Th'res, Amani


Clutchmates catch up over some indoor PT.


It is midmorning of the thirteenth day of the eighth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Sparring Room, Southern Weyr

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"If his memory's so good…who's all that for?"


Sparring Room

The sparring room of the guard barracks is wide and square, with a high vaulted ceiling. The floor is wooden, the stain and varnish long since worn off. All manner of weapon that one could imagine the Pernese training with line one wall, open use for those that are there for practice. There are also the expected punching bags and dummies, as well as padded mats to prevent anyone from busting their behind. Near the door a few benches are set out for a person to catch their breath. Sweat and body permeate the overall atmosphere.

Early morning activities in the Sparring Room are not uncommon, currently there is a few people here getting out of the rain. Th'res is one such person as he currently is working up a nice sheen of sweat as he works the heavy bag. He dances in place following the flow of a boxers rhythm, though his punches are not as heavy today so it doesn't seem he is currently working though some deep seated issue like usual.

Mirage PT is usually much less rigorous than PT for most other wings, for various reasons. But Amani, despite her busier schedule, does try to make the effort to keep herself in as good shape as the rest. It's harder in the colder months. Today, in the space between meetings, she slips into the guard barracks to fit in some extra training. She smiles to notice Th'res seemingly doing the same, setting down her satchel on a bench not far from him. "Just keeping warm?" she asks, pulling off her rain gear and jacket to hang up on a nearby hook.

Th'res glances over and shrugs as he keeps his rhythm going "No just keeping out of the rain, Jed loves to go and fly in weather like this and while it is fun sometimes I would rather not find out what happens to red heads when lightning strikes.." He finishes his set and wipes his face with the towel around his shoulders, as he gives her a smile "How about you little sister?"

"The same thing that happens to brunettes, I expect," Amani drawls in amused reply. Returning to the vicinity of her claimed bench, she starts in on some slow, easy twists to begin stretching. "Have I mentioned your blue is an odd one lately?" Probably. It's something she tends to point out, though it's all in fondness. "I just want to get in some upper body work before I get pulled into the council room again," she says with a sigh. "I finally have someone who I think will work out as an assistant, so I have a little more time to make sure I get in enough PT to satisfy me."

Th'res grins "He is always been odd, but I think that is part of his charm. He does strange things and people just go 'awwww' because he is so good natured." He nods when she talks of her work not giving her much free time, "I understand, now that 'somebody'" pointed eye-glare at the gold rider "Had the bright idea to make me wingleader, it seems like I have no free time at all.."

"Our entire clutch had quirks. Zymuraith is still as cryptic as ever," Amani notes with rueful affection, moving into some lunges. His "accusation" earns an arched brow and a shake of her head. "You said the exact same thing when you ended up wingsecond. How many times do I have to tell you I have little or nothing to do with that? If you want to complain to someone, go to Va'os. Or don't; you accepted it. And, if I can run a Weyr and still find time for myself here and there, so can you. What do you call this?" She gestures around them and fits him with a cheeky smirk. "It could be worse."

Th'res rolls his eyes and goes back to hitting the bag "I know, but now Jed has a big head again. And for that large blue it is rather annoying." He grows quiet for a time lost in his work out before saying "We really did come a long way haven't we. I mean all of us, our whole clutch has, I mean even F'kan has grown up and is talking about Weyrmating to a wilding.."

"Well, Zymuraith can tell him a thing or two if it gets bad," Amani offers, pulling her arms overhead now. Th'res' last earns a nod and a soft chuckle. "Yeah. So many of us in positions we never imagined for ourselves, even if we knew them to be possible somewhere in the backs of our minds." Mention of F'kan earns another smirk. "I helped set him up with a shipweyr for just that reason. I think it's probably happened already, all things considered." The brown rider is probably just busy enjoying it before he goes strutting it around.

"I bet he is.. I am already finding a suitable way to get him back for not asking for time off.." Th'res says teasingly as he adjusts from working the upper part of the bag to doing what could be called body shots. "Well we already knew you were going to be off in charge of something, maybe no the Weyr straight away but you were always good at being a leader." After he does a few more reps he stops asking "You want to hit the bag? I have found it is kinda soothing after those longwinded meetings.."

That confuses Amani a bit. "Not asking? He didn't just disappear after moving, did he?" F'kan might not be the brightest glow in the basket, but missing something like that just doesn't seem likely. Unless the man has just been that distracted with his new state. The offer of the bag earns a considering glance before the goldrider shakes her head. "No thanks. I might get to hitting things later." After the rest of her meetings. "Right now I'll stick with pushing and pulling." She starts with pushing, setting her hands against the edge of the bench and starting in on some elevated pushups. "So. How are things with you and Talya? Or are there things with you and Talya?" She doesn't make a point of being nosy about these things, usually, but she does care about how things are going for those closest to her.

The new attack of prying into love lives has Th'res shrugging "They are, the same..? I mean nothing has changed either way so status quo?" Not that he would notice as it would probably take a gold sized sign to tell him something was wrong. He sits down on the bench and drinks some water from his canteen "Why? Have you heard things?"

"I haven't heard anything, which is why I'm asking," Amani counters, her tone straining only a little as her heart rate and breathing pick up. "Everything's alright between you two?"

Th'res nods "As far as I know, though I am sure she would tell me if things were not going well." He really is a simple man, he grins over at her saying "How about you? how many new suitors have been come out of the Weyr walls since you took over?"

"Well, that'd be the hope!" Communication is such an important thing, after all. Amani laughs breathlessly to Th'res' last, finishing her current set and folding herself down onto a nearby mat. "I'm pretty sure the knot scares them all off. Except for one. And since you apparently haven't heard the gossip, it's a holder's son who has my attention…though we're mostly just testing the waters right now. Pash." She looks thoughtful for a moment before dropping down to prone and lifting her knees, bending them and starting to twist slowly side to side.

Th'res shrugs "I don't really give weight to gossip, I prefer to go straight to the source." He does give her a grin saying "But good for you that your at least testing the waters, I was worried you would end up as one of those crazy shut-ins or something." Ok he is probably half teasing. He leans back on the bench and adds "Oh Jed has something for Zym, one of those weird trinket things he is convinced she likes. Had me help make it so it at least won't fall apart on ya. Should I just have it delivered?"

"What? Why?" Though she knows Th'res is teasing, she's still a little alarmed by the notion. It's enough to pause her in her exercising, compelling her to turn her head and crane her neck a bit to stare at the bluerider. His next brings about a blink and a little smirk. "It'll mean more if he brings it himself," she points out. "Or if he asks her to meet him somewhere so she can take it, that sort of thing."

Th'res chuckles and shrugs "Because life has been kinda moving fast for you alot lately. That can toss a person off balance." Is his response to the 'why', he then nods and says "Ok sounds good, I will let him know when he is not off trying to see if he can use his wings to catch rain." There is a very exasperated sigh as he rolls his eyes at his dragons antics "It is times like these I am glad he wasn't born a Bronze or a Brown, can you imagine that weirdo siring a clutch that has the potential to have his quirk!?!?"

"That'll just be the way of things for me, Th'res. I could never let it make me into something like that, and neither would Zymuraith." Amani goes back to her twists, chuckling over mention of Jedameth's current antics. "He knows that's pretty much impossible while flying, right?" A shake of her head as she finishes up her set and sits up once more. "I don't know. I can imagine him having a clutch and being an enthusiastic clutchsire, for sure. Whether any of them would get his quirks, who knows?"

Th'res nods "He gets excited over all the clutches, and his weird little mind is kinda a pain in that way as he remembers every clutch that has been around after his." He shakes his head more before adding "I thought dragons were supposed to be forgetful but according to the dragon healers he as a surprisingly good memory." He stands up and starts to stretch out his legs saying "And he views anything impossible as just something no one has done right yet. He has a manual for everything you know. He even came up with one that he swears will get him up by the stars one day. That one keeps conveniently getting destroyed once every couple of seven days in hopes for him to forget about it."

Amani hums a little at that particular curiosity about Jedameth. "Even so, he'll probably lose details along the way. Even Zymuraith gets fuzzy about things eventually." Even in extraordinary cases, draconic memory is still what it is. Turning on her hip, the goldrider props herself into pushup position and starts in on some of those in earnest. "A manual? Is that something he makes you write out for him?"

Th'res nods "Yeah since he was hatched he is always looking at things in a break down of sorts…" He hums a moment then walks over to his bag pulling out a warn leather bound journal. The hides used for in the pages are well cared for even if it has seen a lot of use. "Here is one of the first ones he came up with about flying." He opens it up and reads "Step one, Stretch all wings to maximum length. Step two, check that all joints are functioning properly, step three give two practice flaps to test wing sail resistance…" He turns to show her the page as she does her work out as she can see it is a Fifteen step process. "And this is the revised edition…"

There's another arch of a brow as Amani glimpses the journal Th'res shows her, all that's contained within indistinct for the moment as she levers herself up and down. "If his memory's so good…who's all that for?" she asks bemusedly. "Is he thinking the new dragonets are going to need it somehow?"

Th'res shrugs "depends on the journal, sometimes it is to make dragonkind better. Sometimes I just think he likes doing it.." He gives a grin and puts it back in his bag saying "Either way I guess it is good for me. He gets me out of my shell and out into the world."

It's not something that Amani is likely to understand, given the way her own lifemate works. Jedameth's propensity for manual-making that is. But for Th'res' last, "There is that. And I'm glad he has." And so they'll both finish their workouts, musing further on the quirks of their respective lifemates and new roles in their home, eventually to return wherever their duties call until the next time they're able to catch up.

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