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How did you find/join Harper's Tale MOO?

“It simply isn't an adventure worth telling if there aren't any dragons.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

So here I am, poking around on Facebook one summer night, and my gaze happens to land on the Groups link over in my left sidebar. There's a Dragonriders of Pern page I've liked (some time ago), and there's a notification there that something is new. That doesn't seem to happen terribly often on this particular page. So I click on it, and someone has posted something from a MOO called Harper's Tale, talking about an imminent Search to take place at Igen Weyr.

I consider this for a moment (initially wondering what the heck MOO stands for before moving on), recalling a time roughly a decade ago when I first tried Pern RP. It was email-based, and pretty fun (the now-defunct Lakesedge Weyr, to be exact; anyone happen to remember it?). After about four months, I quit playing because I had to be a good little Music Ed major and devote every waking minute to school. And while I would reread Pern every now and then, I never did try to RP again.

This notice from HT catches my eye, though. Makes me think. I'm not in school anymore; I'm working a day job at Barnes & Noble and picking up gigs as an actor, voice actor, and film composer whenever I can, taking a class once a week as I work to hone my craft. And I spend a little too much time "studying the voice acting" in the video games on my XBox. My brain wants a different stretch. I love Pern and haven't revisited that world in a while, even though my mind strays there from time to time. And, well, doing an online RP in real time will - in a way - help my improv skills, right?


Next thing I know, I'm looking at the Harper's Tale site, peeking into the flash chat, and finding things based on CODE that seems nearly Greek to me. It's very intimidating to look at, initially. I start wondering if I really have time to devote to learning this stuff, but I resist the doubts, download Atlantis onto my MacBook, and run into some wonderfully friendly people who help me set up my character.

Enter the n00b, stage left!

I stepped foot into Igen Weyr of the 11th Interval for the first time in June 2013, and I find myself with no intention of leaving!

A Bit About Me

I like people to know my real name, but I won't post it here. Click on my WikiHandle, if you're curious. Or just ask ;)

I was introduced to Pern as a freshman in high school (over a decade ago), and I started fanfic-ing with it pretty quickly. I gravitated toward the Harper characters (since I pretty much am one in real life) and thought it would be so cool to be a HAD commoner (specifically, a Harper) who would go on to become a goldrider with my own personal flock of firelizards, getting caught up in a whirlwind romance with a handsome bronzerider - y'know, the usual. It took me getting older to understand why all the other types of characters were cool, too. It's probably my favorite world in all of written sci-fi/fantasy. However, I haven't yet read beyond All the Weyrs of Pern. It's possible I never will; I'm not a fan of Todd's writing.

I'm a geek and proud of it! Bring up Doctor Who, video games (especially RPGs), Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Avatar: The Last Airbender, cosplaying…more scholastic topics like mythology, archaeology (particularly where ancient Egypt is concerned), astronomy, kung fu (okay, that's not really scholastic, but I study it)…yeah. Any of those things, and you have my complete attention. And of course, acting and music (check out some of my film scores/other pieces here if you like:, since I'm constantly immersed in those. And Pern. Else I wouldn't be here :)

Current Alts

Amania2.jpg Amani PB: Shay Mitchell A cheeky but aloof young woman from the Underground (Kurkar Hold), Amania escaped a life of scraping by and surviving with no clear end in sight, looking to capitalize upon her skill with a crossbow and desire to grow beyond the poverty she's always known. She ended up at Igen Weyr, where she took odd jobs in the Bazaar until the Zingari returned from their journeys to re-settle on the caravan grounds. She then became a part of the caravan after serving some months as a guard. Then, just as she was settling in, she was Searched for Dhiammarath and Dhioth's clutch at Southern Weyr…and the part of her that wanted to see more won out over her fear to find her accepting the white knot. That acceptance eventually resulted in her Impression of gold Zymuraith, and she is now Amani, Southern's youngest Junior Weyrwoman.
rielle_default.jpg Rielle PB: Olivia Wilde A transplant from Fort's Healer Hall to Southern Weyr, Rielle found herself becoming a permanent resident after being Searched by bronzerider T'zaim, Standing for Dhiammarath and Khalyssrielth's clutches, and Impressing brown Obhaeroth. Before that, she came to Southern on a requested posting almost immediately after being promoted to Jr. Journeyman in the Healercraft. She initially had some trouble attaining higher ranks, and there's definitely an uncomfortable story there. Now wingleader for Serval, she still keeps up her Healing skills in a field medic capacity, something she was able to keep sharp while flying with Ocelot after graduating weyrlinghood. She has a daughter named Zariel - the result of a flight in which Obhaeroth caught greenrider Z'bor's Ozriath.
g-tan_default.jpg G'tan PB: Chris Evans An easygoing bronzerider from Nowtime Ista Weyr, G'tan and Zinakoth were transferred to Igen after a little conflict of viewpoints with a wingleader that came to blows. G'tan was fine with the move, though, and is dedicated to doing what's asked of him (and doing it well), fighting Thread, and having a good time in between all the serious stuff. He was involved in taking down a criminal element within the Weyr, helping bluerider Erissa recover from her unwilling involvement in it…and falling in love with her in the process, even if it's been some Turns in the making. The two are now weyrmated and have a son named Seskan and a daughter named Issaia. G'tan was Weyrleader for a time, though Rhiscorath's most recent flight sees him back in the rank and file as a wingrider on Parhelion.
Kyara4.jpg Kyara PB: Alexia Fast In a nutshell, Kyara is a former Harper from the Oldtime who made the jump forward, then Impressed to green Liareth. After stints flying with both Whirlwind and Arroyo and an appointment as one of Igen Weyr's Assistant Weyrlingmasters, she took a break to keep her Threadfighting skills sharp for the sake of teaching. It's a pattern she repeats, and she's currently flying with Whirlwind again. What an adventure it has been to bring her to the point she's at now! As a beginner to MOO-style RP, I entered the arena with Kyara modeled largely on myself, the idea being that I'd have to worry less about how to play her as I figured out how to negotiate the MOO. Since then, she's definitely taken on a life of her own. Kyara is much more outgoing than me and capable of several things I am not! But her personality is quite close to mine overall.

malosim_default.jpg Malosim PB: K.J. Apa A newly-minted Jr. Journeyman of the Minecraft, Mal comes to Igen Weyr from the Crafthall at Telgar (by way of Ista Hold before that). He's a young and eager specialist in firestone and gemcraft, which made a posting at the desert Weyr ideal, to his mind. He's a fairly average guy, though perhaps a bit idealistic. Igen may just make or break him…though now that he's fallen in love with Xanthee, he feels like he can take on anything.
onari_default.jpg Onari PB: Natalie Portman The youngest child and only daughter of wagonmaster Forin of the Reika caravan and his wife Kona, Onari served as assistant Beastmaster (under her mother) and a Tanner specializing in leatherwork. Now, after weyrmating to Zh'ain and becoming more woven into Weyr life, she has taken up the position of assistant to Senior Weyrwoman Diem. She has been a Candidate (and left standing) twice - once for Rhiscorath and Abraxath's clutch, and again for Zsaviranth and Lukoith's clutch after that.
brenna_default.jpg Brenna PB: Poppy Drayton Another of the Reika, Brenna is a wheelwright and joiner for the caravan. She's the middle daughter of the heads of another of the caravan's main families, the Rothai, and has been friends with Onari since they were quite young. She has a bit of a temper as well as a compassionate side, and tends to be a workaholic. She also has a habit of trying to blend the practical and feminine when it comes to her work clothes and appearance - something of an unwitting side hobby of hers.
d-har_default.jpg D'har PB: Sendhil Ramamurthy A transfer to Southern from Igen Weyr (and Benden Weyr before that), D'har and blue Searuth are one of Jaguar's newest pairs. D'har is Blooded, which shows in his bearing and ego, but he's not unpleasant and still very disciplined. In fact, he can be downright fun…but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to get slapped every now and again. He's tight-lipped about his past beyond leaving Boll when he was Searched, but there are definitely stories buried in him somewhere.
tallel_default.jpg Tallel PB: Tyler Posey Tal is a young man of the Zingari caravan, trained as a healer and an entertainer - specifically, a dancer, illusionist, and sleight of hand artist. He answered the cry for help from the mother caravan of his people and traveled with them to Igen. He's now serving as co-head of the clan, having married to caravan leader Willimina. They have a son named Taimin and recently welcomed their second child, a daughter named Taliana.
javid_default.jpg Javid PB: Alex Uloom Javid is the Zingari's new Spymaster, following in the footsteps of his friend and mentor S'ayde. A child of the Armida clan and a product of their espionage training, he came to Igen in the 5th Turn without any fanfare whatsoever and has been keeping his skills as a chameleon honed in the Bazaar and the holdings nearest the Weyr ever since. Though he's gained the respect of all Zingari for his rescue of Willimina from the Elders' plot to wrest control, he's lately found himself tangled up in web of his own weaving involving a certain key player in that plot. He'll either prove his skill and keep everyone in the dark…or watch it all eventually unravel around him.
bradach_default.jpg Bradach PB: Thomas Beaudoin Trained for well over a decade as a guardsman by the notoriously militaristic High Reaches Hold, Bradach was posted to Southern Weyr as a Sergeant for his experience and professionalism. Though serious about his career and the duties he's been assigned thus far, he does have a sense of humor and knows how to relax. At least, he insists he does. None would know better than his wife Casobet, a farmcraft journeywoman who he quickly and almost inexplicably fell in love with before even a Turn at his new posting.

n-cal_default.jpg N'cal PB: Tom Hiddleston Currently a wingrider on the chromatic-heavy Arroyo wing, blue Iolarth's rider is a Nowtimer with some views about chromatic and female riders that are very different from the norm. A quiet, behind-the-scenes operator, he's a rather shrewd, clever sort. However, N'cal is quite a charming, pleasant man. Just don't cross him. He is recently weyrmated to fellow bluerider Vashae, and the two have a child.
volion_default.jpg Volion PB: Vin Diesel A Smith Senior Journeyman (who looks every bit the part) specializing in architecture and structural engineering, Volion requested his posting to Igen in order to offer his services to help rebuild and renovate parts of the crumbling, quake-ravaged area. He saw it as the best place to test and refine his innovations with additives to building materials and the like. He wasn't expecting to get posted to the Weyr…but one look at the Bazaar told him he'd landed exactly where he needed to be.
eamon_default.jpg Eamon PB: Robbie Amell A natural when it comes to seacraft, Eamon has journeyed from rebellious former Apprentice to adept pirate to rough and roguish guardsman at Black Rock Seahold. He's a man who lives his life in darker shades of grey, loyal only to what makes him comfortable and willing to work for it. Equal parts surly and seductive, he makes his living in the south protecting people from the likes of what he once was. Is he a good man? A bad man? He's still young enough to be shaped either way.

Zannen: Kyara's little brother, currently posted at Southern Weyr after a brief stint in the desert. He's a Journeyman Seacrafter, a goofball sailor and dolphineer with a colorful vocabulary, an alcohol allergy, and a heart of gold. He's fallen back into NPC-dom, though whether or not that's permanent remains to be seen.

Character CSS Pages

Amani's CSS
Malosim's CSS
Javid's CSS

RP Style

Be warned: I am generally a slow poser! (Probably due in large part to being one of the more verbose players on the game, but I'm getting better at being more succinct, believe it or not.) I'm a fan of just letting things progress naturally, though I'm all for discussing something OOCly to avoid ending up in a situation I may not have any honest clue how to resolve. Sometimes things just need a little planning. I really want to be certain I communicate well with my fellow players, particularly if something starts getting wonky in a scene, and I hope the same will be accorded me as we go along.

Through a combination of playing RPGs and continuing my fanfic writing over the years, I've found that I really love developing relationships (family, friends, romances). That said, my favorite types of scenes involve one or two more people. Generally, I can handle larger scenes, but there are times when it'll just wear me out and I'll have to duck away. Shouldn't happen too often, though. Some nights I can also handle double-scening.

I'm power-play-friendly, though if you're going to get in a fight with one of my characters, let's talk about how it ought to play out, first. Fights are tough; nobody likes to lose, and we can attack-block-counter without a clear winner forever unless a winner is agreed upon OOCly, after all! Otherwise, don't worry about touching, hugging, shoving, shoulder-squeezing, etc. And if you're not sure about something, please do ask! I won't bite, I promise.

In terms of TS/romances, I'm comfortable playing up to an NC-17 level - nothing in a public room save kissing and some things beyond, whereas anything else goes to a gdoc or private area if it's going to go further. Flight aftermaths are fine, too - but again, those will go to Gdoc if anything besides pillow talk and the like comes into play. Sometimes I forget to check whether or not the other player is comfortable with drifting into steamier territory (the whole natural progression thing), so please speak up if things start going somewhere that makes you uncomfortable. That's the last thing I want to do, I promise!

And of course, If there's something in particular you'd like to scene or try with any of my characters, just let me know however you see fit, and we'll see what we can do!


Generally, evenings and late mornings/early afternoons are my most active times. I'm usually up until midnight MST. I often have two or three days per week free, but when those fall isn't set in stone. Lately they've been Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but they're subject to change. When I'm playing in musicals (usually 2 or 3 times a year), my weekends get tied up in the evenings (afternoons on Sundays), so I try to do most of my playing during the week. It lasts for about a month from opening night, and then I'm back to "normal." If you want to snag me but we keep missing one another, shoot me a mail, and we'll schedule something!

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