Linny, G'tan


Linny is where she isn't supposed to be. G'tan isn't about to rat her out, however.


It is evening of the thirteenth day of the twelfth month of the first Turn of the 12th Pass.


Oasis Inn

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Oasis Inn

Tucked into a small fold of foothills along the road leading from the Weyr to the Central Pass, this inn truly is just what its name implies - an oasis for travelers coming from either direction. Stabling and board are available - though the boarding comes at a price, since there isn’t much of it. The most well known part of the Inn is the tavern - a rustic bar built of solid skybroom and furnished in dark, oiled wood, leather, metal, and glass. Though well used and sometimes abused, the furniture is also well cared for and maintained, and the food and drink draw many a rider in alongside the travelers. The décor is eclectic, consisting in hangings, rugs, carvings, and other things from every region of Pern, bestowed upon the owner in barter for lodging. The atmosphere isn’t one of a dive; it’s cozier and cleaner than that, though there is just a touch of harmless “shady” to be found - particularly in the evenings.

Linny really shouldn't be drinking, which is why she hasn't ventured to her usual watering hole of the Cantina and instead chose a little more anonymity by coming here. Bandaged left hand is resting in her lap, attempting to keep it from view, while her other hand swirls her glass around with just a lingering amount of whiskey left in it. Quickly, it gets tossed back, glass replaced on the bar, before index finger on her right hand lifts to indicate she'd like yet another. And so, while she waits, a hand toys with her hair, glancing occasionally at the entrance, almost like a teenager waiting to be caught by her parents.

G'tan's learned just about everywhere there is to go inside Igen Weyr by now…which is why he's decided to wander outside now. This little inn has been in his sights for a while now, and this evening seems as good as any to give it a try. When the tall, slightly scruffy bronzer makes his way inside, he pauses for a moment just to take a look around at the eclectic decor and slightly different flavor of patrons before his eyes fall on the bar - and the goldrider sitting there. He hasn't had much of a chance to interact with Igen's goldriders yet, though it's been on his to-do list. Of course it has. And over a drink is usually a good way to start, he's found. So it is that he wanders over and slips onto a stool one over to Linny's right and orders a whiskey of his own before looking over at her. "Weyrwoman," he greets with a crooked smile and a little nod. "Windin' down your day?" His drink arrives, and he nods his thanks, sipping as he settles in.

There's a moment where Linny has that 'oh crap, I'm busted' look on her face, that feeling in her gut, but as she eyes the man sitting to her right, he doesn't seem as if he was sent to spy on her or drag her home. "Bronzerider." Dark eyes flick up and down across his body and face, but then she's distracted as her own drink arrives, though she doesn't start emptying her glass just yet. "My favorite way," the goldrider replies, a corner of her lips tugging upwards before they are pressed together in more of a pensive way. "More or less so I don't go crazy. So tired of seeing the inside of my weyr. But if anyone asks, you didn't see me here." Significant brows lift over at him: please don't tattle on her.

"I like the way you think," G'tan chuckles, swirling his drink a bit. Then thick brows arch slightly over blue eyes dancing with amusement, and the bronzerider gives a slight tilt to his head. "Alright. Not a word. Though you won't convince me I didn't see you," he says with a wink, and he tosses back a good quarter of his drink. "G'tan, bronze Zinakoth's," he says, holding out his hand. "Transferred here from Ista not too long ago. What's been keepin' you in your weyr, if you don't mind me asking?"

A wink is always a good way to make Linny bat those lashes, going all coy as she slips her own hand into his. "Linny, Kaelidyth's." Since he knew she was a weyrwoman, no need to mention Kaelidyth's coloring. Brows arch up into her forehead when she hears where he transferred from, but they easily and quickly furrow again at his question. Now is a perfect time for a drink of her whiskey, taking a few quick sips. "Thread." The bandaged left hand is briefly lifted up into view before her other hand thumbs over her shoulder. "One to my back, too. Only just got out of the infirmary maybe a sevenday ago."

G'tan's smile opens into a grin at those batted lashes, but her answer to him has his expression going serious rather quickly. "Oh, right," he says, eyes following her bandaged hand. "Can't believe I forgot about the reports; I wasn't making the connection." A slight furrow comes to his brow as she motions over her shoulder. "How bad are they? The scores, I mean." Another sip of his own drink is taken, quickly. "Is Kaelidyth alright, or did she catch some, too?"

"Well, the one to my back wasn't too bad. But my hand…let's just say making an apprentice throw up was a daily occurrence. Apparently, the Healers were skeptical about me keeping the hand, but it healed better than they thought. Kaelidyth was fine, thank Faranth." But considering her Thread scores have been the topic of conversation since they happened, Linny's quick to switch topics. "Ista, huh? I was born and raised in Ista Weyr, though Oldtime. Nothing quite like Ista," she adds with a big smile for her former home before she resumes sipping at her whiskey more enthusiastically then before.

G'tan's eyes widen a bit when Linny mentions nearly losing her hand. "Thank Faranth, indeed," he intones, tilting his glass to the goldrider a bit before finishing it off and gesturing to the 'tender for another. He rolls with the change of topic - because who actually likes talking about Threadscore? - and turns on his barstool, propping his elbows on the polished bar behind him and letting his hands drape over the edge as he crosses his ankles. The smile Linny has for Ista is infectious, and he takes it up with a nod. "Yeah, no arguin' that. I was a weyrbrat there, too - just from nowadays. Would've been happy staying, but, y'know. Things happen." No elaboration just now! "So have you been there in this time? Any different from what you remember?"

"No, I haven't. I haven't even been back to High Reaches, which is where I impressed. Just…too hard, you know? Too many memories, not all of them happy," Linny says with a sad little grin pulling at her lips, but she easily shrugs off her sour dip in the conversation. "I'm sure it's just as beautiful as I remember it being. You simply can't beat an Istan beach. I'll get there eventually, if only because of the beach." Those waves, they call to a person. "How are you liking Igen so far? Anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable?" Though on a temporary leave due to her Thread score, Linny's back at the helm of being Igen's Welcome Wagon.

"Reaches isn't known for bein' the happiest of places these days, either," G'tan says with a light snort, and then he nods over the beaches. "Yeah. Best surfing in the world out there, too. I used to do that all the time, before Zin came along. Even did it some afterward, too. Maybe I'll sneak back and do it again sometime. You're welcome to come along, of course," he adds flippantly, grinning a little. "Anyway, Igen's alright. Too much sand, not enough water, but," he says, eying his glass, "the booze is great so far, the ladies aren't any less easy on the eyes, Zin loves the place, so." He shrugs. "Can't complain too much. What about you? Been here long?"

"I'm not much of a surfer. More of a….beach lounger." Gotta keep the tan up, obviously. "Oh, I've been here for a few months. Came here to help Sadaiya with Tuli in Southern, but there are days when I wonder if she's coming back at all. Wouldn't mind if I was asked to stay. I've grown to quite like it here. If you can get over the dry heat and the dust, and if you close your eyes, it's kind of like Ista." Okay, not really, but Linny's smirking over at him, so hopefully she was just joking. The rest of her whiskey is finished off, the glass pushed forward, but the goldrider doesn't order another. "It's really not so bad once you get used to it, so just give it a chance if you're not completely settled on it yet."

"Oh yeah. Bet if I just lay out on the lake shore there, pull my shirt off, I'll tan twice as fast as at Ista," G'tan remarks drolly, and he notes her smirk with a chuckle. "I'm fine with givin' it a chance. No choice, really. I'd probably end up punching someone at any of the other Weyrs, too. Well, maybe not Southern, but everywhere else…" He gestures vaguely to conclude, then sips again. "So you're not officially here yet? Wouldn't've guessed; you fit right in. Not a welcoming committee I'm about to complain over," he says with another wink, and he stretches, a dull pop coming from somewhere in his shoulders before he settles again. "Where were you before here? Or did you…just get here from back then?" Which would be a little odd, but that's why he's asking.

Another wink means another flirty smile from the weyrwoman, dimples showing before she turns serious again when his questions resume. "Oh, I traveled. Bounced from Weyr to Weyr, filling in where ever I was needed. Took some much needed time for myself when I wasn't. It was…nice. But when I heard about Tuli, of course I had to come. But this is the first Weyr where I feel like I could stay, you know? Traveling is great, but I'm ready to get back to being a full-time weyrwoman." Linny leans in conspiratorially towards G'tan, mischief dancing in her eyes….and then they unfocus, her expression going from blank to rippling with fear. "You didn't see me. You hear? I wasn't here!" Marks are fished out of her cleavage (classy, right?) before the goldrider hops down off of her stool. "Lovely to meet you, G'tan. Don't be a stranger." But then the petite woman is slipping out of the inn before whoever is looking for her through Kaelidyth can find her.

G'tan nods as he listens to Linny answer, and then is surprised to find her leaning in as though there's something good to be shared. He's just picked up on the mischief in her gaze and is most definitely all for condoning it before she's distracted out of whatever she was about to do. Sharditall! Classy or no, the fact that Linny's pulling marks from her cleavage is rather attention-grabbing, and the bronzerider blatantly watches, emphatically shaking his head when he's warned. "Not here! No hearing, nothing. Got it. Great to meet you, too!" He watches as she leaves, then turns back to the bar, a brow raised along with one corner of his mouth as he focuses on enjoying the rest of his whiskey.

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