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OOC Date: Oct 22, 2017
Summary: What's That Music?!

The Announcement

Date: Sun Oct 22 20:38:51 2017 PDT
From: Bailey (#26758)
To: *Southern Weyr (#7343)
Subject: What's That Music?!

The music that EVERYONE draconic hears the morning of day eight has everything to do with the fact that Khalyssrielth went up over Southern the evening prior — in the MIDDLE of the night in fact, directly over the weyr (sorry weyrlings!), leading her suitors on a merry and especially bloody chase. No fewer than seven bronzes and browns were forced out of the running by injury, and there was only one to outlast Southern's cunning senior — the young Tsiroth.

His music is EVERYWHERE come morning… and Va'os is around there too, prying the Weyrleader knot out of Zl'an's morose, grieving hands.

There's already bets on how long this young upstart will make it without having a major diplomatic issue.

OOC: I'd like to THANK L'xan for being an awesome WL these last six months! xoxo Khaly will miss Nokteryth's similar brand of humor… and congrats to Va'os, Southern's new WL! Don't scare him too bad, he's just a cute widdle puppy, guys. xD