Daenerys, Xanthee


Xanthee barges in on Daenerys trying to eat dinner to reveal that she has learned what he was trying to keep from her.


It is sunset of the fourth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Cattery (Daenerys' Yurt), Igen Weyr

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"I know something about you."

The Cattery (Daenerys' Yurt)

The tools of one's trade are never quite retired; along one leather-and-lace lined wall of this intimate, monochrome space, they are on display, fleshing knives, scrapers, awls, and various brushes are hung in precise order, a tight-woven wicker basket beneath them, empty but worn and well-used. Tied between two posts, a net holds various cured skins, ready to be cut and shaped into various kinds of gear; that same set of posts also supports a worktable whose shelves keep various bits of parchment organized and provides a convenient workspace from which his goods are produced and repairs are made. Flung across the floorspace are two large black feline hides, fur side up; the heads still retain their skulls, all empty eye sockets and rows of gleaming white teeth, while the paws display sharp talons polished to a deadly gleam. As far away from the opening as one can get, yet another fur is spread over a comfortable, pillow-stuffed hammock stretching to clai the small alcove in which it's been stationed. Yet more posts support a narrow balcony that circles the walls at just above the height of a very tall man; at either end, a rope ladder dangles. What's up there, no one knows, nor is willing to risk life and limb to find out about. Scattered about are piles and piles of pillows embroidered in black and gold, black and silver, and black and blue.

The sun's set, and studies of various kinds are released unto the Caravan Grounds like a hungry horde of locusts to descend on the cookwagon with their ravening appetites and excited chattering. Unlike many of the guard trainees, Daenerys has the great good fortune to be allowed his own space, and it is there he takes his meal to eat in relative peace and silence, with only his small fair of firelizards to hover in hopes of a tidbit or two. But, alas, they're so, SO out of luck, for Daenerys is beset by a hunger that equals a new-hatched dragon! All this new activity and training has roused his appetite beyond the usual for him, and there is yet more physical training to come, so he will need all the fuel he can stuff into his face. And stuff his face he does, though those pretty manners instilled in him by his foster mother have not entirely deserted him; the man actually cuts his meat into bite-sized pieces on the plate, and spears them with his fork to lift to his mouth almost daintily. Oh, hi mom would be so proud; so proud!

Winding her way through the milling crowds at the Zingari camp, Xanthee is dressed in one of her work dresses with a battered riding jacket over top to keep out the chill. There is an air of determination on her face, eyes focused on one particular leatherworker's yurt. Without so much as a how to do, and maybe secretly hoping that she will catch her friend at some interesting pursuit, she whips aside the panel of fabric that is passed off as a door and says in her cheeriest voice, "Brother-mine! Can I come in?" She doesn't wait for an answer before striding into his space and looking around, facinated at this choice of decorations. "So this is what it looks like in here." she comments off-handedly, as if she didn't just completely barge in on him.

Wait, what?! And here Daenerys thought he actually tied that flap down to prevent any unexpected visitors! But too late, Xanthee is all up in that bad boy, and looking quite smug about it, too. With a sigh, Daenerys sets down his cutlery and eyes Xanthee with weary, weary bemusement, propping his chin on a fist as he watches her look around the place. "Oh, do come in, sister-love, be my guest." Is that sarcasm? Maybe just a little, heavily leavened by amusement; he's long since given up on drilling any sort of protocol into his impudent young adoptive sister. Besides, she's funnier when she's spontaneous. "And yes, this is what mine looks like on the inside. What, you've never seen it before?"

"It's…very…" Xanthee tries to get the right word out as she takes in his bachelor pad. "You." is all she can manage as she turns to him with the cheekiest of smiles. She nearly skips over to the table where he is sitting with his meal, flopping down in the chair across from him, and quickly plucking one of those bite sized pieces of meat from his plate and pops it into her mouth, chewing appreciatively, "Mmmmm, that's really good." she exclaims once she has cleared her mouth.

Daenerys squints. … and there goes his food. If he didn't like Xanthee so much, he'd actually bite her fingers off for daring to steal his meal. But, like most older brothers, he puts up with all manner of shenanigans from her. He leans back in his cair instead, eyeing the girl out of sparkling dark eyes. "Naturally, as a girl, you would prefer more color, less dead skins hanging around." Oh, he's been read that act already by various young ladies; so far, he's ignored all attempts to enliven and femininze the place. He'll just roll around in all the creepiness, thank you very much. "Yeah, it is good food. The cook knows how to feed a man." Especially one that likes to bat his eyelashes at her and look like a poor starving waif even when he's nowhere near that. Another bite is forked up and savored — mm, they don't make this in the Weyr, whatever it's called. He didn't catch the name they'd given the mixture of meat and vegetables stir-fried and seasoned just below 'on fire' spicing. "So what brings you out her, besides to eat my dinner for me?"

"No, I think I like it, it's growing on me." Xanthee says as she looks around leaving the rest of his food alone, because she's not completely heartless. Propping her elbows up on the table in front of her, hands clasped together as she rests her chin on them looking at him with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes and a sly smile on her lips. "Well…." she says, drawing out the word teasingly, "I know something about you." she says in a sing song voice.

Oh, good, Daenerys will just clean off his plate real quick, if only to save his food from the other vultures in the place, who have now settled themselves in true vulture fashion on the upper story with wings half-furled, eyeing the table and the plate of disappearing food with keen interest. That interest soon turns to disappointment as Daenerys leaves them not a single solitary scrap to steal. He doesn't love them. "Oh, and do you, now?" He asks Xanthee curiously, pulling his runnertail forward over his shoulder to play with as he gazes, coyly sidelong, at Xanthee. "Do tell."

Xanthee watches him finish his food and then when he speaks again she nods emphatically. "I know what you were hiding. That you and Reveka…" And here the weyrbrat just waggles her eyebrows suggestively as her smile broadens on her face, "However did you think you were going to keep that from me? I mean really." At this she scoffs loudly and sits back in her chair. "So.. you may shower me with thanks for my excellent matchmaking skills now."

"Oh, and did we? Wherever did you hear that fantastic little rumor?" Daenerys is simply not gonna confirm or deny anything she says — at least not until he's certain of where she got her news. Even if it's likely half the Camp has heard their trysts, as they hadn't bothered to try and keep it quiet, or anything. BUt then, it is Xanthee, whom he loves deeply even when she's being a pest. "And if it were to have happened, I might be inclined to agree that Reveka is a lovely bedpartner. You know, if I were the kind of guy to discuss such things."

"It's not a rumour if you hear it from the other party involved." Xanthee says as she leans back, hands behind her head, fingers intertwined, her smirk of smug satisfaction firmly in place despite his evasiveness. "There's no use playing coy Daen, I know. And if it's worth anything, highly approve." Of course she does, it was her idea to set them up together anyway. "I'm sure she is, I've seen her dance." at the lovely bedmate comment. "Now why did you feel the need to keep this juicy tidbit from me?" Her hands drop back down to her lap and she sticks out her lower lip in a pout, "I am so hurt that you wouldn't tell me yourself though. I thought you cared." Ohhh, she's laying it on thick, payback for his evasiveness in the Rockfall cave.

"I suppose it isn't." Daenerys will agree affably, dropping his hair and letting ig fall into place with a soft sigh. The memory of that wonderful, exhausting night still has the power to make hi grin a little smugly. Reveka had definitely been worth the chase. And then he frowns a little at Xanthee, not quite sure why the idea of keeping silent surprised her so."It just seems odd to me to talk about whom I've invited into my bed. It never occured to me that you'd want the details." But wait: she's pouting at him again. He cants his head and watches the girl go into full-on guilt-trip-laying, and chuckles, completely unmoved by her pouting.. "Oh, not the fake tears again, lovely. It was all I could do not to laugh at you the last time. Do you know how many apprentices tried that on me back when I was a Tanner?" But back to the subject at hand: "Well, now, what do you want to know, my inquisitive one?"

Xanthee replaces her pout with an easy smile, as she giggles mirthfully, "I don't need the details, Reveka has already filled me in on that score." Xan gives him a little wink and leans forward again. "You didn't think I would want to know that my brother and my best friend have finally managed to get together after my very careful matchmaking?" She questions idly as she waggles a finger at him in a mock scolding. "Even though I know Reveka said you are not together or anything, but I will take what I can get." For now anyway. At his assertion that her acting abilities are subpar, Xan merely flicks her fingers dismissively, "Worked well enough on the Aunties in the Lower Caverns." she says haughtily.

Oh, dear. Daenerys sighs heavily. There are just things a man doesn't need his sister knowing about. "Careful, my ass. You practically shoved her into my lap, girl." Obviously, he wouldn't mind too much right now if Reveka crawled into his lap and did some of those lovely figure eights. Dem hips, doe. They do not lie. "No, Xanthee, we are not… 'together.' We happen to enjoy each other's company, though." He snorts. "Those old Aunties are pushovers. I used to get away with murder with just the right look." And cue The Look: All big brown eyes and pouty lip just so, the very image of sweet, trembling round-eyed innocence is he, as adorable as a kitten in the sun; just look at those pretty, pretty eyes!

"And you still haven't thanked me for that." Xanthee says after his comment of shoving Reveka at him. "But you are very welcome anyway. And who knows what the future will bring." She leaves that hanging on purpose, obviously not convinces that the current status quo between her two dear friends will remain as it is. Then Daenerys is looking at her with round eyed innocence which elicits a hearty giggle from the raven-haired girl. "Not bad, not bad." she will acquiesce.

"A little trick I picked up from my father. He was especially good at it. Man was rising sixty and still managed to pull the wool over many an Auntie's eye." It certainly helped that the man had the thin, half-starved body of a street rat, though he'd been healthy almost to the end. "Pff, why are you trying to get me into a relationship? Can I not enjoy the many lovely flowers in this garden as I will it? I'm a very young man, Xanthee." Daenerys will lay a hand upon his heart, simply aghast at not being allowed to share his pretty self with all the single ladies! Every single one must have the kitty cat curl up with them at least once!

"I am not trying to force you into anything Daen." Xanthee says, a serious look now on her face. "I know that not everyone wants the deeply emotional, can't live without the other, loving connection that Mal and I share." yeah, no laying it on thick there, "And I totally respect anyone's choices when it comes to relationships. I am just glad that my friend was able to have her first time with someone so sweet and caring as I know my brother to be." At the comment about enjoying all the flowers in the garden, Xan rolls her eyes with exaggeration, "And of course, I would never expect you to give up the adoration of the ladies, I know how much you love the attention." She chuckles lightly. "Do you have to set up a schedule or something to keep them all straight?" uh oh, someone's curiosity is getting the better of her as she subtly tries to suss out just exactly how many 'flowers' make up his current bedmate bouquet.

He's quite glad she does understand his need to be free, to roam about and play his little games among willing participants. "Oh, I know it. Amd I did my best to make her first time lovely." Or at least, not a disaster like the previous attempt had been. Plainly, she'd enjoyed his loving quite a lot. He snorts when Xanthee asks after how many lovers he currently juggles. "Enough to keep myself well satisfied, Xanthee."

"Well as long as you're satisfied with that I suppose…" Xanthee says as she places her hands onto the table to push her back to standing. A mischievous twinkle returning to her emerald eyes. Then in a quick motion, she is around the table and throws her arms around his neck, squeezing him tightly as she plants a friendly kiss on his cheek. "Just as long as you are happy, that's all that matters to me, I hope you know that." She tilts her head then to look him in the eyes, "Now sadly I must depart, I only have the one lover and I have been woefully neglecting him lately. I should go make that up to him." She offers him a little wink, and another squeeze before she stands up straight again, running her hands over her dress to smooth it, fingers combing through her hair to settle it just so.

Daenerys will return the hug as tightly as it's given — he really does love her, very much. "Hmm." he even gets a little thrill out of the kiss she plants on his cheek, closing his eyes and leaning in just a little bit with a near purr of pleasure. "Yes, go make your MIner feel wonderful. I'm certain you know how." He'll stand up, ad begin brainding his hair in preparation for the next round of torture by the guards. "And I mustr be off to the next round of PT. See you around, babay girl." And together, they walk out of his yurt, going forth to their respective evenings.

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