The Hatching Control Unit

The Hatching Control Unit (HCU) is the brains behind any Hatching. It holds all the information on all of the dragons and creates the dragon objects on the fly from pre-selected objects.


The first step in getting a HCU set up, or claiming an old one, is to get the authorized player set on it. There can only be one authorized player at a time, generally this is the search builder, though in cases of extreme secrecy it could be the Search Lead. Only a wizard can change or see who the authorized player on the HCU is, please contact one to have this part done.

If you are reusing an old HCU, you will also have to have the wizard reset it. They will need to delete all properties off the object, set .noeggs to 0 and set .alleggs to {}.

Note Almost every command on the HCU is set to send a notice to the wizard if anyone other than the authorized user attempts to use it. Please don't mess with other people's stuff.

Next, place the HCU in the hatching room, generally the weyr sands. Set the .hcu on the room to the object number of your HCU. This unlocks the pose*, egglist and egg verbs on the room. Also set the .hcu on any viewing rooms that you wish to also be able to use the egglist and egg verbs.

Adding Dragons

To add a new dragon to the HCU, type: addegg to <HCU #>

This will add a new default dragon. It will need editing.

Editing a Dragon

To enter the dragon editor, type: edit <HCU #>

Note You will be entering a menu system. This will lock up your input until you are done. Disable any non-standard anti-idle code before doing this.

Settable Items:

  • Dragon Name
  • Hatchling Name
  • Color
  • Weyr
  • Max Size
  • Hatchling Desc
  • Hatching Message - The HCU will prepend the hatchling name onto this. Use the format: "breaks out of.."
  • Impression Message - This is the message the player sees when they impress, not the message sent to the room.
  • Dam
  • Sire
  • Egg Name
  • Egg Desc
  • Object Number - This must be an object owned by either the owner of the HCU or the authorized player.

Viewing a Dragon on the HCU

The authorized player can view any dragon with the command: view # on <HCU #>

The Egg List

The HCU contains a list of eggs that are on the sands. This list is not connected to the dragons on the HCU, but is instead a way of having many more eggs on the sands than future dragons for RP purposes.

To add an egg, type: insertfauxegg <HCU #>

To view all the eggs: listeggs on <HCU #>

Any player may stand in a room connected to the HCU and see the eggs with: egglist

They may view the egg's description with: egg <#>

Hatching a Dragon

Typing: dohatch <HCU #> will bring up a menu and allow the authorized player to cause the HCU to create the dragon object and announce to the room that it has been hatching. Note Do not attempt to hatch the same egg twice! It will probably cause the entire Weyr to recycle itself or something.

Impressing a Dragon

To attach a dragon to someone: impress <dragon code> to <player>

This will ask them if they really want it and then do all the announcements and ownership changes. It will also register the dragon in the dragon name DB.