Early Years

Born on the night of the cactus bloom in the Imani Canyon, she began life with the Imani traders. An illegitimate child, the grand daughter of Caravan Leader Moab, daughter to his daughter Annadine, and the result of a lost gold flight, Moanna was never able to meet her father, nor did he ever learn of her existence.

After her grandfather's death, Moanna was sent to live with her uncle, M'khal of Brown Llystareth, at Igen Weyr and was adopted into the Zingari a few months after. Where she rose to become one of the clan's top dancers, second only to Willimina herself in skill.

Candidacy & Weyrlinghood

Searched by S'ayde's Kataskiath, for Rhiscorath and Abraxath's clutch, Moanna stood and impressed to Storm-born Skull in the Desert Green Maeveth.