Though this man does not top six feet, he looks taller, though only just an inch or two shy. His long brown hair surrounds his face like a thick curtain, setting off the azure colored orbs set in his eye sockets. He has a feminine jaw, and a pretty face just barely covered by a light goatee. He is full of lean muscle that dusts his whole frame, bulging slightly at the arms and thighs. He's light colored for a child of the desert, but never seems to burn.

Milosh is bedecked in traditional desert wear. A light, emerald green vest covers his chest, though cover could be considered a strong word here, and billowing, loose black pants grace his bottom, tied to his waist with a green and silver sash. His feet are protected by a thick pair of sandals. What's not so traditional is the beads and feathers woven into his masses of hair and the multicolored, corded bracelets woven around the curve of his wrists. He wears rings on more than a few fingers and his eyes are lined in kohl.