…Time Travel Solves All Problems

So you might be wondering…

… What the heck is going on with Harper's Tale?

The new year of 2013 heralded in a new age of Harper's Tale, with the implementation of the Reboot TP! After several votes, MOOmeets, and long *discussion conversations, the plan for a new and improved Harper's Tale emerged: a more streamlined game, with rules designed to create a more nurturing culture. And most of all, a game with a story to tell: of trouble, and Timing, and the most ancient enemy of all. Thread.

Just what is going on?

As part of its overhaul, Harper's Tale has decided to jump forward to the period of the 12th Pass, with gameplay shifted to two new Weyrs: Southern and Igen. We have modified our original area staffing system in favor of a smaller and more streamlined process, with a new overarching Game Staff to help keep each area on the same page.

To aid in playerbase satisfaction, there is new set of guidelines regarding Conduct. To help revitalize roleplay and do away with self-enforced segregation between the two main areas, we've migrated from a mess of livejournals and individual area wikis to a single, collaborative gamewiki.

From April 1st to June 1st of 2013, the game collaboratively whipped up an overall plotline to bring us forward to a period of Thread - in a way that was exciting, unusual, and offered some unique roleplaying opportunities!

Whether you are a current player, or a previous player now returning, or a Pern fan who has never set foot on Harper's Tale - we welcome you to join the fray!

The Plot

Harper's Tale, pre-reboot, existed in early 10th Interval Pern. A peaceful, progressive time: the 10th Pass has receded successfully, and the Pernese had reached new heights in technology and society. Only small tragedies stirred the still waters: such as the disappearance of High Reaches' senior Weyrwoman, misjudging a jump to Igen one exhausted night -

- misjudging it so badly, in fact, that she and her dragon cross not just space but time.

Harper's Tale, as it exists post-reboot: Pern, late in the 11th Interval. A tense, conservative time: the 12th Pass looms before a planet still recovering from a grave disaster 400 turns prior and a disastrous Pass not two hundred turns before; the Pernese have retreated into the ancient ruts the 9th and 10th Passes tried so hard to erase. In the uneasy world, no place slumbers more fitfully than Igen Weyr. At half strength before the return of the Oldtimers, with a single infertile queen, it was broadly disliked by its erstwhile allies, made up of the castaways and the downtrodden, her riders seeking any escape from their predicament.

When the strange goldrider appeared and was swiftly discovered to come from the half-forgotten time before the Great Comet, it took little time for Igen's riders to hatch a plan…

Back in the 10th Interval, Pern was shocked by the sudden arrival of a group of riders, led by a long-lost queen. Could they truly be from 400 turns in the future? And - could they truly be prophesying an unforeseeable tragedy? Do they mean well to these distant ancestors of theirs - or do they have an agenda of their own?

Who will stay, risking death, and see Pern through the worst disaster of its tumultuous history? Who will flee, and jump forward to a world far different from their own, hostile to their customs and resentful of their past?

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