Timezone EST
Time on HT Since May 2017, but I played in the late 90's, early 00's as well
WikiHandle dragon-pet

How did you find/join Harper's Tale MOO?

I first discovered Harper's Tale in the mid-late 90's and had a character up through the mid '00s when my life just took me away from M*ing in general. But now, 10 years later, life may still be kinda crazy, but I joined up again on a whim cause I needed more RP in my life. And I'm loving it. Really focusing on one alt right now because that's what I prefer.

Current Alts


Past Alts

Elyssa - She was a Trader at one of the Holds back in the late 90's early 00's. I'm not sure which hold anymore, could have been Fort. It's been a long while.

RP Style

I am a pretty easy-going RPer, I can be up for anything really. I like light and fluffy as well as dark and gritty, actually could use a bit more dark and gritty RP in my life if I'm honest. I tend to like medium length poses on average, but I can get a little wordy if the muse hits me. Totally open to farout TPs that are out of the norm. Just ask me, I'll probably say yes is my motto.

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