Name: Moanna
Gender: Female
ID #: 28487
Pronunciation: mo-ANN-ah
Age: Late teens-early twenties
Birthdate Last week of summer
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Common Knowledge

  • Born into the Imani Caravan.
  • Came to Igen Weyr to live with her Uncle around age 18.
  • Neice to M'khal, Rider of Brown Llystareth and his weyrmate Canna
  • Adopted into the Zingari Mother Caravan a few months later.
  • Renowned as one of the most skilled dancers of the Zingari troupe.
  • Known among the Zingari as a storyweaver.
  • Searched by S'ayde and Green Kataskiath for Rhiscorath and Abraxath's clutch.
  • Impressed to Storm-born Skull In the Desert Green Maeveth.