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Time on HT Since May 2017, but I played in the late 90's, early 00's as well
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How did you find/join Harper's Tale MOO?

I first discovered Harper's Tale in the mid-late 90's and had a character up through the mid '00s when my life just took me away from M*ing in general. But now, 10 years later, life may still be kinda crazy, but I joined up again on a whim cause I needed more RP in my life. And I'm loving it. Really focusing on one alt right now because that's what I prefer.

So even though I had intended for Xan to be my main character, that's no longer true. I like being able to play who I want at that moment, without worrying that I'm playing too much of one or another.

RP Style

  • The most important thing to know about me, as an RPer, is I could be up for just about anything, so feel free to ask
  • I don't shy away from IC drama or darker themes and usually ok with anything deemed ICC for my ICAs.
  • Light powerplay is usually fine with me
  • I play up to and including NC-17, but am more interested in keeping things to everyone's comfort levels
  • If you don't like something I'm doing, please just speak up. I love feedback and have no problem at all with constructive criticisms
  • My goal is always organic RP that is enjoyable to all

Current Alts


Icon Name Location Info
Ryott24.png Ryott Southern Weyr Ryott, formerly a Zingari Spyling with a deadpan manner, a morbid curiosity, and dark sarcastic wit. She is originally from the small Tsigano clan, daughter of the leaders, she traveled to Igen Weyr to enter the Spyling program at only 13 turns of age, graduating to Senior at 15. At 16, she's accepted Search at Southern Weyr, where she impressed Gold Wrayth.
Xan1.jpg Xanthee Igen Weyr Xanthee is a weyrbrat born and bred at Igen Weyr, orphaned by her brownriding mom at the age of 4 Turns, her father a bronzerider she only connected with as a teen. Her ultimate dream was to be a rider like her mom, and after four Candidacies, she finally found her emerald green Liowyth on Igen's Hatching Sands. After Weyrlinghood, her and longtime beau Malosim, made things official and got weyrmated.
Alyna17.jpg Alyna Southern Weyr A veteran of over a decade of threadfighting, her and her green Haquith have transferred to Southern Weyr after 12 turns at Igen. The change of scenery seems to have been just what she needed. In less than a turn, she has fallen for, and weyrmated, a charming bluerider and they welcomed their first child, a son named Adryn.
f-kan_default.jpg F'kan Southern Weyr F'kan was an NPC I created for a TP I did during Xanthee's second Candidacy at Southern Weyr. He was an unabashed playboy, but he's managed to change his ways and is now serving as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster.
Zaria6.jpg Zaria Igen Weyr Zaria's a special case. She was originally on PernWorld, but I don't really play there anymore, so I moved her over to be my primary rider character at Igen Weyr. She's a bluerider from Ista Weyr originally and transferred to Igen Weyr for promotion opportunities.


Icon Name Location Info
Eryzz1.jpg Eryzz Southern Weyr Eryzz is my only Crafter alt. He's a newly minted Journeyman Harper who finagled a posting at Southern Weyr with ulterior motives. He specializes in Archiving/Records, as well as plays the guitar.
Echo7.jpg Echo Igen Weyr Born into the Zingari sister clan the Kheeriin, Echo was a shy girl, preferring to spend all her time with the runnerbeasts who she has learned the care of in her 20 odd turns of life. She has definitely come out of her shell since coming to Igen. The main reason behind that was her somewhat offbeat courtship with her now-husband, Milosh. They recently welcomed a baby girl, Esmi.
maksym_default.jpg Maksym Igen Weyr A Zingari Trader who has just reached the age of maturity and passed his tests.
karysha_default.jpg Karysha Igen Weyr Born to the Steen, Karysha has been cosseted and spoiled her whole life and now that she's reaching adulthood, her only goal is to find the best matrimonial match possible, one that will secure a nice, comfortable life for her.

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