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I play in both areas and am currently back on Igen's staff after a break! I have a lot of alts between mains and cameos (they cycle). I'm in US EST and tend to be more of a daytime player but pop up in the evenings on occasion and especially when there's something planned. If you want a scene and you can't catch me, please @send and I'll do my best to schedule something. <3

I'm also happy to play in gdocs, but if it takes over a few days I may forget to check the log and need to be poked to pose.

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19 Sep 2018 04:00

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zetali_default.jpg 40.png xanthee_default.jpg

Both the shorter-term (chores) and the longer (Candidacy). Bonus inter-Weyr politics griping at the end!

12 Sep 2018 04:00

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G'tan, Ixanedre, Vosji, NPC Candidate Fish (aka Elbow Boy)


G'tan is hoping to enjoy some PT by the lake shore, Vosji lost her pen and a few Candidates who're also slated with PT allow tempers to get the best of them…

09 Sep 2018 04:00

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After helping with a few odd jobs for Vosji, Ixanedre ends up getting the nudge of encouragement he needed to give Candidacy a shot before he ages out…

31 Aug 2018 04:00

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n-iel_default.jpg 10.png

A casual run-in results in Vosji getting ideas, N'iel maybe getting a job later, and concerns about clutch sizes (numerically and length-wise).

23 Aug 2018 07:00

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While relaxing on the lake shore, Vosji and Iskanzivoth are joined by H'rik and a Very Enthusiastic Wendryth, and a Very Awkward Apprentice Harper Zetali. Fun times are had by all!