Milosh has had 25 scenes since creation in September 2017.

Location Igen Weyr
Position Zingari Spy Adept/Actor
Caravan Zingari Caravan, Armida Clan
Birthplace The Great Central Desert
Played By Zebedee Row

I have no plans to die today.


Common Knowledge

  • Call him Milo and you'll make an enemy, he prefers his full name.
  • He's very bisexual, and the epitome of a charming ass.
  • He can be a sweetheart when he wants to be, but he's deadly.
  • He's a crazy good Actor.
  • He's from the Armida Clan.
  • He's Echo's husband.
  • Echo bore him a daughter named Esmi.
  • He's got a wicked bromance with A'lira, though the two don't associate much anymore.
  • He was once a Zingari Escort, and is now retired from the job.
  • He's got a mercurial temperament.

Not So Common Knowledge

  • Milosh teaches disguise classes to the spylings.
  • Milosh also teaches hand to hand combat.
  • Milosh was married once, with a kid and everything. Firehead took both wife and child. And now that Echo is pregnant he's got an irrational fear that the past will repeat itself.
  • Beneath the seemingly easy going charmer lies a complicated and prideful man.

Classified Information

Attention: You must have level five access to view the information below….just kidding!