~~~~ Typical Staff Daily Tasks ~~~~

* Adding/Removing people!
* Adding Weekly Updates! (http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/southern-updates)
~ This is important as it gives our area a running idea of what's going on, and isn't reliant
mailers, as the mailers tend to get purged. At least once a week, this should be updated!
* Handling minor issues that come up!
* Fixing minor builder errors / doing minor building (renaming mispelled exits, making new rooms
for J-man Crafters & above/Insta or Weyrling riders, etc).
* Running ST Scenes for folks during TPs!
* Being available for questions! (Make sure to send a log / or summary of discussions had with
players so that the rest of staff is aware.)
* Update helpfiles as needed!
* For common code/commands, see: 'help swstaff common'!
* Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Staff Procedures regarding Solo vs. Majority decisions
Link: http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/southern-staff-policy#toc2