Timezone EST
Time on HT Summer 2016
WikiHandle Kelthero

How did you find/join Harper's Tale MOO?

I've always known of HT and why it took me until now, after almost 16 years of Pern MU* and RP'ing, to join… I've no idea. There might have been a time I did peek in as a Guest years ago, but RL ate me before I could sit down and really focus on creating.

So while I'm new to the MOO, I am not new to Pern. My handle should be a dead give away as to who I am elsewhere, but if you're curious, don't hesitate to poke me! I played on a few other MU*s too over the years (all inactive now).

Just a heads up, I am new to MOO code too. So if I bork something or goof, this is my apology in advance! I'll try not to break things… too often.

Main Alts



Secondary Alts

Ennrion (Retired)

Veena (Retired)

RP Style

I'm not sure exactly what my RP style is. Eclectic? I love organic RP, but there are times that I enjoy (very loosely) planning out something. Angst and drama, as well as darker themes, are a-okay with me so long as I've a little bit of warning if it's going to be pretty severe. I love forming relationships between characters, be they good or bad. I'm power-play okay; just no seriously maiming my characters or killing them. ;) Rating wise, I'm comfortable to do anything from G - NC-17.

Another heads up: I'm a slow poser. I really try hard not to be, but with a combination of RL and sore wrists, it can make typing a little sluggish. I tend to really think out my poses too, which often doesn't help with speed. ;) So I generally prefer smaller scenes, but can (and will!) RP larger ones on occasion.

And if ever something comes to mind, even mid-scene, don't be shy! Bring it up OOCly and I'm more than happy to discuss it! :D


Right now my availability is kind of all over the place. I work 40hrs a week on a schedule that is constantly rotating and never quite the same week by week. On top of that, I've a toddler son and if my husband is away out of town at work, I'm solo-parenting. So largely, I am available only after 8pm EST on most days (including weekends). Sometimes I can do daytime RP on my days off!

In a nutshell? Page me and ask if I'm available! I'll say yes in most cases, but even if I'm not available, I often try to work out a 'raincheck' if possible!