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A Tragic Start To Life….

Life started on a rather rough note for Edlsesa, separated from her mother, Sara(L), at birth, by Death(L), and with her father, A'lory, being a dragon rider with no time (despite being fond-ish of his children) for a newborn baby, she was fostered. However, lucky little thing, she was fostered with close family friends, the now late Journeyman Harper Erikkhan(L) and his wife, Realilina(L) and their young son Kanriel(L).

She lived a life full of music and art, having a natural affinity with both, though this amazed Erikkhan, considering there was no genetic link between he and his foster daughter. Her life was full of the Harper hall, having Harpers for parents, and then eventually, one for an older brother when Kanriel was accepted into the craft. Her life was simple and happy and full of wonder and joy. She was an avid student and loved learning, could play and sing and paint. It was a dream.

That is until, quite suddenly, Journeyman Harper Erikkhan passed away on the night of he and his wife's sixteenth anniversary. It threw Edlsesa's little family, and her life, into sudden chaos. At the tender age of fourteen turns, Sesa was suddenly a grief counselor to her mother, 'mother' to her brother, and an adult, all in one day. Realilina fell to pieces at the loss of her husband, retreating to the Zingari Caravan to mourn because she couldn't stand being at home, Kanriel went bat shit crazy and wouldn't let anyone clean out or move anything in their living quarters, particularly out of Erikkhan's studio. For a turn and a few months, Edlsesa carried all this weight on her own shoulders, unable to get the healers near her psychotic brother because he was violent in his grief, unable to pull her mother from her stupor, and barely keeping up with her studies.

That is…until she met her half brother from her biological father's side, Daenerys (L), and he told her that at some point, enough has to be enough. With Daen's help, Edlsesa managed to get her brother Kanriel to the mind healers and her mother to come home, after she'd cleaned out the studio and all of her father's things. With Kanriel on the mend and Realilina returned to reality, Edlsesa is now free to focus on her studies and the future that lies ahead for her. What the brings however, has yet to come.