Sesa is Searched For Candidacy In: Art Lessons For A Brown

Sesa had 6 scenes in January 2018.

Sesa had 6 scenes in February2018.

Sesa had 14 scenes in March 2018.

Candidacy Logs:

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Fantastic --B--Feasts And Where To Find Them 24 Mar 2018 05:00

Diem, H'rik, Vosji, Ainslee, Iandicael, Daenerys, Fergus, Talya, Xanthee, Ziniel, Kepi, Eala, Ko'an, Kyriatis, R'xim, Th'res, Nasrin And anybody else add yourself!

Wendryth And Zsaviranth (but mostly Wendy) invite everybody to come watch their latest clutch hatch into the world!

Feeling Sheep-ish 23 Mar 2018 04:00

Magdaline, Miel, Ziniel, Xanthee, Edlsesa, Daenerys, Drucaden(NPC'ed by Magdaline)

Some Candidates are roped into helping the herders with an itchy situation

Sweet Dreams Weyr 23 Mar 2018 00:00

Edlsesa, H'rik, Wendryth

There's only one thing left for Edlsesa to do to complete her quest: read to the eggs!

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Weyrling Icons Can Be Found In The Icons Tab
Sesa had 14 scenes in March 2018.
Sesa had 5 scenes in April 2018.
Sesa had 6 scenes in May 2018.


Ainslee and Herald of the Neverending Tale Blue Keryth

Ca'elian (Iandicael) and Hero and Scoundrel Bronze Tuanhjaliteth

E’gus (Fergus) and Sorceress of Storm-Tossed Seas Green Szokanith

En’rys (Daenerys) and Always Lands on Her Feet Green Briamiorth

Thoughts On Weyrlinghood and Bonding With Edleveth

~ Having Another mind meld with your own is a strange, strange thing…I don't know that I'll ever get used to Edleveth being in there,
but I do know I could not live without him there.
~ Edleveth's mindscape is so…mindbogglingly beautiful. Even some of Papa's paintings could never compare. He's like a living canvas in my
head. I wish I could achieve the nuance in my drawings that Edleveth presents in my head.

Weyrling Logs

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
That's Gotta Hurt 25 May 2018 05:00

Agertha, A'lira, Amarante, E'gus, En'rys, Diem, Divale, Doji, G'tan, I'yn, Katryana, Ko'an, Kyara, Liavhah, Magdaline, Miel, Moanna, R'ku, S'ayde, Sesa, Vosji, Zaria

Surprise Fall Over Igen and erratic winds is a recipe for disaster!

Apologies Long-Owed 23 May 2018 04:00

Sesa, Kanriel

After almost a Turn of radio silence following Sesa dragging her older brother off to the mindhealers following the death of Erikkhan, Sesa and Kanriel finally talk.

The Birds And The Bees: Part 2 21 May 2018 06:00

Kyara, Sesa

Sesa runs into Kyara and gets a second opinion on flight sex.

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