Harper's Tale Policies

  • Theme Council has replaced Game Staff. To see a more detailed list of their responsibilities visit Theme Council's Page.
  • All behavior and interpersonal issues including those involving staff will be run by the wizards through a mail to Fyren, or to the mailing list *wiz.
  • There are two overarching Area Staffs (one for each on-camera coverage area, based out of weyrs [for instance, Ista and High Reaches; or Southern and Igen]; replacing existing individual weyr, hold, craft, and trader staffs? These staffs would be capped at either 3 or 5 members and all constituent groups (rider/holder/crafter/trader) must be represented in-staff, with a term limit of 6 months per staff member.
    • ADDENDUM: As of 4/4/14, the odd-number requirement to area staffs has been lifted: area staffs may now number up to a maximum of 5 members. Ties will default to "no", as there must be majority support for an issue to pass. See Staffing Policies
  • Harper's Tale is a Rated 'R' game. What this means is that channel chatter and public room RP should be limited to Rated 'R' content.

* 'R' Rating: R — Restricted. Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian. An R-rated motion picture, in the view of the Rating Board, contains some adult material. An R-rated motion picture may include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements, so that parents are counseled to take this rating very seriously. Children under 17 are not allowed to attend R-rated motion pictures unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Parents are strongly urged to find out more about R-rated motion pictures in determining their suitability for their children. Generally, it is not appropriate for parents to bring their young children with them to R-rated motion pictures. (from MPAA Moving Ratings)

  • Harper's Tale is on 3:1 Time (3 IC days for every 1 RL day)
  • All Blooded Characters must be approved through Theme Staff.
  • All timing plots must be approved through Theme Staff.
  • Theme Council is responsible for "game-wide fluff"/"game-wide flavor".

Dragonrider Limit Policies

  • Harper's Tale does not have an on-camera Impression limit, but please note that all secondary/tertiary Impressions are at the sole discretion of each individual SearchCo. Those Co's are empowered to deny secondary Impressions by reason of not playing existing rider characters.
  • Additionally, Harper's Tale limits goldrider characters to one per player per any given time (IE, you may not have two goldrider objects concurrently).
  • Unlimited Insta (aka, AWAS) dragonriders; each Insta request must be approved by an Area (Igen/Southern). No unclaimed Insta riders. Each area will have their own policies regarding their treatment of Insta riders.

Impression Limit Policies

  • Per each PC cycle, PC Impressions are limited to 15 Impressions total.

Other Policies

  • Please note that Harper's Tale does not permit 'special' dragon sizes, excepting for remakes of dragons who were made by past, pre-Reboot SearchCos. All dragons should fall into an appropriate size range based on their color and lineage. Please see our information on Dragon Sizes for the full list of sizes.

ICA==ICC Policy

So here's the deal: when we first started the round of reboots and voted on the different areas and started setting them up, we unfortunately used the term "chaos" for a very nebulous concept that no one could really define. Was it ICA=ICC (HT Standard)? Or something different? Was it meant to allow anyone to do anything at any time? A sort of setting that let everyone be powerplay-okay without consent? Unfortunately, it's a concept that's hard to conceptualize and even harder to 'enforce' and no matter what, HT has always been a consent based game when it comes to powerplay of your character as well as when it comes to the types of scenes that you, the player, want your character to be in.

Why all the lead up? Game Staff has worked together to put an end to this term 'chaos' and put a standard, ICA = ICCs across the board. Whether you're at Southern or Igen, your In-Character Actions will determine your In Character Consequences, whether that means punishment ICly, disaster ICly or praise and promotions ICly. What you do, who you interact with, and how you play the game will determine how others perceive and react around you. This is where our game guidelines come into play: Resepect your fellow gamers. If someone is acting uncomfortable, don't hesitate to check. Likewise, if a scene is heading in a direction that you, the player, are not comfortable with it, then extricate yourself from it and/or have a brief chat with your scening partners. If most of the players in a scene want the direction to go one way, then they need to allow for graceful exits of people who do not want to participate.

The cardinal rule here is: Players need to understand that they should not start something that they may not be able to handle the consequences of.

Refresh yourself with our Code of Conduct here: http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/conduct

In addition to re-defining what 'chaos' meant, both Area Staffs came together to propose the nuances between the Areas. Especially important for Igen Weyr as 'chaos' had become an unsustainable term that gave very little context as to the flavor of both weyrs.

What everyone came up with is this:

— Southern would be the canonically traditional weyr (not traditional in the sense of traditional versus liberal, but in the sense that the boundaries of canon are not ICly/OOCly pushed) with a flavor to the Mystery genre.

— Igen is the "Untraditional" weyr, in the sense that Igen is where you go when you want to push canonical boundaries: drugs, organized crime, hard-core gambling, different way of doing trading & crime, etc. Obviously, within the limits of HT's hard canonical boundaries: No females on bronze, No female Weyrleaders, etc. Anything that varies hugely outside of what is considered canon would need to be approved by Game Staff. Igen's flavor would tend towards the Noir, like film Noir: old style 20s crime and other 'dark' topics.


It is extremely important to note that BOTH weyrs have light and dark RP aspects to them, as well as both weyrs have liberal and conservative IC practices to them. There is no one strict IC-Conservative weyr or one strict IC-Liberalism weyr. The "Traditional & Untraditional" comments made about both weyrs is all in terms of Canon Flexibility, NOT in terms of what the IC leadership structure is like since that is something that may shift and change over time.

Impression Age Policy

Game Staff is currently in favor of changing the age of Search to 15 - 25, switching it from the former age range of 12-23. This means anything over the age of 15 (15 and 1 day is acceptable), and under the age of 26 would be an acceptable age to be Searched. There has been some discussion and it has been deemed that in this Pern with Thread due in less than a turn, it would be uncanon for Weyrs to Search out truly young candidates. As weyrlinghood lasts only a turn and a half or so, anyone younger than 15 would be deemed too young to fight Thread and thus be generally useless to the wings until they hit a more acceptable age.

This new policy would be put in place immediately and would affect the next PC Cycle which is set for Igen in the Spring of 2014.

Search Cycle Policy

In 2014, the game voted to change the Search cycle from once per year per weyr, to a rolling cycle of every other weyr.

The vote: Change to three (3) cycles per calendar year, alternating between each weyr.

The new Search Calendar would be:
February - April (Cycle 1)
May - July (Cycle 2)
August - October (Cycle 3)

A Moratorium is maintained on Weyrlinghood/Search for the Month of December and allows for a month buffer at the beginning of the year, which is an equally busy time as everyone gets back into the swing of things after the Holidays.

The goal of this cycle is give the game three search cycles per year while also ensuring that Weyrlinghood doesn't coincide with the end of the year holidays.

It is generally encouraged to have the months of April and July as buffer months, which means that Cycles 1 and Cycle 2 should get done earlier rather than later.

Game Vote