Timezone CST
Time on HT 15-ish years
WikiHandle Mordecai_ht


How did you find/join Harper's Tale MOO?

Back in 1994, I'd found The White Dragon in the neighborhood library, read it through, and decided to do a search on Anne McCaffrey, who was a new author to me at the time. Somehow or other, I ran across Harper's Tale Moo's webpage, and the rest is history.

Current Alts

Ibrahim En'rys A'lira Remyrni N'yulo

Past Alts

Uh. A lot.

Mordecai, Charli, Shaival, El'wyn, V'kyre, Akasha, A'lory … a few I don't even really remember the names of.

RP Style

I prefer less strife, and a lot of OOC communication beforehand, if you want to have conflict-filled RP with me. A lot will depend on how tired/stressed I am. Please do not try to surprise me with 'organic' strife-scenes. These never turn out well for either party. With some coordination, however, things can go very well indeed.

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