Confidence and sensuality dominate the bearing of this striking young woman. Everything about her radiating a strong impression of assured command and control. Long, sienna and chestnut hued hair is typically left loose in multiple layers of soft waves, accentuating the elegant and feminine characteristics of her face and drapes down to the swell of her behind. Keen mahogany and klah colored eyes are intense, the arc of slender brows tellingly tenacious. The fine line of her nose and full lips counter the determined set of her graceful jaw. An athletic build is gifted to her though with enough curves and lithe muscle to give her frame an elegant appeal, though not as sharply as they used to present, having been softened by the curves of having once born a child.

Evka is boasting a silky, emerald green tunic embroidered with silver vines. It is tucked into a tight fitting set of black suede pants so soft they could be fur. Her boots are dyed to match her pants and reach her thighs with green leather laces up the front. Her tunic is covered by a black leather jacket with green and silver firelizards emblazoned upon the collar tips.



Sensuality speaks along each lithe-muscled inch of this svelte fellow, every nuance of brown flowing with the rich ease of wine along the salacious strength of a predator’s lean lines. Blunt-horned headknobs crown a craggy visage wrought in deep chocolate and umber, darkening to the impression of a beard beneath and all flowing back to blend into cherry-tipped ridges and his broad, ochre-washed back. Velvet mahogany gracefully gilds the prominent power of shoulder and haunch like clinging silk, sunlight’s touch revealing fawn-like spotting in klah and copper mingled with the dark violet stain of the fruit of the vine. Though flight might seem fragile in spars of aged bone-white and sails bearing the translucence of ancient parchment, a tree’s strength is traced upon deceptively powerful wings infused with branches of ironwood and charcoal beneath subtle iridescence. Pale sand and sienna streak along a generous tail while the contrast of obsidian opal glints along the curve of razor-keen talons.


Saetyroith's Ledge:


Saetyroith's ledge is something Pride Rock would be jealous of. It juts out sharply, at an angle from the weyr cliff, stark in it's appearance in the sky high over the bowl. (One could almost imagine old Rafiki standing up there holding up a cub.) It's a long, double wide landing strip basically and you could fit Sae and maybe another small brown laying side by side. The ledge leads slightly into a bit of cave that has a dragon sized entrance in the right wall and a human sized one with a door far to the back.

Saetyroith's Couch


This room is large, it has to be in order to house a dragon during the //worst of weather. There's two doors in this room, the dragon door, which is just an open archway that leads to the ledge, and a smaller, human sized entrance that leads to the weyr. In fact, this dragon couch is so spacious, that Evka was able to put all her performance trunks in along the walls near the weyr door. It's not much of anything yet, if it ever will be. Saetyroith prefers sleeping under the stars on his double wide ledge saving for the worst of weather.//

Evka's Weyr


As much as one would expect it to be traditionally Zingari, Evka's weyr is a //far cry from the traditional Zingari home. For one, it's no wagon. Secondly, it's missing much of the riotous color that the wild northern peoples seem to enjoy putting on display. It's also larger than any weyrling/freshly minted rider has any right to. But, it seems to have been a family weyr once upon a time. To the immediate right of the entryway, there's an alcove door that leads to something like a kitchen. Shelves and a storage trunk are carved into the right wall next to the kitchen door. The main room itself sports couches carved directly into the stone of the left wall. There's a heating brazier carved into the stone immediately to the left of the door. It is always full of hot coals and generally emits a pleasant, incense like scent. There's a small klah table and the Zingari flare shows in the riotously colored pillows that litter the floor around the table and the couches in the walls. A laundry basket lives here. The wall directly back from the entry door is carved into two arching entryways that lead to a short, narrow hallway. Evka's bedroom is to the left, and an entrance to Saetyroith's couch is to the right.//

Evka's Bedroom


Evka's Bedroom is quite simple, continuing her seemingly utilitarian design. The bed is large and takes up most of the space, covered in white bedding and a large white comforter that has square patches of riotous colour sewn in. The wall to the right of the door is carved with deep shelves that host her everyday clothes and her riding gear. The wall to the left plays home to a chair and a small table. The table has a vase of jungle blooms in it that are changed daily. There's an alcove/closet in here too that's used as a privy.

The Bower


There must have been a large family in residence in this weyr at some point, it's just so big. Run down a bit, but big. And this room, being a full sized kitchen basically, only adds to the space. There's a large cooking pit and stove like structure dead center of the room. To the right of the cook-fire area is a counter for food prep, and a depression has been made in the stone for washing food in. To the left of the stove is a series of cabinets and storage areas have been carved into the stone for storing food and cookware. Directly across for the cook-fire pit is a stone table and benches, seemingly carved out of the wall itself. Evka has a tablecloth in silver and green on there and a vase of jungle flowers dead center.


Green BabaYaga

Darkly dazzling, shadow-shrouded emerald glimmers smooth and subtle over svelte musculature balanced from tip to tail spade, twilight-touched verdigris slipping stealthy across graceful ribs and narrow waist to pull and pour moonlit jade back to spill across lean haunches. Malachite talons find echo in the tips of long, narrow wings mottled in fractal facets of smoke-veiled star-fire, spiral and trapiche, fading into obscurity within cabochon-cut ridges glinting deepest beryl green. Steadfastly sharp and curious is the cut-crystal gaze peering out from perfectly lean viridian symmetry, the power to sway hearts and minds evident in every line that shapes the smallest treasure wrought of springtime and dreams.

Blue Anansi

This blue is tiny, but agile and firmly muscled. He is the color of a deep night sky, a blue so deep it is barely distinguishable from the coal black that reaches up web-like from his tail and legs. Sharp fangs and talons are white as the moon and unyielding. He is shadow itself. Shhhhh! Anansi is not here, this is not the firelizard you are looking for. He is a spinner on the wall, a ghost in the rafters, a figment of your wild imagination.