[alarmed] Oh my god. What can it be? We're all doomed! Who's flying this thing!? [deadpan] Oh right, that would be me. Back to work." - Wash (Firefly Ep. 3: Bushwhacked)

God of Wine-Third Eye Blind

Pronunciation: "Ehv-Ka”
Location: Southern Weyr
Current Position: SW WeyrSecond(Jaguar)
Dragon: Gift of the Fertility Gods Brown Saetyroith
Romantic Interest: Evka is currently single.
Offspring: Raeverys(M) - Fostered
Former Location: Igen weyr
Former Position: Zingari Dancer and Contortionist
Former Caravan: The Zingari Mother Clan; Haeyleri
Played By: Troian Bellisario
Birthplace The Roads of the Northern Continent

Common Knowledge

  • Born to the Zingari Mother Clan
  • She is outgoing
  • She is Best Friends with Sr Weyrwoman Amani : Gold Zymuraith's
  • She is also Besties with an Igenite Greenrider by the name of Xanthee : Green Liowyth's
  • During Zymuraith's first hatching, she impressed Gift of the Fertility Gods Brown Saetyroith
  • Her pre-impression name was Reveka, she now goes by Evka
  • Became close and fast friends with Talya and Katrya
  • She made Weyrling Wingsecond as her highest rank during Weyrlinghood.
  • She works hard and plays not at all generally, But Saetyroith has said his peace about this and it is slowly changing.
  • She's still a fashionista
  • She now loves to swim in the ocean she once feared beyond all fears.
  • She is one of Taurie's best customers.
  • She has been recently promoted to Weyrsecond and there are a few people none to happy with the transition.


  • Bronze Odin
  • Brown Czernabog
  • Blue Anansi
  • Green BabaYaga


  • Color(s): Burnt Orange, Green, Brown
  • Time of Day: Sunset
  • Animal: Tropical Avians
  • Place: Desert Oasis, Southern's Jungle, Turquoise Pools
  • Food: Porcine curry and rice with date pudding and candied fruit.

Things Barely Known & Only By a Select Few

  • She gave birth to En'rys' child out of wedlock and they gave it up to foster with Igraine and A'lira
  • She was shunned by her family
  • She became the blacksheep of her family
  • She went a little insane as a result of her personal traumas
  • She's an adventure junkie
  • She can sing, a little
  • Has a talent for dance and contortion
  • Because of her past mistakes, she is scared of intimacy of any kind
  • She has commitment issues with relationships now and hasn't had a romantic relationship since birthing her child.