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How did you find/join Harper's Tale MOO?

It was early in 2001 when I first came across HT. I'd had a couple of characters elsegame who hadn't really gelled for me, but I was still very much a novice roleplayer. I played my harper here from age 17 to well into her 50's before I felt it was time to take a break, and ended up getting involved in other games. When my last game closed, it was a while before I ventured back into the skies of Pern, but there was HT, still going strong and with an interesting backstory, and several old friends among the players. So here I am!

Current Alts

R'zel, bronze Verokanth's rider and Ocelot Wingleader, of Southern Weyr
Ginger, brown Shokravanth's rider, AWLM at Southern Weyr.
Tresquil, journeyman healer, currently candidate at Southern Weyr.
Starcraft Journeyman Alsha, currently posted to Igen Weyr.

Past Alts

Master Ylisa of the Ista Harper Hall.

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