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The Handsome Harper
OOC Ranks: SW Staff, SW SCO LEAD
Timezone MST/MDT (Colorado)
Player Content Rating R-RATED AND ABOVE
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  • Evka, Rider of Brown Saetyroith
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2019 Spring SW Sco Project

Welcome Candidates!

Here you will find an itinerary for each week of Candidacy. Each week will have a list of RP hooks and vignette ideas Are you excited, Candidates? Well, you should be, because we here at Southern’s SearchCo are, too! Let's make this a fun and character building experience, yeah? Please note that none of the scene suggestions are mandatory, they are there simply to foster ideas for RP.

Tiny Plots are Optional and Fun!

We strongly encourage Candidates to come up with TPs to run during Candidacy. TPs foster team building and opportunities for RP, and a chance for group story building and character development. If you would like some advice or help, feel free to contact your Co Leads, Evka and Amani! Otherwise, please @send *junglesearch with any TP ideas and wait for approval before implementing them. While TPs are not mandatory, we love seeing how creative you can get! So get together with your fellow candidates and brainstorm something fun!

A Little Note On Events and Egg Touchings

There will be at least one Egg Touching per week run by your Search Leads, Evka or Amani . Other Co Members will also run touchings at their own discretion. If you happen to check this page or with your fellow Candidates and nothing is scheduled, please contact Evka and she will get one set up for you!

Candidate Bingo!

Yes! There will be Candidate Bingo! The sheets will be sent out sometime after the start of IC search