Date: March 11th 2018

Flying Solo, Flying Free Gold Beast
Description: Strength and determination is wrought in every inch of this gold, from the strongly-defined jaw down to her squat, inelegant tail. Grace may not be her strength, but she’ll hold herself with a newfound pride, challenging the world with a wild defiance. Her colour itself is most unusual: amber is painted over her blocky, awkward form, but it’s the patina that attracts the eye: the faintest hints of a greenish tone to her hide. But she doesn’t let this peculiarity get her down: she meets the world head on with flaming eyes, the sweep of her long, billowing wings taking her from here to there.
Inspiration: Defying Gravity from Wicked (Youtube Link)
Impressee: Talya

Measure in Love Bronze Dosequis
Description: Long, lithe, and very drapey, this bronze is the very essence of the word ‘relaxed’. Hard work? No thanks, he’d rather just hang around somewhere, relaxing and watching the world go by. Food is great too, though somehow he’ll never put on any weight. Slim and pale, his hide glows with the pale hues of sunrise over the desert. He’s a real handsome one, and he’s got an eye for the ladies, too! But there is an intelligence in those bright eyes of his - it’s just that he’s much happier sprawled over a shoulder or around a neck that putting his smarts to use.
Inspiration: Seasons of Love from Rent (Youtube Link)
Impressee: R'ku

Gent of Good Intent Bronze Gent
Description: Appearances can be deceiving: at first glance, this squat, sturdy bronze is the very image of perfection. He holds himself with the utmost self-confidence, moving with a casual air. If anything, this bronze /slimes/ around, friendly to absolutely everybody and anybody that looks his way. He loooves the ladies too - even if they don’t love him back. It’s up close that the perfect appearance is not quite so pure: this is a rusted bronze to be sure, the grubbiness of tarnished joints and spots all too evident. No amount of washing and oiling will make them go away - it’s just who he is!
Inspiration: Master of the House from Les Miserables (Youtube Link)
Impressee: Vaeslyn

Man Up, Magic Touch Blue
Description: Small would be an accurate way to describe this blue; chubby a less polite, but equally on point. All soft, round edges, this blue seems to bounce happily from place to place, his wings looking comically undersized compared to his body. His colouring is amusing, too: palest blue on his main body, there’s a single slash of indigo from the base of his neck down to mid-chest. His legs, too, are that same dark hue from the base of his body down to his curved black talons. The colouring is so nearly pure and perfect, but there’s a darker splotch here and there on his body, almost like wrinkles in his hide that just won’t go away. His movements are all confident, made with purpose - even if they sometimes end in a tumble.
Inspiration: Making Things Up Again from Book of Mormon (Youtube Link NSFW)
Impressee: Bronrick

Chopped Liver Blue Novyi
Description: Small and unassuming, following in someone’s shadow is this blue’s prerogative. He doesn’t like to make his presence known - indeed, he’s practically silent. Maybe it’s best that he’s overlooked, because he’s - well, not much of a looker. Everything about him screams filthy even after he’s had a wash, poor thing. A patchy, dusty blue all over, he constantly looks like he’s been rolling in dirt, even if he hasn’t. He has a rather hangdog look about him too, almost sort of hunched up under the weight of an invisible burden. Despite his less than perfect looks, he’s extremely companionable though, cheerful and upbeat as he follows one around like a true, devoted friend.
Inspiration: I’m all Alone from Spamalot (Youtube Link)
Impressee: W'lin

Date: September 4th 2018

Civilised or Savage Gold Legato
Description: This gold is small and delicate, a graceful beauty. A vibrant light gold, the colour deepens on her extremities, the shades subtly shifting as if painted on in watercolour. Faint, darker speckles of more burnished gold speckle her sides. During nighttime hours, she closes up, happy to rest and to sleep. But in the daylight, the diaphanous breadth of her wingsails is more often than not on show as she revels in the sun’s warmth. For the most part she is calm and sedate, drifting from place to place. When provoked however, a savage, feral side rears its ugly head, and woe betide anyone who gets on the wrong side of it. Insects in particular should beware, for they will be a favourite meal.
Inspiration: Night Howlers from Zootopia
Impressee: Zetali

Lucky Find Bronze Lucky
Rapidly growing to a relatively small size, this bronze’s hue has stronger undertones of green than most. There is no doubt of his true colour though, metallic and shimmering as he is. He’ll often remain close to the ground, as much due to his short limbs as for his habit of searching for hidden treasures. His innate ability to find things could - properly used - be a useful skill indeed. Left to his own devices, he will go sneaking about, especially into places where he should not go (he also seems to have a knack for getting past obstacles, despite the odds), rooting things out and digging for anything interesting.
Inspiration: The fictional Slavic plant, the rashovnik
Impressee: Xanthee

Earth’s Slumber Brown Grannus
A large, rotund, and decidedly earthy coloured fire-lizard, this brown more often than not has the appearance of being half-asleep. Indeed, sleeping is high on his (small) list of priorities, second being eating. His stubby wings fold ever so easily to his sides, as he curls himself up and finds a nice dark, quiet place to have a nap. One would be forgiven for assuming he is a lump of soil. That comparison ends immediately if he is woken: his loud voice comes into play here, screaming his annoyance at being disturbed from his slumber. Fortunately, such use of his annoyingly shrill, penetrating shriek is short-lived, as he calms again to his usual sedate self.
Inspiration: The fictional mandrake plant
Impressee: Zannen