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That's Gotta Hurt 25 May 2018 05:00

Agertha, A'lira, Amarante, E'gus, En'rys, Diem, Divale, Doji, G'tan, I'yn, Katryana, Ko'an, Kyara, Liavhah, Magdaline, Miel, Moanna, R'ku, S'ayde, Sesa, Vosji, Zaria

Surprise Fall Over Igen and erratic winds is a recipe for disaster!

Willa, it's your Turnday! 11 Jan 2018 05:00

Willimina, Tallel, Lillia, Agertha, Ziniel, evka, Timotin, Xanthee, Malosim, Echo, Daenerys, Varli, Ollene, Igraine, Aztrexia, Brenna, S'ayde(Cameo), Moanna(cameo) and Gold Anastasia(puppeted by Milosh)

It's the Zingari Caravan Leader's Turnday festivities!

Scary Predictions 28 Aug 2017 06:00

S'ayde, Moanna, Saydinna (S'ayde NPC)

S'ayde and Moanna let S'ayde's mother in on the pregnancy, and Saydinna gives her own predictions.

Coming & Goings 10 Jul 2017 07:00

Doji, Raktraeth, A'lira, Kyprioth, Moanna, Maeveth, Zavyr, Nynnth

One of those impossible-to-title scene that kind of has no…Focus.

Bombshells and Babies 06 Jul 2017 04:00

S'ayde, Moanna

Mo drops the bomb on S'ayde. Some conclusions are reached while others are not.

Evening Run Around the Lake 04 Jul 2017 04:00

Moanna, Agertha

In which Moanna and Agertha talk, and Agertha shows her rumored 'softer' side. (Don't laugh, she has one.)

Waiting to Unfold 29 Jun 2017 05:00

Doji, Moanna

Doji's waiting-for-hatching-day pacing brings her out to the lake and a brief talk with Moanna.

A Relaxing Fight? 06 Mar 2017 05:00

S'ayde, Moanna, Agertha

Agertha and S'ayde compete in the Pit while Moanna cheers them on. Some small talk too.

Confiding in Her 24 Jan 2017 07:00

Moanna, S'ayde

Backscened Happens slightly before Tough Deliberations S'ayde has some decisions to make and confides in Moanna

Of Monsters and Men 01 Jan 2017 05:00

Moanna, Zh'ain

Zh'ain answers the call when Moanna needs a shoulder on which to vent.

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Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Checking Up On Rumors 13 Jun 2018 05:00

Zaria, En'rys

Zaria and En'rys meet up in the Bowl.

Into Arroyo 06 Apr 2018 04:00

Zaria, Th'bek, S'ayde, A'lira-cameo

After learning of Last Call, Zaria tries to befriend some of the locals.

Rooftop Misfits 25 Mar 2018 04:00

Divale, R'keon, Zisiene

Three unlikely souls intersect on a popular rooftop…

Tapped 23 Sep 2017 07:00

S'ayde, Kataskiath, Zavyr, Nynnth

S'ayde and Kataskiath track down Zavyr and Nynnth, and tap them into Arroyo.

Ghosts & Darkness 09 Sep 2017 07:00

Divale, Lukoith, Zavyr, Nynnth

BACKSCENED before Weyrling Graduation. Divale calls Zavyr back to Igen for a visit. Divale presses, Zavyr shoves off. (gdoc, long)

Translation: Do I Need to Kick Your Arse? 17 Jul 2017 06:00

Agertha, S'ayde

((Backscened)) Happens a few days after Bombshells and Babies on the afternoon of Ready...Set...Rock!!!!

Solo Turnday Party, crashed. 13 May 2017 07:00

Divale, Lukoith, Zavyr

Zavyr, celebrating her 20th, runs into a Divale.

Hierarchy, Conspiracy & Advice 15 May 2017 07:00

Rizalyn, Diem, Kaitlein, Zavyr

A host of interesting characters pass through the Cantina, and an assortment of topics are discussed.

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