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Giving Idara Things to Think About 16 Mar 2019 06:00

Evka, Idara, The Eggs

Idara gets her first crack at the eggs

Another Day, Another Touching 15 Mar 2019 06:00

Evka, Tresquil, Roheis, The Eggs

Tresquil and Roheis get a try at the eggs

Eggs are Fun! Eggs Are Scary! Eggs are Touched! 15 Mar 2019 06:00

Evka, Ryott, Ulrika, Kiliel, Rhuordian

Egg touching! It's fun!

Not So Surprising Results 27 Feb 2019 05:00

Evka, Va'os

Evka returns from trying to recruit more riders with no success. Va'os is not surprised (and also very hung over). There is some discussion on how to move forwards but little solved…

What is it about healers? 13 Mar 2019 00:00

Evka, Kiliel, Tresquil

Odd behaviour and white knots!

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Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Short-Handed 21 Feb 2019 00:00

F'kan, Ginger

It's not only the fighting wings that are short of people. F'kan's got a gap to fill.

Personal and Professional 02 Dec 2018 07:00

Amani, Willimina

Amani comes to ask a favor from Willimina, though more is discussed beyond that, of course.

Women of Opportunity 20 Nov 2018 07:00

Amani, Taurie

Amani and Taurie are both doing business in the Living Caverns and Taurie is reminded how rewarding it can be when one takes a chance.

Taking Time {Vig} 02 Nov 2018 04:00

Xanthee & Liowyth

Xanthee takes Liowyth to the Star Stones to practice flying and Xan decides to finally tell Liowyth about Mal. Things get…a little awkward.

Wonders Large and Small 09 Oct 2018 06:00

Xanthee and Liowyth, Amani and Zymuraith

Southern's Weyrwoman makes a stop at Igen to visit a new weyrling pair.

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