What is RP Tag? You sign up, get a random partner and a random location and then do a scene! Each round of RP Tag takes 1-2 weeks. It's a fun way to get your character(s) out and about sometimes to places they've never been or with characters they've never had a reason to RP with.

2017 RP Tag!

The current schedule is:

Spooktacular Scenes: ROUND IS RPing through 11/05

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Sign up here if you want in! Add your name to the list. If you need help, just holler on channel or page a member of Staff. Please make a note if your character is restricted to RP in a particular area for any reason, E.G. Candidacy, pregnancy, incarceration. Feel free to add as many alts as you want. Each round is about two weeks. This section will be collapsed when RP Tag begins.

Character Character Location Finished?
D'wane Va'os (Igen) #1789 Brig
R'kyr Doji (Southern) Catacombs Ruins, Southern Weyr (#3072)
Divale R'zel (Igen) #6734 Bazaar Sidestreet
Tommin Lethea (Southern) Dragon Infirmary, Southern Weyr (#17672)
Suveren Magdaline (Igen) #22376 Public Baths
Vosji Ibrahim (Southern) Le Brulee, Southern Mountain Area (#23874)
Miel Kelati (Igen) #19710 Igen River Bank
Bailey K'mine (Southern) River Clearing, Southern Weyr (#16731)
A'lira Sebastian (Igen) #16703 Dustbowl Cantina
Amarante Hy'sh (Southern) Boardwalk, Southern Weyr (#2990)
Daenerys R'mar (Igen) #1129 Crater Lake


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