==== March 19, 2016
==== Thread trashes the Boardwalk… again.

OOC Date March 19, 2016
Summary Thread trashes the Boardwalk… again.

The Announcement

Date: Sat Mar 19 10:06:30 2016 PDT
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Broken Boardwalk… again.

It's not any big news that the boardwalk was the surprise target of yesterday's scheduled Fall (which was SUPPOSED to be over a settled area of the Feline Plains).

What was a surprise? The erratic force of the Fall itself. Southern racked up a slew of injuries and two dragonriding casualties — three, if you count the massive damage done to the Boardwalk itself.

It's not immediately evident how long it will take for the repairs for the Boardwalk to be completed, but for now, the beach proper seems a better place to lounge around.

(No hint of any hidden thread burrows there to eat your FACE, at least…)