Timezone CST
Time on HT Feb 2018, but did play briefly way back in the early 2000s
WikiHandle Intrigued_EP

How did you find/join Harper's Tale MOO?

Recently, I was drug here by Th'res' player as another place to play Pern. I did once upon a time have a couple of characters here, however, way back in the early 2000s. During that time, my main alts were at StarStones MOO - Re'a, Solaria, Chaye, and Z'eir.

RP Style

  • I consider myself to be easy to RP with. If you have question about anything, just ask!
  • I tend to play to my partner's comfort level, so let me know what you are up for.
  • NC-17 is good, as long as it goes with the story being told.
  • Darker themes are okay with me - it can't be sunshine and rainbows all the time.
  • I'm usually up to play just about anything, honestly - just ask me first!

Current Alts

  • Kepi - daughter of a trader over in Igen. Tends to hang out in the bazaar, or out in the desert.
  • Thessalonike - Dolphineer in Southern, just arrived not long ago from the craft hall with a dolphin partner.
  • Runa - Instarider on blue Sheroth transferring in from Telgar Weyr.

All Character Logs

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