What is RP Tag? You sign up, get a random partner and a random location and then do a scene! Each round of RP Tag takes 1-2 weeks. It's a fun way to get your character(s) out and about sometimes to places they've never been or with characters they've never had a reason to RP with.

2017 RP Tag!

The current schedule is:

Octoberfest: SIGN UPS CLOSED — round runs through 10/23! Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

Sign-Up Sheet


Sign up here if you want in! Add your name to the list. If you need help, just holler on channel or page a member of Staff. Please make a note if your character is restricted to RP in a particular area for any reason, E.G. Candidacy, pregnancy, incarceration. Feel free to add as many alts as you want. Each round is about two weeks. This section will be collapsed when RP Tag begins.


STEP 1: Find your scene partner below, select a hook (duplicates are fine) and knock your scene out!
STEP 2: Tag your finished scene with rp-tag.
STEP 3: Add this check-mark ✔ to the Finished column on the table.

Character Character Location Finished?
F'in Sebastian Infirmary, Southern Weyr (#15727)
Alsha Va'os #6726 Vtol Swamp Hold
Beris K'mine #19073 Geode Lode
Tezca Lethea Black Rock Seahold, Southern Weyr (#21808)
Miel Bailey #14875 Igen River Hold
F'kan R'kyr Weyrlingmaster's Office, Southern Weyr (#10269)
Ginger Mags #23696 Kitchen Courtyard
Taythes Vosji Forest Clearing, Southern Weyr (#15841)
Agertha T'ral #3325 Living Cavern
H'rik D'wane Brig, Southern Weyr (#24017)
Divale Amarante #25441 Kitchens
Daenerys Ziniel #21531 Working Supply Caverns
Tommin Zisiene Garden Terrace, Southern Weyr (#3204)
Naneska A'lira #9722 Central Bazaar
N'iel Xanthee The Rooftop, Southern Mountain Area (#24978)
Valeori R'zel #12134 Painted Alleyway
Doji Vani #11208 Stepped Pools
Ana L'xan Weyr Entrance, Southern Weyr (#17221)


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