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My page was getting super unwieldy, so it has now been cut down to … this mostly empty zen-garden-like space.

I play in both areas and like to staff sometimes! I have a lot of alts between mains and cameos (they cycle). In US EST with a ridiculous job plus grad school; my availability is relatively unpredictable. If you want a scene and you can't catch me, please @send and I'll do my best to schedule. :) I manage to keep up with gdocs if scenes get finished in 2-3 days, and after that I kind of suck.

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13 May 2018 04:00

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It's just locusts. It's not the haunting screams of dead weyrlings.

17 May 2018 04:00

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Two Istan blueriding women catch up briefly in the Tea Room over lunch where Vosji offers sage advice to Zaria.

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Igen finally gets to the root of the odd noises coming out of the desert.

23 Apr 2018 04:00

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In the hours before dawn, Vosji and Miel investigate the training grounds for possible sources of nighttime noises…