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Time on HT 14 years
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How did you find/join Harper's Tale MOO?

After reading most of the current Dragonriders of Pern books out on the market at the time (this was 2001 I believe), I was still hungering for more. So I went to the internet, typed 'Dragonriders of Pern' into Google and one of the first links that showed up was Harper's Tale!

It took me a few weeks to get the nerve to actually log on and create a character. I was so intimidated and nervous at first! Though I finally got the nerve to make Laytai — Tye — and well… the rest is history!

Harper's Tale was my first and will be my last MOO! I hope to keep up with it for years to come, as I love the game and the people! I have made some amazing friendships due to Harper's Tale and I even met my husband due to Harper's Tale!

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Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Group Dynamics 101 April 07, 2013 Lendai, Hannah, Tuli and Rhaeyn; Amuirnith, Qyth, and Ysvarth High Reaches' goldriders have a short meeting to discuss the strange future visitors. Other things get in the way.
One Man (and Dragon) Charm Offensive April 29, 2013 Teyaschianniarina, Br'er, Jesha, Jedi, Lendai Br'er works on charming various HRW brownriding ladies (and also Lendai). His dragon does most of the work. Hides, and an invitation, are acquired.
Manpain, Misplaced May 6, 2013 Br'er, Hannah, K'ane, Lendai, Teya, Tilla, Sara The one time Br'er has a pretty legitimate excuse to be skulking shadily around, he gets in trouble for it. Turns out Comets can't kill irony.
Precedents and Procedures June 4, 2013 Tuli, Lendai, Jesha, Prineline, Teyaschianniarina, Ri'enn, Br'er and Hannah. Shortly after the goldflight went awry, the Weyr's upright leadership convene to discuss matters… and squabble over who's in charge.
Social Visit July 28, 2013 Lendai, Tuli, Bailey, Nathanael, Khaida One of Igen's goldriders pays a social visit to some of Southern's. Also, there are apprentices.
Truths Unwelcome September 16, 2013 Lendai and Br'er A conversation happens. Crazy Eyes happen. Sadness happens.
Making a Discovery! June 10, 2013 Bailey, Hannah, Lendai After fleeing Vergora's and Sadaiya's doomed dual flight, the three make a shocking discovery: an entirely abandoned weyr.
Jedi's Gruesome Discovery! June 24, 2013 Hannah, Jedi, Lendai Jedi brings some pretty gruesome news to Lendai and Hannah, and is further tasked to finding out more!
How to Control a Weyrleader in 10 Days July 8, 2013 Hannah, Lendai Hannah and Lendai plot on how to best control the new Weyrleader using time-honored female strategy.
A Bonfire in Southern July 8, 2013 Lendai, Q'fex, Aaron, Tilla, Mienta, Hannah, Yulena, Vezre, Tuli, N'thu, Ellen, Cerise, Ciprys Southern has a bonfire to commemorate the opening of the weyr. It's busy, awesome, and full of good times!
Getting Downright Dirty July 16, 2013 Aaron, Hannah, Lendai, Q'fex, Yulena Lendai and Q'fex square off, and it doesn't end well. Someone came away with a black eye.
Mama Lendai to the Rescue August 27, 2013 Hannah, Lendai Hannah seeks solace from Lendai, and sends her senior on the war path. Watch out, Dimitri!
Pure, Unadulterated Confession September 03. 2013 Hannah, Lendai Hannah and Lendai indulge in gossip, middle-school-girl-style; Lendai comes to a shocking revelation. Bargains are made and deals are struck. (And Lendai takes 'making assumptions' to a whole new level)
Unveiling of the Monstrosity September 09, 2013 Hannah, Lendai, Dhiammarath Lendai unveils her present; Hannah is coaxed on it. They both nearly die and Dhiammarath ends up injured.
Watch for me by the Moonlight September 12, 2013 Q'fex, Lendai, Yulena, Br'er, Jesha, Bailey, Lysia, Arianne, Sytin, Cerise, Katarina, Daren, Th'seus, Hannah; Dhiammarath Dhiammarath clutches!
Grounded September 15, 2013 Hannah, Lendai Lendai intends to leave a note, but comes upon Hannah instead. A lot of catching up is had, and further promises sealed.
Secrets, Pee, and Gross Misunderstandings October 15, 2013 Hannah, Lendai A sick Hannah, a Stinky Lendai… it degrades from there.
Southern's Celebration October 17, 2013 Aife, Bailey, Br'er, Cerise, Donatien, El'ai, G'deon, Hannah, Jesha, Kaia, Kyara, Lendai, Mailli, Maosa, Prymelia, Q'fex, S'yn, tasna, Th'seus, T'ral, Yules Of course there's a party after the hatching. It's tradition!
Let it Burn! October 18, 2013 Hannah, Lendai Fire. The Weyr is on Fire.
Getting Dressed Down October 30, 2013 Hannah, Lendai Hannah catches hell from Mount Lendai.
Burnination Station November 26, 2013 Hannah, Lendai In Burnination Station at Malfunction Junction, Hannah and Lendai decide to practice flamethrowing. It ends as spectacularly as always.
Awkward Conversations August 26th, 2013 Iliad, Lendai Iliad and Lendai happen upon each other in the kitchens. Awkwardness ensues.
Clearing of conscience September 10th, 2013 Aaron, Lendai Lendai admits to stealing Aaron's tools, Aaron admits to knowing all along that she was the one taking his stuff. A debt must be paid!
A Fight in the Bazaar June 21, 2013 Ravene, Syteran, K'vvan, Aaron, Yulena, Malaia, Sadaiya, Lendai What starts as an innocent conversation about Ravene's new shop, turns into a fistfight between a Smith and Dragonrider
It Can Only End In Tears August 28, 2013 Br'er, Lendai, Q'fex An apocalypse goes down.
It's A Girl July 11, 2013 Aikari, K'ane, Lendai Southern's Weyrwoman has a very peculiar gift for one of Igen's bronzeriders.
Just another day ... until.. Septempter 17, 2013 Lendai, Kalea, Kultir Lendai arrives with demanding edicts
Kindred Spirits August 22, 2013 Lendai, Arianne Lendai and Arianne talk. Beware, Southern! (Especially Q'fex)
Cat's Out of the Bag April 3, 2013 Hannah, Lendai Thinking herself about to get a vacation, Weyrwoman Lendai gets more than she bargains for. Much, much more!
Operation Nowtimer: Separate the Weak Ones April 16, 2013 Hannah, Lendai Hannah confides her worries in Lendai, who comes up with a plan of attack which includes a formal request for presence and the hiding of valuables. Oh, and some guards, too!
Winds of Change May 09, 2013 Hannah, Lendai In the aftermath of the comet, Hannah and Lendai discuss what's to come as well as what's come to pass.
The First of Many Jumps May 17, 2013 C'zan, Q'fex, Nell, Ravene, Mailli, Zenethen, Kanga, Jesha, Alys The first group jumps forward, lead by Q'fex
Finally... THEY'RE HEEEEEEREEEE! April 04, 2013 Br'er, N'thu, Jesha, Sadaiya, M'yck, W'rin, Nell, Riyn, M'rgin, Rhaeyn, Eth'n, Alys, Zeyta, W'rin, Ri'enn, Lendai, N'thu, Ravene, Lanti, G'deon, Sara, Q'fex, Tuli Nowtimers arrive! Nowtimer assessment: "Ma'am, you sure do have a lot of prostitutes in the 10th Interval."
Love and Loneliness September 4th, 2013 Lendai Lendai tries to settle her jumbled emotions but simply makes it worse on herself.
No You Can't Help September 9th, 2013 Lendai, Th'seus Th'seus wants to help Lendai build her platform. Shockingly she turns him down.
OH MY GOD IT WORKED July 26, 2013 Lendai, Q'fex Restoration of conversation between Southern's leaders.
Penitence August 6th, 2013 Lendai, Dimitri Dimitri comes with an apology of sorts for Lendai and the Weyr gains another candidate.
Say My Name, Bitch! August 27, 2013 Cerise, Dimitri, Lendai Lendai is on a mission. A naked mission. (NSFW, obvs)
Secrets Revealed July 9th, 2013 Lendai Lendai has kept a big secret from everyone.
Sour Patch Kid? October 1, 2013 Kapia, Kultir, Lendai First Lendai is sour to Kultir, then she's sweet to Kapia. Sweet enough to hand over a shiny white Candidates knot!
Talicanitath Takes to the Sands July 18, 2013 Hannah, Lendai, Nathanael, Yulena Talicanitath takes to the sands, laying an impressive clutch while Hannah and Lendai deal with many things, though namely: Q'fex and Yulena.
Southern's First Egg Touching... September 19, 2013 Bailey, Cerise, Donner, Hannah, Maosa, Yulena; Dhiammarath / (Safra cameo) Cerise, Donner, Maosa, and Yulena all touch some eggs. It's… interesting.
What Not to Do July 18, 2013 Cerise, Dimitri, Jedi, Lendai, Talicanitath Jedi offers Cerise a white knot…and then escorts Dimitri from Southern Weyr, after he commits a fatal error.
Why Are You My Clarity? September 13th, 2013 Lendai, Talicanitath Lendai is having a bad day.