This page will either be removed or relocated away from the main sidebar at the conclusion of the plot, but for now, this is a cohesive listing of all of the characters who are jumping forward to the 12th Pass from the 10th Interval.


Name Original Weyr Dragon Former Position
Alys Ista Weyr green Rakshamanith Breakwater Wingrider
Ianthe Fort Weyr green Nyskieth Wingrider
Hannah Ista Weyr gold Dhiammarath Jr. Weyrwoman
K'ane High Reaches Weyr bronze Dhioth Inferno Wingrider
Erei High Reaches Weyr green Khetanaxeroth Tsunami Wingrider/Dragonhealer
Lendai High Reaches Weyr gold Talicanitath Sr. Weyrwoman
Sadaiya Ista Weyr gold Jivayath Sr. Weyrwoman
Shea High Reaches Weyr blue Cervilaevarth Tsunami Wingrider
Tilla High Reaches Weyr green Amuirnith Tsunami Wingrider/AWLM/Dragonhealer
Tuli High Reaches Weyr gold Elicheritath Jr. Weyrwoman
B'ane Ista Weyr bronze Aboleoth Maverick Wingrider
Nika High Reaches Weyr blue Atmanth Tsunami Wingrider
Zeyta High Reaches Weyr brown Kczyslawborth Inferno Wingrider
Teyaschianniarina High Reaches Weyr brown Ryglinath Mudslide Wingrider
M'tej High Reaches Weyr brown Temyrth Mudslide Wingrider
Jedi High Reaches Weyr brown Llioramasith Tsunami Wingrider
Taya Ista Weyr Green Otyliath Riptide Wingrider
Ada Ista Weyr Green Fionabhairth Breakwater Wingrider
Kanga Ista Weyr brown Ruenalth Breakwater Wingrider
Sh'z High Reaches Weyr bronze Lakenheath Tsunami Wingrider & Guard Sergeant
Nerai Ista Weyr green Auralyth Riptide Wingsecond
L'cian Ista Weyr bronze Xygemth Riptide Wingrider
R'co Ista Weyr brown Deveriteauxth Breakwater Wingrider
Riyn Ista Weyr green Vazirynath Sr. Apprentice Healer
Yukie Healer Hall green Inayalinaeth Journeyman Healer
Vashaetria Ista Weyr blue Jovianth Sr. Apprentice Healer
Kyara Ista Weyr green Liareth Jr. Journeyman Harper
N'iel Ista Weyr Green Roxeauth Wingrider


Name Craft Original Posting Rank
Kesara Dolphineer Ista Sea Hall Master
Mienta Dolphineer Ista Sea Hall Journeyman
Alesa Harper Ista Harper Hall Master
Realilina Harper Ista Harper Hall Journeyman
Kahielle Herder Herderhall Beasthealer
Mireille Herder Herderhall Sr. Jman
Dale Smith Smith Hall (Ista) Master / Former MasterSmith
Zannen Seacrafter Big Bay Hold Jr. Apprentice


Name Caravan Rank
Siraji Wherz Caravan Leader/IW Trader Liaison


Name Original Home Position
Veresch Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Lyllian High Reaches Hold Holdbrat
Illianu High Reaches Hold Drudge
Shibeazltrix High Reaches Weyr Weyrbrat