Southern Weyr's Newbie Setup Guide

First! Welcome to Southern Weyr! Below you'll find a checklist of things that go with setting up a new character:

  • Join the wiki! Browse to and sign in with your wikidot account (it's free!) and then click the grey 'Join' button on the right hand side, beneath the Weekly Update option.
  • Make sure your description and wearings are set and you have your 'ppl' attributes set up. Type: help ppl —> this will tell you how to set that up!
  • Check to make sure you're on all the right channels: Type: help sw channels —> This will show all of our available channels.
  • Take a look at some helpful commands: Type: help sw helpful commands
  • Southerners have access to a few, Southern-specific area commands. To find these, type: help sw area commands
  • Want to know who your staff is? Check out help sw staff
  • Now take a breather and find some icons or go out and get your first scene on!

Welcome to Southern!