Things of Note on N'yulo

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Spots! 06 Jun 2018 23:00

N'yulo, R'zel

R'zel's firelizard may or may not have encountered something scary. R'zel and N'yulo work out the little mystery over lunch.

Sunset Search 09 Jun 2018 05:00

Treivyshe, N'yulo, Ibrahim

Two wildlings enjoy the sunset — at least until a dragonrider interrupts the peace.

The Farmer, The Herbalist, and The Gardener 09 Jun 2018 23:00

Ibrahim, Kyriatis, N'yulo

Kyriatis' indecision over… everything comes to head via an offer from Ibrahim, and another from N'yulo.

Class Reunion 17 Jun 2018 04:00

Ginger, Xanthee, N'yulo

Three people who shared Candidacy Turns ago converge on the Galleries for some egg spying.

Tasteful Tapestries 19 Jun 2018 06:00

F'kan, evka, Katryana, N'yulo

CANDIDATE BINGO : Candidates clean the stores, F'kan seeks to get rid of a few things, and N'yulo might pilfer them.

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Gossip About N'yulo

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com