver him back to his mother. It's close enough to the end of the afternoon that she won't need to come back, so she happily leaves to escort the boy before making good her escape.

Talya snickers at the poor greenrider's unfortunatley turn around, then stops abruptly when she realizes a drawback. "You make those kids sick all over the place, and I hope you can clean it up too." She makes a face at the idea, turning her eyes away. Something about sick children makes her look a little green on the edges. "Glad that I can provide that for you. Again," she tells Ibrahim regarding his entertainment, once she feel that she can control her gag reflex even if there was no vomiting going around. She's helping kids get a serving by the food, by which she also slips the remainders of her cookies from her pockets before shaking out the crumbs on the floor. That's just the right time for an Auntie to finally spot her: "You girl! Do you want bugs here? Get that stuff off the floor!" Tal was not so discrete, and gives a parting look to Z'bor and Ibrahim with a sigh. "Cleaning never ends as part of the chores."

Oh, Ibrahim is so not here for sick. He gets enough of that in the Infirmary, thanks. "You're very generous, Talya." He winks at the girl, grinning as he finds himself a way to literally disapper from sight before the Aunties decide to find him a particular weyrbrat to be attached to. "Yeah, I noticed…" He'll empathize over the endless cleaning.

Z'bor doesn't rough house too much for the very reasons Talya is so vocal about. He knows better. And when the littles begin to sit down for their supper, Z'bor retrieves his own. "Come on kiddos. Let's go find pop and Mama and eat something ourselves huh?" And with that, he gives a wink to the burdened Ibrahim and a look of sympathy towards Talya and makes his way out, Riski trialing and Zariel still nomming that cookie in his arms. Good luck getting her to eat her supper.

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