Early Years

Moanna was born as an illegitimate child into the Imani Caravan. The byproduct of a gold flight loss, she was never told her father's name nor was the man ever informed of her existence. Her relationship with her mother Annadine was complicated at best. Her place as granddaughter to the Caravan leader, Moab only clouded the issue further.

Around her 18th year. Shortly after Moab's death Moanna was sent to live with her uncle and his weyrmate at Igen weyr under mysterious circumstances. After a few months of kitchens work she was adopted into the Zingari where she resumed her work as a highly accomplished dancer.

Candidacy & Weyrlinghood

After several months living among the Zingari, Moanna was searched by S'ayde, rider of green Kataskiath for Rhiscorath X Abraxath's clutch the same year she joined.

She went on to impress Green Maeveth.