Sesa has had 14 scenes in March 2018.

Sesa has had 4 scenes in April 2018.

Sesa has had 0 scenes in May 2018.

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Ainslee and Herald of the Neverending Tale Blue Keryth
Ca'elian (Iandicael) and Hero and Scoundrel Bronze Tuanhjaliteth
E’gus (Fergus) and Sorceress of Storm-Tossed Seas Green Szokanith
E’rys (Danerys) and Always Lands on Her Feet Green Briamiorth

Thoughts On Weyrlinghood and Bonding With Edleveth

Weyrling Logs

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
A Moment To Breathe {Vignette} 12 Apr 2018 06:00


Sesa takes some personal time while Edleveth sleeps

Sharing the news 14 Apr 2018 04:00

Sesa, Xanthee

Xanthee runs into Sesa and catches the blueling up on some exciting news.
Slightly Backdated

All The Siblings 05 Apr 2018 04:00

En'rys, Xanthee, Sesa

Half-siblings, adopted siblings, clutch siblings…it's a congregation of all the siblings!

Nothing but Skin and Bones 30 Mar 2018 04:00

Sesa, Vosji, En'rys
Edleveth, Iskanzivoth, Briamiorth

Edleveth is starving to death. Sesa, Vosji and En'rys aren't buying it. Iskanzivoth is kind of an enabler. Briamiorth doesn't care.

Into the Inky Depths She Falls {Vignette} 25 Mar 2018 06:00

Sesa, Edleveth

Edleveth is Hungry and Sesa is Sleeping, this does not a good combo make.