You can access this information on the game by typing help swstaff common.

Properties and staff verbs not listed below can be found in 'help feature', and 'help feature props'.

Please be sure you read the Staff Procedures before adding new members.

Thanks go to Nika-player for compiling the original help files.

Adding Residents

For all new residents (non-crafters, non-dragonriders), simply use: addpl <name>

This will do the following:

  • Add the Southern Weyr Feature Object
  • Add [<+Heatstroke+>] and [<+Sweltering+>] to their @channels list, though they will still need to turn on the channels
  • @subscribe them to *Southern Weyr
  • @sethome/@resident them in the Resident Dorms
  • @ltitle them to "Southern Weyr Weyrfolk" unless they already had a customized title
    • @ltitle <name> to SW <Custom Title> - Give them a customized title

You may also want to edit the Visual Roster and the list of SW weyrfolk to add them to the Wiki.

Adding Crafters

  1. addpl <name>
  2. @promote <name> to <rank>
    • Your options are: Jr. Apprentice, Apprentice, Sr. Apprentice, Jr. Journeyman, Journeyman, Sr. Journeyman, Master
  3. @ltitle <name> to SW <Rank> (<Craft>)
    • e.g., @ltitle Bob to SW Jr. Journeyman (Harper)
  4. If they are an apprentice, login as the builder and use @goroom #4549 to reach the Apprentice Dorms, then
    • @resident <name>
  5. To build a private room, login as the Builder and use @goroom #7194 to reach the Craft Complex, then walk into the relevant craft area. From there:
    • @addnewroom <name> to here
    • Enter the room
    • @setarea here -> Option 27

You may also want to edit the Visual Roster and the list of SW Crafters to add them to the Wiki.

Adding Insta-Riders

Before adding them to Southern, you'll need to get their dragon set up.

@rubyq submit - and make sure you have their mail close by, as once you're in the submit you cannot go back to pull it up without starting over.

  1. addpl <name>
  2. @promote <name> to <rank>
    • Your options are: Jr. Weyrling, Sr. Weyrling, Rt. Wingrider, Wingrider, Dragonhealer Trainee, Dragonhealer, Wingsecond, Wingleader, Assistant Weyrlingmaster, Weyrlingmaster, Weyrsecond, Jr. Weyrwoman, Weyrleader, Sr. Weyrwoman
  3. There are two possible configurations for @ltitle:
    • Commonly: @ltitle <name> to SW <Wing> Wingrider
    • Less Commonly: @ltitle <name> to SW <Rank> (<Wing>)
      • e.g., @ltitle B'ob to SW Wingsecond (Ocelot)
  4. @wingset <Dragon> <Wing> <Rank>
  5. @weyrset <Dragon> Southern
  6. Login to the builder, and
  7. If they are a full rider, @move yourself to the relevant sky room
    • #17956 - Sky Above River Cliffs
    • #2902 - Sky High over the Bowl
    • #4681 - Sky Over Lower Bowl
    • #1228 - Sky Over Training Grounds
  8. Builder: @make-ledge for <Rider>
  9. Builder: addre <name> to *<wing>
  10. Builder: To link new goldriders' ledges to the "Leadership Courtyard (#25128)", follow the instructions in 'help here' when you are in that room. (Or 'help #25128')
  11. If they are an insta-weyrling, move to the Weyrling Barracks (#22757)
  12. Builder: @approve <weyrling name> - this gives them entry to the barracks.
  13. Builder: makecouch for <weyrling name>
  14. Builder: addre <name> to *CatMint
  15. Builder: @tower-clear <dragon name> - if the dragon should be flying already.

You may also want to edit the Visual Roster and their relevant Wing page to add them to the Wiki.

Updating Staff Members

  • @addstaff <name> - [-Southern Weyr Staff] channel and add them to *Southern Weyr Staff. If they aren't added automatically, @send *sws about it and someone with writer access to the mailer can set them up.
  • @delstaff <name> to remove, of course.

Make sure you add them to the list of SW Staff Members on the wiki.

Miscellaneous Commands

  • Builder: addre <name> to *mailer (or #dbref of mailer)
  • Builder: @notedit #12082.motd - Edits the MOTD
  • cmotd views the MOTD.

Builder Commands For Area Help

  • @prop #1111.<file_name> {} - Start a new help file
  • @notedit #1111.<file_name> - Edit your help file
  • @notedit #113.Southern - Edit what's seen when someone types 'help Southern Weyr' (formerly @notedit #113.Southern_Weyr - no longer applicable)

Really Misc. Misc Stuff

http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/southern:plot/noredirect/true - Edit this to change the 'current plot' tab on the plots section of SW Wiki

http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/inc:search-countdown - For editing the SEARCH countdown on the main page.