Search Cycle Policy

February - April (Cycle 1)
May - July (Cycle 2)
August - October (Cycle 3)1

A Moratorium is maintained on Weyrlinghood/Search for the month of December and allows for a month buffer at the beginning of the year, which is an equally busy time as everyone gets back into the swing of things after the holidays. Generally, it is also encouraged to reserve April and August as 'off' months, with the Hatchings taking place at the end of March/July.

Search Schedule

February 2016 Igen
May 2016 Southern
August 2016 Igen

February 2017 Southern
May 2017 Igen
August 2017 Southern

February 2018 Igen
May 2018 Southern
August 2018 Igen

February 2019 Southern
May 2019 Igen
August 2019 Southern

February 2020 Igen
May 2020 Southern
August 2020 Igen